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Conor McGregor Accused of Attack - Compensation for Intentional Torts

Conor McGregor Accused of Attack – Compensation for Intentional Torts

There have been many domestic violence incidents involving UFC fighters, but this latest one is shocking as it involves a UFC fighter and a guest. Let’s explore the details of the news with Ehline Law and our personal injury attorneys.

Conor McGregor Accused of Attacking Woman on Private Yacht on His 34th Birthday Party

Recent allegations of a victim made headlines as the alleged victim claimed physical assault perpetrated by the legendary UFC champion Conor McGregor when McGregor celebrated his 34th birthday.

McGregor’s Representative Defends All the Accusations Made by the Guest on His Boat

According to ESPN, the unidentified woman was a guest on McGregor’s boat in Spain in 2022 when allegedly Conor threatened to drown her after punching her. Soon after the allegations surfaced, McGregor’s representative, Karen Kessler, denied all the accusations made by the alleged victim and stated that he remained steadfast in his denial. She said that after a police review six months ago, law enforcement authorities did not pursue the matter of the unnamed woman.

Conor McGregor Attacked Her on His Boat after Constant Humiliation, Victim Claims

The original news came in a Spanish publication, “Ultima Hora.” When translated, it reveals that the woman claims she knew Conor from a neighborhood in Dublin.

According to the victim, Conor invited her to his 34th birthday weekend party in Ibiza on his private yacht on July 17, 2022, where McGregor’s girlfriend, Dee Devlin, was also the guest of honor.

When Devlin was asleep, McGregor, the alleged victim, and two others stayed on the yacht’s deck late at night. According to the complaint, McGregor insulted her and continued to criticize her appearance.

The Majorca Daily Bulletin reported that the alleged incident happened when the victim called her friend to help her with the aggravating situation. However, it turned worse instantly, and McGregor’s attitude immediately changed.

The woman stated that McGregor suddenly became more aggressive than he usually is, kicking the woman in the naval and then proceeding to punch her in the face.

Victim Jumps off Conor McGregor’s Yacht to save Herself

The complaint doesn’t stop there, stating that McGregor degraded the alleged victim and threatened to drown her, forcing the woman to jump into the waters to escape the altercation. Eventually, the Red Cross boat was able to rescue the unnamed woman.

According to the report, the woman immediately filed a complaint of the alleged attack with the law enforcement authorities when she returned to Ireland, naming the police officials to substantiate her claim. The woman reported to the Irish police that she feared losing her life, which prompted her to leave the boat.

Talking about jumping into the water, what’s fishy about the whole incident is that the woman initially did not blame McGregor for the alleged assault. However, in the news report, she claims she was in a bikini and wanted to end the night and avoid further problems with the UFC star.

Not the First Time McGregor Was Accused of Attacking or Sexually Assaulting a Woman

The incident wouldn’t be the first time McGregor got slapped with assault allegations. Since 2019, McGregor has faced three sexual assault complaints.

Previous Lawsuit in France Dismissed

The Irish professional mixed martial artist, who lost a fight to Dustin Poirier, faced a lawsuit in 2020 in France. Still, due to a lack of evidence, the officials in the city of Bastia on the French Island of Corsica dismissed the complaint. Conor McGregor, accused of the attack, claimed victory after the suit’s dismissal.

McGregor Remains a Subject of a Lawsuit Filed in 2021

In January 2021, the Irish sports star faced a multimillion-dollar lawsuit alleging the UFC star sent a flirtatious text to the victim in 2018, leading to a McGregor’s driver picking her up and taking her to his hotel room where she thought there was a party.

Upon arrival, the complaint alleges that McGregor forced himself upon the woman, asking her to carry out “lewd” acts and eventually raping her. After the incident, the woman’s mother took her to a hospital where the sexual assault treatment unit examined her and determined bruising and abrasions. A month later, she filed a complaint with the police about the alleged rape.

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