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Crash of Speeding Ferrari Kills Mixed Martial Arts Figure Charles Lewis - UPDATE

Crash of Speeding Ferrari Kills Mixed Martial Arts Figure Charles Lewis – UPDATE

DUI Driver Kills Mixed Martial Arts Figure Charles “Mask” Lewis – The Aftermath

Death of the Newport Beach “Mask” Years Later

May God Rest His Eternal Soul

We older MMA fans and fighters think of Charles “Mask” Lewis when we think of Tapout Gear. Why do I care? First, I was trained by sensei Nori Bunasawa as a small child when Karate and Kung Fu were all the rage.

My father, a recent Vietnam Marine now released from active duty, thought all that “Kung Fu” stuff was bunk. He forced me to take judo for my “own good.” It was not until years later that he was proven right when Gracie Jiu Jitsu took hold in the early 1990s, using pretty much every move I learned from Sensei Nori and even more.

Well, my dad was actually proven right before the UFC, actually. Due to my small size, I got picked on a lot, that is, until I started flipping bullies all over the El Rancho Junior High School campus. So I was keen on Mask, as I knew that BJJ evolved partly from Judo. Sure, there are not too many throws compared to judo, but MMA is evolving, and judo is still proving its worth in the UFC and in street fights.

Even sensei Nori has his own brand of Jiu-Jitsu called Jukkendo.

And that brings me back to Mask. I was working at LA Boxing when I first met Mask, living in Newport Beach and training in boxing, grappling, and Gracie-style jits. He was selling t-shirts and was super dynamic. He also had a sense of military discipline (Mask was an ex-deputy with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Dept, Central Detention Center) about him. I liked being a Marine myself. Anyway, he turned that whole Tapout thing into a multimillion-dollar business, which is super awesome too. Way cooler than walking a beat, right?

Okay, now you know a bit about me, why I thought Mask was a cool dude, and why it matters. You can imagine how Newport Beach inhabitants were shocked when Charles Lewis, the 45-year-old, Mixed Martial Arts professional, died in a violent accident; I sure was. The Newport Beach police report showed that the fighter’s Ferrari ran into a Porsche with such violence that the car was ripped in half. Unfortunately, this caused the death of the famous Charles Lewis and his female passenger, who ended up elected from the vehicle onto the street.

Jeffrey David Kirby Was the Driver

After arriving at the scene, the Newport Beach police identified the Ferrari crash responsible. Jeffrey Kirby was helped under arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and was later determined to be driving under the influence.

Jeffrey David Kirby, 51, tried to flee the scene on foot with his female passenger, Lynn Marie Nabozny, but the police found them.

The police arrested the Porsche driver who ended the life of Charles Lewis Jr, who had already created his own fighting apparel company. After dedicating a life to mixed martial arts, Lewis founded a martial arts clothing company, so the news of the car wreck shortly spread around and caused shock and pain. The Porsche driver brutally died, and his female passenger was in critical condition at the Santa Ana hospital.

The Ferrari Crash Happened in Newport Beach

Even though accidents like this are not common in the mixed martial arts scene, they’re not that infrequent in Southern California. However, the death of the founder Charles Lewis caused surprise and shock in downtown San Bernardino and similar places, mainly because more cars appeared on the scene quickly.

The Ferrari collided with the Porsche, and the impact was so strong that the first car was ripped in half. Thus, the latest news delivered daily has called it ‘gross vehicular manslaughter,’ considering that it’s one of the most gruesome accidents that have happened in the past years.

Lewis died horribly and shocked family, friends, and fans of MMA. His martial arts clothing company had also become famous, and Upper Newport Bay and Southern California inhabitants were immensely impressed by what occurred.

The Newport Beach Police Reported What Happened

Kirby allegedly told the police that his father advised him never to complete a sobriety test. At the same time, after the apparel company co-founder Charles Lewis died, police officers thoroughly investigated the other driver. They found that the 300,000 Ferrari-wrecker had previous traffic law violations, including driving under the influence.

Lewis’ experience in mixed martial arts shows that he had a charismatic personality, which is one of the reasons why people were so shocked when the Ferrari crashed. Noteworthy here, since Mask was previously a cop from December 1996 to May 1998, his Ferrari carried “confidential plates” registered to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. It doesn’t matter, but I bet the Newport cops were flipped out so that San Bernardino deputies could conceal carry and have a Ferarri!

All Car Accidents Can Be Devastating

When founder Charles Lewis was killed early Wednesday, people arrived at the car wreck shortly after the police did. This high-speed crash is one of the most visible examples of the issues you might encounter if you don’t have a legal expert by your side in case anything occurs. In this case, it falls under a wrongful death claim under which his surviving family could sue.

I have not researched if there was a payout to anyone, but suffice it to say unless there was a large policy, the DUI driver likely could not afford the settlement or verdict awarded. I can share with you that the at-fault driver was imprisoned for killing Mask for nine years. The mask had dealt with Spike TV, a sponsor of the Ultimate Fighter” cable TV show. Even Chuck Liddell mourned his loss. The guy was fantastic, and I wish I had been invited to his memorial service! RIP!

Even though the 300,000 Ferrari owner was famous in Southern California, he unfortunately died, and his female passenger had to go to the Santa Ana hospital in critical condition.

When two cars collide, things can be devastating, especially if someone dies or suffers catastrophic injuries. The red Ferrari high-speed crash on Jamboree Road in Newport Beach, California, remains one of the best examples of the many issues your lawyer may face in a bad crash. This is why getting expert help in Southern California is essential.

A Lawyer Who Understands

The co-founder Charles Lewis, a former mixed martial arts expert, died after his Ferrari apparently collided and the red sports car was ripped in half. The responsible party for the accident already had to manage felony drunk driving accusations, and in this case, he drove a white Porsche that killed the ultimate fighter.

You don’t need to wait until you’re in an accident in Costa Mesa or any other place in California before you get legal help. Furthermore, if you were already in a crash, finding a lawyer who knows what you’re going through is essential.

An Empathetic Professional to Help You

The news shocked thousands of people, especially when they read the details of the accident and how the car even ran into a light pole. Unfortunately, the fighter died after launching his exclusive apparel store in a crash where his red Ferrari collided when he was doing a street race.

Engaging in dangerous practices like street races can cause potentially deadly consequences. You might want to avoid this, especially after reading about the Costa Mesa man, Kirby, who killed the apparel store co-founder.

If you hire a top-notch expert such as Michael Ehline, you can ensure that if you’re in a crash and someone else is negligent and has a history of traffic violations, they’re held liable for their actions.

Getting Assistance When You’re in an Accident

Whether you hit a light pole after someone else crashed into you or if you read about how the Ferrari spun out of control, Lewis’s death might have shocked you and scared you, and now, you might want expert help.

If you were recently in an accident or if you want to hire a legal professional to avoid any issues, Michael Ehline can help. He is a former Marine and a mixed martial arts fighter, so he understands what happened and is committed to helping you through the process.

Listen To Kalya

Mask’s sister said it best: “When you drink, don’t drive.”

What You Should Do if You’re in a Crash

There are some things you should do when you’re in a vehicle accident. Take a look at the steps you must follow.

Call the Police

Firstly, call the police and make sure officers get there to file a report. Tell them what happened and describe it as well as you can.

Contact an Ambulance

If you or anyone else sustained injuries, you must call an ambulance and make sure healthcare professionals help you.

Don’t Move and Accept the Help

You mustn’t move if you sustain injuries because you don’t know how grave they might be. Accept the help the doctors offer, and follow what they ask you to do.

Avoid Talking to Other Professionals Around

Sometimes there might be defense lawyers or other professionals, and you shouldn’t talk to them until you’ve hired an attorney.

Don’t Post Anything on Social Media

Refrain from posting anything on social media until you file your claim and get the settlement you deserve.

Gather Evidence

You must get as much evidence as you can. Take photos and videos of the crash, talk to witnesses, and get the negligent party’s contact information.

Hire an Experienced Lawyer

Call Ehline Law Firm today and hire Michael Ehline to defend your case passionately. After a free case evaluation, you might see that he’s the ideal attorney for you.

File a Claim

With Michael Ehline’s help, the process can be much smoother, particularly if you can prove that the other party acted negligently.

Contact Ehline Law Firm Today

Being in a crash that wasn’t your fault means you have to deal with numerous consequences, including medical bills and other expenses. Therefore, you deserve a fair settlement for your pain and suffering and for everything you’ve gone through. Hire Michael Ehline today and get help from an expert attorney who’s ready to fight for you.


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