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Bellator MMA and Former UFC Star Dies at Age 38 from Undisclosed Illness

On November 13, 2022, Bellator MMA announced the death of the Ultimate Fighting Champion, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson. Let’s explore the details of the news with Ehline Law and our personal injury attorneys.

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson Dies at 38, Leaving Fans in a Shock Around the World

The Bellator family expressed grief on the sad demise of their comrade, MMA fighter Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, after battling an undisclosed illness. Could this be the making of a sports injury lawsuit?

Rising to the #1 Challenger in the Light Heavyweight Division in UFC

Johnson’s fighting style and the one-punch strike became infamous in the mixed martial arts community. In his MMA career, he earned a 23-6 record (17 knockout victories); in the UFC, Johnson stood at 13-6.

In 2007, Johnson made his UFC debut by knocking out Chad Reiner in just 13 seconds. He fought as a welterweight, but because of weight misses, he fought as a light heavyweight and then heavyweight.

Anthony Johnson returned to the UFC in 2014, challenging Daniel Cormier and eyeing the vacant UFC light heavyweight title after bagging three wins. However, Cormier got him into a rear naked choke, forcing Johnson to tap out.

Johnson competed in three more fights securing victories after his loss to Cormier. He challenged Cormier in a UFC light heavyweight championship again, but he submitted again to the chokehold and lost his second title fight with Cormier.

Johnson Returned to Fighting by Knocking out José Augusto Azevedo in Bellator MMA

In 2017, Johnson retired from the UFC as UFC’s top-ranked light heavyweight. Fans thought his career was over, but Johnson returned to the Bellator cage four years after retirement.

Johnson fought Jose Augusto in 2021 and secured a knockout win in the first round. He was due to fight Vadim Nemkov in the semifinals, but his illness caused him to withdraw.

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson would swiftly move around and attempt to deliver his deadly infamous knockout punch when in the ring. Upon hearing the tragic news, Daniel Cormier expressed his grief and stated that although he would strike fear in people’s hearts, Anthony Johnson was a caring and loving human being.

Johnson’s Manager Provides a Sad Update on the UFC Vet

On October 28, 2022, Johnson’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz, mentioned that the UFC vet continues to struggle with a debilitating illness. They did not mention further details about the disease.

Yahoo Sports mentioned how Johnson had non-Hodgkin lymphoma, cancer that begins in your lymphatic system after diagnosis in 2021, and hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, a severe systemic inflammatory syndrome that can be fatal. However, these reports are not yet confirmed.

History of Domestic Violence – Could It Be a Sign of the Illness?

In 2008, Johnson was convicted of domestic battery, and in 2014, Anthony Johnson’s history of domestic violence arose when his ex filed a police report. In 2019, he was again arrested for domestic battery after his then-girlfriend called the police in Boca Raton. NFL players have dealt with CTE, which explains the high suicide rate among many.

His time in the cage and repeated blows to the head could have contributed to his illness. There is a recent lawsuit filed by the widow of former USC football player Matthew Gee against the NCAA for causing the death of her husband.

It alleges that Gee’s behavior toward his family changed in the last ten years due to injuries sustained while playing for NCAA, leading to his death. Perhaps, Anthony Johnson’s death could be a similar case.

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About UFC Middleweight Dusko Todorovic’s Car Accident

Dusko Todorovic was hit by a car in July, and he even re-injured himself backstage prior to his UFC Vegas 44 fight off the makeshift warmup tatamis prior to his then next bout. So there were lots of setbacks.

What happened?

Dusko declared, “By the end of July, I got hit by a car. The guy ran over me when I was crossing, so he messed up my left leg pretty good.”

The champ also stated:

“I couldn’t, you know, use my foot the right way, so there were definitely lots of setbacks during this camp and difficulties, all regarding that injury. I didn’t want to talk with anyone about it. I didn’t let even my family know. Just my girl knew, so yeah, it was pretty crazy,” to prepare for a fight, especially after a month and a half ago, after car crash, Todorovic said.

This was before ever crossing gloves with his next sports opponent.

For the first time, after Dusko Todorovic’s match with Maki Pitolo, the UFC audience, and the world came to know about the Dusko Todorovic car accident case and how things occurred. Todorovic revealed how he had gotten hit by a car, and his injuries were still pretty fresh. He joined the UFC in 2009 as part of Dana White’s Contender Series.

Dusko Todorovic has fought five times with two losses since that time in these types of full-contact sports. This article will explore the events following the accident and how he came back at UFC 44. As impressive as it is, if you get involved in a car accident in California, do not do what Todorovic did. Always seek medical attention immediately and contact our injury attorneys for legal advice.

Todorovic and His Secret Accident

On July 1st, 2021, UFC warrior Dusko Todorovic suffered serious leg injuries. This was emotional, especially after a car running him down ruined his chances for a new win to happen due to his fresh wounds and swollen injuries, he related.

A month before the car hit, Todorovic was unsure whether he wanted to sign a contract for UFC Vegas 44 since he had lost a fight against Gregory Rodrigues. The UFC fighter believed he lacked the necessary training to compete at UFC Vegas. But he got pissed despite it not being a fight he entered for a chance at the title.

Soon after his loss in Las Vegas, the UFC fighter faced another setback in the form of a car accident. Dusko Todorovic’s left leg was seriously injured, and he decided not to inform anyone of the severe injury.

In a recent talk with MMA Junkie, when the interviewer asked Dusko Todorovic who knew about the accident, the 27-year-old UFC fighter responded:

“Not even my family.” The fighter told MMA Junkie that he kept the accident a secret from everyone except his girlfriend, stating that it was pretty crazy. At least, that was before Todorovic re-injured his leg during a makeshift warmup tatami. Not training correctly and not doing warmups means lots of setbacks right away.

UFC Vegas 44: Todorovic vs Maki Pitolo

On December 4th, 2021, Todorovic thrived as he was the only one aware of his gruesome injury at the venue. Just moments before the fight between Todorovic and Maki Pitolo, during warmups, Dusko Todorovic re-injured himself as his leg gave out, popped, and snapped pretty hard.

However, that was just one of his setbacks during this camp, and it didn’t stop Todorovic from putting up a fantastic performance in the Octagon. Todorovic says his want to stay active resulted in a TKO win for Todorovic. He delivered an onslaught of punches that weekend to the fallen Pitolo after his first-round TKO.

After the match, Todorovic finally revealed his secret car accident and the devastating injury he sustained from it. He shared a video capturing gruesome injuries from the accident with the media, stating that only his girl knew about the “secret” accident. For the first time, Dusko Todorovic shared how he was crossing the road when a guy ran over him, messing up his left leg. At the time, he was thinking about the call he would receive for a possible bout at UFC Vegas 44, Las Vegas, Nevada.

In his post-fight scrum, he also mentioned how mad he was. It was not a light injury. His left leg was still healing and popped during the warmups before the primary fight, but it wasn’t enough to steer him away from the win column. He recalled getting extremely angry about the situation (Dusko Todorovic made the flippant remark that he was “pissed” regarding that injury). Still, he pushed on to deliver an outstanding performance fighting inside the Octagon.

But the media came out after, stating:

“UFC fighter run down by car captures gruesome injuries on video.”

There were lots of setbacks after crashing. Dusko Todorovic stated that he would be the one making silly comments about UFC fighters and car accidents since it was a frequent occurrence. However, one should not take it lightly, as healing injuries from being struck in a

the accident is a painstakingly long process to do so while still training correctly, including proper warmups.

He mentioned how his left leg is still not fully healed, and he wanted to stay active but needed to focus on adequately healing his leg so he could bring on his A-game in the next fight. Reporters are watching these struggles, and so are MMA fans around the globe.

Need to Take Care of Bills after a Crash?

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What Happened to MMA Fighter Guram Gugenishvili?

In a tragic example of a life that ended far too soon, the highly talented and promising MMA fighter, Guram Gugenishvili, died in November 2014 as a result of injuries sustained in a car accident.

The Sad Details

The final story and details of the crash or the specific injuries suffered by the athlete were never fully revealed. Guram Gugenishvili was at the peak of his fighting career and had made a name for himself on the international stage by winning some great fights and setting records, such as his 10-0 win record that propelled him to stardom. Although long stints on the sidelines due to injuries had hindered his progress, he was in the middle of re-igniting his career at the time of the car accident. The cage fighter was due to fight in Japan from the end of 2014 until early 2015; however, tragedy struck, and the MMA world was robbed of great talent.

Why You Need a Car Accident Lawyer

Incidents like this make you wonder whether a good lawyer could have made a difference. You never know when a car accident can happen, but when it does, you will need the services of a great auto accident attorney, such as Michael Ehline.

Michael, and the rest of the other car accident lawyers at Ehline Law Firm, have years of experience helping car crash victims with their auto insurance claims process. We invite you to give us a call at (833) – LETS SUE to schedule a free consultation with an auto accident lawyer today.

What Should I Do After a Car Accident?

In the immediate aftermath of a car accident, a lot can happen within a short period. Even though you will obviously need to find personal injury lawyers, it is important to take the necessary steps.

Your own safety, as well as the success or failure of your car accident claim, will depend on your decision-making and doing the following:

Move to Safety

Even minor car accidents, such as a fender bender, can cause major fatalities if the victims do not move to safety as soon as possible. Vehicles that have been involved in a crash and are left in the middle of the road where the accident happened can result in a huge car wreck.

Seek Medical Treatment for Your Injuries

Regardless of how minor the injuries may seem, you should always see a doctor as soon as possible to be safe. Hidden injuries have been the cause of many auto accident-related deaths, especially in cases of traumatic brain injuries.

You will also need to provide medical records when seeking fair settlement as part of your personal injury claim, and this will only be available if a doctor treats you after the car crash.

Collect Evidence

In cases where the at-fault driver’s insurance company refuses to pay or decides to make the claim process difficult, you may need to go to court.

When this happens, you will need all the evidence you can get to prove liability and give you the best chances of success.

Before seeking a lawyer, start by gathering the following:

  • Detailed police report
  • Pictures of the accident scene show images of shattered glass, damage to vehicles (including minor damage), the relative position of all cars involved, and the location of the car accident.
  • Information about the other driver’s insurer.

Find a Personal Injury Attorney

Winning an insurance claim will be difficult without a good car accident lawyer by your side. Besides not being familiar with important things, such as whether or not your state has no-fault laws, the insurance company may make things difficult for you.

That is why you should let us handle this stressful situation by providing you with legal representation from an experienced lawyer. You can let your lawyer talk to the other party, insurance companies, and the insurance adjuster on your behalf.

10 Mistakes to Avoid After Car Accidents

Most personal injury attorneys work hard to give their clients the best advice.

Still, they regularly encounter the same issues over and over again, with clients who make the following common errors that can jeopardize any potential claim:

  • Leaving the accident scene without having a police report filed
  • Not gathering enough evidence
  • They Admit fault without consulting a good attorney
  • Not having personal injury protection (PIP)
  • Delaying medical treatment
  • Interfering with insurance adjusters
  • Not informing their own insurance company
  • Trying to handle their own claim
  • Being intimidated by insurance companies
  • Not hiring a good car accident attorney.

Damages a Car Accident Attorney Can Win for You

Car accident attorneys, such as those at Ehline Law, work hard to make sure that they serve the best interests of their clients and win the following damages for them:

  • Medical Bills

Medical bills can be the biggest expense for car crash victims. In cases of serious injuries, even after the patient is released from the hospital, they may still need to undergo a lengthy rehabilitation process, which can be quite expensive. This is why, after a car wreck, ensuring that you have all your medical records ready is important for your car accident claim.

  • Lost Wages

The right lawyer will always prioritize winning damages for lost wages when their client cannot work while recovering from their injuries. In some cases, the insurance policy limits the amount that can be paid for lost wages, but our super lawyers know other ways to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

  • Property Damage

Any damage to your vehicle also needs to be compensated by the other driver’s insurer, regardless of how minor it is.

Call a Personal Injury Lawyer Today

Our reputation for having a stellar attorney/client relationship is based on years of ensuring that car accident victims get the best legal advice and representation possible. While many law firms these days focus on attorney advertising without living up to their claims, we will:

  • Negotiate With the Fault Driver’s Insurer in Your Car Accident Claim

Before you have your lawyer issue a lawsuit on your behalf, a lot can be done to avoid having to go to court. A good car accident lawyer will negotiate for an out-of-court settlement with the other driver’s insurance company as the first step.

  • Provide Legal Representation in Court

At Ehline Law, fighting for your legal rights is what we do best. Regardless of the situation’s seriousness, for example, if you have been tricked into admitting fault because of not knowing what constitutes acceptance, we can still win the case for you in court.

  • Win the Maximum Insurance Settlement

Many clients who handle their own cases end up settling for less compensation than they could have walked away with if they had hired an experienced car accident lawyer, even after deducting lawsuit-related expenses, such as filing fees.

  • Provide a Confidential Relationship

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Ehline Law Attorneys Could Have Helped Guram Gugenishvili!

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Update – Chris Cocores “MMA Champ Breaks Back” Situation

Everyone needs to be aware of their surroundings when it comes to MMA fighting. It can be incredibly dangerous because they put themselves on the line in their fights.

MMA Fighters Get Hurt in and Out of the Ring

But accidents sometimes happen in and outside the ring. Sometimes people or even their dogs are killed. When an accident happens, a personal injury law firm needs to be called to help the prize fighter or other victim get the compensation they deserve. This post will update you on Chris Cocores, an MMA fighter, in a tragic accident a few years ago. Below, Los Angeles car accident attorney Michael Ehline will discuss his case and a little bit about his fighting spirit. Let’s go!

Who Is Chris Cocores?

Cocores went to South Tahoe High School while being homeschooled. He had his first fight when he was 19, and his mother, Jodi Fisher, always supported him. However, she fell ill when he was about to fight. He then took himself out of the fight and helped his mother for six months before she passed away.

He was born and raised in South Lake. Cocores has always been known to be a respectful person who has gone through a lot of difficult situations during his life.

The Car Accident

Back in December 2017, MMA fighter and champion Chris Cocores was in a terrible car crash that left him recovering physically with rehabilitation and grieving for his girlfriend. He suffered severe injuries like a broken foot, arm, and back. Also, the passing of his girlfriend and dog was a new hurdle he needed to overcome.

Apparently, he was riding in the car with his girlfriend and dog when the vehicle swerved onto the other lane and crashed into a Toyota Sienna head-on. The medical expenses for this accident were astronomical, so Ryan Wallace created a GoFundMe to help raise money for the accident. This was a tragic time for his family because they were trying to help him recover while paying for the medical expenses.

How Did His Recovery Go?

It was no surprise when people found out that his injuries were severe. Luckily, he was able to persevere throughout his recovery, and he spoke about being stronger mentally and physically. He spent 20 days recovering in the hospital after needing several surgeries, but he worked on his mental toughness.

The UFC fighter spoke about how he has had to ensure a lot of mental and physical pain over the years. He lost his mother in 2011 to pancreatic cancer. Six months later, he was hit by a car while riding his skateboard. His uncle died of alcoholism, and then his grandfather died in 2015. After going through all of this heartache, he ended up in a car accident in 2017, where he lost two more close individuals.

However, he has managed to keep a positive attitude because he believes that these bad experiences have given him a lot of strength and made him the person he is today. Except, he has mentioned that he is numb to pain, which might be a downfall for him one day.

What Were 20 Days in the Hospital Like?

Cocores was in the hospital for 20 days and couldn’t sit up properly. He has two breaks in his spine, a broken wrist, and a broken ankle. His internal bleeding was so severe because the seatbelt ended up tearing into a part of his stomach. Also, a part of his intestine needed to be removed. He had two stomach surgeries, leaving him with a 12-inch scar on his entire abdomen.

After 15 days on his back, he needed to learn how to walk again. Also, he lost 20 pounds of muscle because of the diet that he was on. Cocores did say that it felt like he was in bed for a year because he needed to learn how to walk again by only walking five feet at a time.

Will Cocores Be Returning as a Bellator MMA Fighter?

It was a hard three years for Cocores, but by 2020, he was ready to get back in the ring. The car crash left him in pieces, but he managed to get through his rehabilitation and recovery fully, so he could look forward to the future. He believes that he was meant to be here and has a purpose, which is a good attitude.

This was a big shock to the MMA fighter because he did not think he would ever fight again. In 2018, he completed an interview where he said that the odds of competing in a UFC match were extremely low. However, he always believed that he needed to fight again, which helped him recover.

However, his goals changed. He wasn’t focused on reaching the UFC again but knew he needed to enter the ring again. After being in the hospital for three weeks, he got a nurse to hold his phone while he began to shadowbox in his room because he wanted to remind himself that he could do this. Luckily, he came at it positively because he said this was his chance to start from scratch.

He also gives credit to the medical professionals who helped him because he says that his recovery would have been a lot different if they had not been around. That is why after all of his surgeries and physiotherapy, he was able to fight again. We don’t know if he had an attorney representing him, but we assume he did.

After losing everything close to him, he ensured he would get back in the ring and fight again. However, this accident taught him that he needs to be patient because he wanted to jump back into fighting. He had difficulty watching his teammates compete and end up in the UFC, but he knew he needed to take time for himself.

Now, he is looking forward to his future in the UFC one day and any future fights he will be in.

Why Ehline Law Firm Can Help with Your MMA Accident

Michael Ehline is an MMA fighter and lover, making him even more passionate about helping those who need a litigation process completed. Every member at Ehline Law Firm is passionate, experienced, and knowledgeable about the subject, so every person can get the compensation they need.

With so much experience, personal injury lawyers know what to look for when their injured client comes to them for help. This is a personal injury law firm that many people have trusted for years with their cases because they know they are there to help them. That is why they offer a free consultation with their best attorney for those who want to ensure they are working with the best team.

Other Ways Personal Injury Lawyers Help?

The personal injury lawyers will gather all of the evidence for the case so that the client can focus on healing.

Battle the Insurance Company

They understand that your insurance company may be difficult to work with, but they will speak to them on your behalf. This is done because an insurance company will try not to give up any coverage money in this situation, balking at the findings of your investigation as to how the accident happened. That’s not right for the client and calls for an attorney.

Work with Injured Client

Overall, the attorney will get all the details about the accident before submitting the claim. Also, they will ensure that all the paperwork is completed on time and properly so the client does not need to think about it. The firm is here to help clients who cannot help themselves at the moment because of the injuries to their health caused by the incident.

Additionally, the team has covered a wide variety of practice areas, so they are ready to help with every accident, including a full-blown jury trial if necessary. The firm will handle the litigation process so that the family can focus on the injured and their injuries. Also, all of the clients that have worked with Ehline Law Firm have been welcomed and looked after like family, even after we collect our fees.

Call the Best Personal Injury Law Firm in Los Angeles Today!

When someone has suffered a bout with car accident injuries, they should speak with attorneys to understand the client’s needs to protect themselves financially. Also, the attorneys should make a claim that will help pay for any expenses regarding the incident. However, finding a team that can help with someone in the UFC may be challenging, but it won’t be if they reach out to Ehline Law Firm.

The team is ready to speak with anyone, an MMA or a UFC fighter, to get the claim they deserve for their suffering. Moreover, the attorneys will be by their side throughout the entire claim process and will be there if a trial occurs. Either way, clients who have an injury will always be treated respectfully by this team with superior, compassionate legal services.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminates Prius With SUV?

January 21, 2022 – According to our source at the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in a car accident that he was at fault for when his GMC Yukon SUV caused a car crash with multiple vehicles in Brentwood, California this Friday afternoon.

Woman Injured

One woman whose Prius was struck sustained injuries, bleeding heavily from the head, according to the police. So it was likely a low-speed, minor traffic collision.

LAPD Report

The Los Angeles Police related that four cars ultimately became embroiled in the accident around 4:15 p.m. near the vicinity of Sunset Boulevard and Allenford Avenue after Arnold tried to make a U-turn.

The LAPD related that the Terminator began to go on a red left-turn arrow that was definitely not a green light. No traffic citation was issued to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Eyewitness Statements

According to an eyewitness, Arnold’s SUV literally drove onto the roof of a Toyota Prius and went on to strike a Porsche Cayenne. One witness proclaimed it was “crazy … it looked like a stunt in a movie,” according to TMZ, causing Arnold’s airbags to deploy on his Yukon. The bloodied woman operating the Prius went to the hospital.

Arnold is Safe

Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared to be alright, and he expressed sympathy for the victims and was very worried for the injured woman, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Jake Steinfeld, actor and fitness coach star of “Body By Jake” allegedly was at the location where the crash occurred, approximately a mile from his residence.


We are unsure if Jake was in the car Arnold Schwarzenegger was driving. Do you have any information about the Arnold Schwarzenegger-involved car accident? Let us know your take on the four-vehicle traffic collision and updates about the wounded female driver or any other person injured by the GMC Yukon SUV.