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City Bus Crashes into Santa Monica Building – Is Government Liable?

City Bus Crashes into Santa Monica Building – Is Government Liable?

A Santa Monica building Monday, On January 2, 2023, fell victim to a city bus accident involving the Big Blue Bus. According to Big Blue Bus and Santa Monica PD, the crash disrupted the afternoon commute. Passengers were transferred to another bus and taken to their destination. But the bus driver was taken to the hospital, according to more than one wondering witness. Let’s explore the details of the news with Ehline Law and our personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles.

Big Blue City Bus Crashed into Santa Monica Building, Resulting in Injuries and Property Damage

The Big Blue Bus was on its regular route Monday afternoon when it swerved and crashed into a Santa Monica building at Lincoln Boulevard and Michigan Avenue intersection.

The Bus Crashed into a Firestone Tire Business, Big Blue Bus Spokesperson Robert McCall States

Witnesses reported that the bus tried to avoid a collision but swerved into a nearby Firestone tire business. The crash happened at the intersection of Lincoln Boulevard and Michigan Avenue. The Big Blue Bus representative said the accident injured the driver, but no passengers required hospitalization.

The bus knocked down a tree and struck a parked vehicle that owned by a Firestone employee. “As soon as I saw it, she hit my boss’s truck,” stated Jesus Hernandez who works at Firestone.

“I thought it was an earthquake. It sounded like something hit very hard.” (Source, Witness, Jesus Hernandez)

Emergency services transported the driver to a nearby hospital for medical treatment while the company arranged a second bus to transfer the congregated riders and take them to their destination.

The store manager Alex Virula said the accident sounded like a massive earthquake. Virula looked outside her store window and saw the big blue bus coming toward the store and smashing into the front door, where it stopped.

Bus Rams into a Tree and Parked Vehicle, Firestone Employees Report

The location where the bus crashed typically has a food truck surrounded by high school students when school is in session. Fortunately, the school was off, and there was no other injury or causality besides the driver. A tree and a vehicle owned by a Firestone employee suffered damage.

According to law enforcement, the investigation is underway, and currently, there is no official statement on how the accident occurred.

Who Is Liable for the Big Blue Bus Santa Monica Building Crash?

In the “city bus crashes into Santa Monica building” incident, there is not much information available on the cause of the accident to create a liability and damages article. There needs to be a proper investigation to determine why the bus was about to collide with another vehicle.

Was the other car breaking the traffic rules, or was the bus driver driving too fast and did not have the sufficient braking distance to stop? An investigation can help identify the liable party and how the bus ended up swerving.

Could it be the driver of the bus was trying to avoid a jaywalker and avoid a crash? Suppose the bus driver was liable for the accident. In that case, the Firestone tire business owner and the employee who suffered vehicle damage can pursue property damages against the government.

In the news, there are more stories about public transportation accidents than before, raising fear among the residents. The government is on notice, and it must properly investigate such swerving bus accidents and take corrective measures to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

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