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Gervonta Davis Hit and Run Criminal and Potential Civil Liability

GERVONTA DAVIS now under house arrest for 90 days for a 2020 hit-and-run collision.

Baltimore, Maryland, May 5, 2023- Most of my readers know I am a martial arts fanatic and inactive Marine. Warrior culture is part and parcel of the Ehline Law Firm culture, so I try and include stories about boxing and MMA when they overlap with our accident law expertise. It appeared as though Davis’ case was almost decided at the end of last year. Back in November 2020, Davis pleaded guilty to four traffic offenses.

However, a Baltimore Circuit Court judge refused to sign off on a plea deal letting the boxer avoid jail time with just 60 days of house arrest, now up to 90 days, despite at least one passenger in the struck vehicle lambasting officials for allowing such a weak sentence. She thinks this is a failure of the criminal justice system.

Here, world-renowned professional boxer Gervonta Davis still finds himself in a precarious situation after being placed under house arrest for just 30 days longer at his May 5 sentencing. Lucky for him, the sentencing, which also involved allegations of harming a pregnant woman, was delayed long enough for him to slay Ryan Garcia with a knockout blow, securing Davis the win despite the guilty plea. Although he won’t have to stand trial criminally, civil claims are sure to follow.

This legal predicament jeopardizes his boxing career and exposes him to potential future criminal and civil liabilities that could have long-lasting consequences. The recent placement of boxing sensation Gervonta Davis under house arrest has cast a shadow over his career. Both criminal and civil liabilities pose significant threats to the athlete and his highly anticipated fight against Ryan Garcia.

Criminal Liability: Gervonta Davis Faces Legal Consequences as House Arrest Imposes Threats to Boxing Career

Following an incident in Maryland in 2020, while Davis was driving his SUV under a police escort, Gervonta Davis was put under house arrest as part of his bail conditions. In the initial legal proceedings, Gervonta Davis faced a total of 14 misdemeanor charges associated with the incident.

Prosecutors alleged that Davis was operating a vehicle with a suspended/revoked license, neglected to stop at a red light, and collided with a Toyota while driving a Lamborghini SUV. The collision resulted in injuries to four individuals inside the Toyota. Furthermore, Davis was also accused of failing to provide assistance following the accident, making this one of the more frequently punished traffic offenses.

Here are the Basic Facts

According to charging documents, video footage captured the moment when Gervonta Davis allegedly ran a red light and collided with a Toyota. Following the collision, the Lamborghini veered off course and crashed into a nearby fence. Surveillance footage from a convenience store in the vicinity revealed the driver, later identified as Davis, along with a female passenger, swiftly exiting the scene. They reportedly got into a black Chevy Camaro, which had arrived to pick them up.

Subsequently, the Camaro was seen arriving at a Four Seasons Hotel located in downtown Baltimore. Davis, who had a suspended driver’s license, fled to the hotel prior to the arrival of Baltimore police officers at the crash scene. The occupants of the Toyota sustained various injuries, including bruises and cuts.

Ultimately he waived his right to a speedy trial, and Davis pleaded guilty as part of a plea deal. These were very serious charges, and typically, this type of behavior is exhibited by DUI drivers or drivers operating a vehicle with a suspended license or with no insurance. For a court to approve such a sentence, leaving so many other charged violations to go unsentenced, means there must have been one hell of a sidebar with the judge, prosecution, and defense lawyers. The rights of the victims continue to be of concern to me as a lawyer, and I can’t help but feel Tank’s privilege of being a celebrity helped along striking such a favorable plea agreement.

Victims Are Not All Happy!

The alleged victim, Jyair Smith, the pregnant lady in the car he struck, spoke out against the plea deal in this fleeing the scene of an accident case with property damage and bodily injury.

“I begged Mr. Gervonta Davis, I looked him in his eyes,” said Smith.

“I said, ‘I have to get home to my daughter, I’m pregnant.’ He never once came over to help me.”

The 90-day house arrest is far from the maximum penalty of 50 months in prison if found guilty.

Hit and Run Accident Involving Bodily Injury a Weak Plea Deal?

Smith clearly thinks it was a bad deal for her and these victims of crime. In that case, he blew through a red light in his Lamborghini Urus, smashing into a car with four people inside, including a pregnant woman. There was also an issue involving at least one police contact and priors, which could lead to a future potential probation or sentence enhancement.

Prior Battery Causing Bodily Harm?

Apart from the charges already levied against him, Gervonta Davis encountered further legal trouble on December 27, 2022. He was apprehended and subsequently booked into the Main Jail Bureau of Broward County in Fort Lauderdale, FL, on a single count of Battery Causing Bodily Harm for allegedly hitting the mother of his 1-year-old daughter.

News reports from TMZ reported that he struck a woman on the right side of her head, allegedly using what was described by police as a “closed hand type slap.” The blow left her with “a small abrasion to the inside of her upper lip on the right side of her mouth.”

Because of this, there could have been a sentence enhancement based on priors. The exact details surrounding that incident remain undisclosed. However, it is reported that Davis could still have criminal charges, even though the alleged victim retracted her statements against him with the police.

The outcome of any counts brought in those legal proceedings and any potential probation violations could result in even more severe penalties, including fines, probation, and even imprisonment. We will provide updates as to counts involving his injured baby mama and other people injured as they file lawsuits, etc.

Future Vegas Ambitions?

Gervonta Davis, boasting an impressive record of 28 wins with 26 knockouts (28-0, 26 KOs), is currently in the final stages of negotiations for a highly anticipated super fight against Ryan Garcia. The proposed bout, set at a catchweight of 136 pounds, is tentatively scheduled to take place on April 15 in Las Vegas, NV, assuming the “Tank” doesn’t get arrested or convicted of something else in the meantime.

Such consequences have the potential to further tarnish Davis’ bad boy image and reputation and hinder his future endeavors within the boxing industry with charges stemming from domestic violence and criminal behavior.

Civil Liability Looms: Gervonta Davis’ Boxing Career Hangs in the Balance Amidst Legal Troubles and Potential Lawsuits

Although his criminal defense lawyer, Michael Tomko, has declined comment, Davis may also face civil liability for his involvement in the incident. Pregnant women are not able to take X-rays and suffer more harm in accidents, as injuries are often medically hard to identify.

Difficulties of Diagnosing Personal and Fetal Injuries in Pregnant Women?

Diagnosing car accident injuries in pregnant women can present unique challenges due to several factors. These factors can complicate the diagnostic process and make it more challenging for medical professionals to identify and treat injuries effectively.

Here are some reasons why it may be harder to diagnose car accident injuries in pregnant women:

  1. Masking of Symptoms: Pregnancy can cause various physiological changes in a woman’s body, such as increased blood volume and hormonal fluctuations. These changes can potentially mask or overlap with symptoms of car accident injuries, making it more difficult to differentiate between normal pregnancy-related discomfort and potential injuries sustained in the accident.
  2. Delayed Onset of Symptoms: In some cases, the symptoms of car accident injuries may not manifest immediately. Pregnant women may experience a delay in the onset of symptoms due to hormonal changes, adrenaline release, or the body’s natural response to protect the fetus. As a result, injuries may not become apparent until hours, days, or even weeks after the accident, making diagnosis more challenging.
  3. Focus on Fetal Well-being: In the immediate aftermath of a car accident involving a pregnant woman, medical professionals often prioritize assessing the well-being and health of the fetus. While this is crucial, it may lead to the initial focus being primarily on fetal monitoring, potentially diverting attention from identifying and diagnosing maternal injuries.
  4. Limited Imaging Options: Certain diagnostic imaging techniques, such as X-rays and computed tomography (CT) scans, involve ionizing radiation that can potentially harm the developing fetus. Due to the potential risks, healthcare providers may be more cautious in using these imaging modalities, leading to limited diagnostic options for identifying injuries in pregnant women.
  5. Complex Physiology: The anatomical and physiological changes that occur during pregnancy, such as an enlarged uterus and changes in organ placement, can make it more challenging to conduct physical examinations and interpret diagnostic tests accurately.
  6. Psychological Factors: Pregnant women who have experienced a car accident may experience increased stress, anxiety, or fear, which can influence their perception of pain or symptoms. These psychological factors may further complicate the diagnostic process, making distinguishing between physical injury-related symptoms and others.

Given these challenges, it is crucial for pregnant women involved in car accidents to seek immediate medical attention, even if they do not experience immediate or noticeable symptoms. Healthcare providers with experience in managing car accident injuries in pregnant women can conduct a comprehensive evaluation, considering both maternal and fetal well-being, and utilize appropriate diagnostic methods to identify and address any potential injuries effectively.

If any individuals were harmed or property was damaged as a result of the altercation, they could pursue civil lawsuits against the boxer. These lawsuits may seek financial compensation for the victims, potentially leading to substantial damages awarded against Davis. Such financial burdens could further complicate his boxing career, causing significant setbacks and hindering future opportunities.

What Civil Consequences Does Tank Face?

In a civil hit-and-run case in Maryland, Davis can face various potential damages depending on the circumstances of the incident and the resulting injuries or losses suffered by the victim. While I can provide general information, consulting with a legal professional specializing in Maryland law for specific advice tailored to your situation is important.

  1. Compensatory Damages: The victim of a hit-and-run accident may seek compensatory damages to provide financial compensation for the losses they incurred. These damages can include:
    • a. Medical Expenses: This covers the costs of medical treatment, hospitalization, medication, rehabilitation, and ongoing healthcare expenses resulting from the injuries sustained in the accident.
    • b. Property Damage: If the hit-and-run incident resulted in damage to the victim’s property, such as their vehicle, compensation may be sought to cover repair or replacement costs.
    • c. Lost Wages: If the pregnant victim suffered injuries that led to missed workdays or a decreased earning capacity, they might be entitled to compensation for the income they lost as a result.
    • d. Pain and Suffering: Damages can be awarded to compensate for the physical pain, emotional distress, and mental anguish experienced by the victim due to the hit-and-run accident.
  2. Punitive Damages: In certain cases, Maryland law allows for punitive damages to be awarded in civil hit-and-run cases. These damages aim to punish the defendant for their reckless behavior and deter others from engaging in similar actions. To be eligible for punitive damages, the defendant’s actions must be found to be willful, wanton, or malicious.
  3. Other Potential Damages: Depending on the specific circumstances, additional damages may be pursued, such as loss of consortium (for the impact on the victim’s personal relationships), wrongful death damages (in cases where the hit and run resulted in a fatality), or future medical expenses (if ongoing treatment or care is necessary).

It’s important to note that the amount of damages awarded will depend on the evidence presented, the severity of the injuries, the degree of negligence demonstrated by the defendant, and other factors the court considers. To fully understand the potential damages in a civil hit-and-run case in Maryland, it is advisable to consult with an experienced attorney who can provide personalized legal guidance based on the specific details of your case. We are not Maryland lawyers, so we can not offer legal advice. However, our firm can form “of counsel” relationships with lawyers we already work with in Baltimore Circuit Courts and others.

Boxing Career at Stake?

Gervonta Davis’ house arrest and impending legal battles significantly threaten his illustrious boxing career. The sport demands discipline, integrity, and adherence to strict codes of conduct. The Boxing Commission doesn’t play around, either. Any criminal charges or legal entanglements can have dire consequences for an athlete’s standing within the boxing community.

More About Davis

Davis, known for his exceptional skills and relentless drive, was scheduled to face off against Ryan Garcia in a highly anticipated fight. However, with his current legal situation, the future of this bout hangs in the balance. Promoters, sponsors, and the boxing governing bodies may have reservations about allowing Davis to participate, considering the potential risks and negative publicity associated with his ongoing legal issues.

Redemption and Rehabilitation

While facing these legal challenges, Gervonta Davis has the opportunity to take responsibility for his actions, seek redemption, and engage in rehabilitation efforts. By demonstrating a commitment to personal growth, addressing any underlying issues, and making amends to those affected, Davis can mitigate the harm to his career and reputation.


Gervonta Davis, the boxing sensation placed under house arrest, finds himself confronted by both criminal and civil liabilities that cast a shadow over his career. The outcome of his legal battles will significantly impact his future within the sport, potentially affecting his upcoming fight against Ryan Garcia. Davis now stands at a critical juncture where personal redemption and legal consequences converge, highlighting the importance of accountability and rehabilitation in preserving his boxing legacy. If you were in a hit-and-run in Texas or California fleeing the scene case, reach out to our hit-and-run lawyers to get a free consultation about obtaining compensation. Call (213) 596-9642 today!

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