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How Bad Were Tyler Perry’s Injuries from His Bentley Car Accident?

Tyler Perry was Involved in a Car Accident. No Serious Injuries Reported

Not bad at all. On a Wednesday night in December 2021, just after leaving Burbank Airport in Los Angeles, CA, Tyler Perry was involved in a car crash.

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The Car Accident

The 52-year-old movie star and director were unexpectedly involved in a T-bone collision with a Honda Accord while driving his Bentley SUV in Sherman Oaks. Perry was on his way home from Burbank Airport on a Wednesday night on 15 December 2021 when this occurred.
While none of the drivers were hurt, both cars were damaged.

Police Were in the Area

Police were already in the area as they were directing the traffic. According to law enforcement authorities, the collision was not serious enough to warrant a police report, and everything would be handled privately between Tyler Perry and the other at Hollywood Burbank airport in Los Angeles County that day after the other driver cut across three lanes of traffic into the path of the famous film director mogul.

What Did the Report Say?

Thankfully no one was hurt. The other vehicle involved in the collision was a Honda Accord. The female driver of this car cut across three lanes of traffic into Tyler’s path while leaving the airport. According to the report, the OTHER driver admitted fault, and no serious injuries were sustained.

Fortunately, nobody was taken to the hospital, no police report was needed, and the property damage was to be handled privately, per law enforcement sources.

More About Tyler Perry

  • Perry, who’s worth an estimated $1 billion, is known for his passion for cars.
  • He gave Oprah Winfrey a Bentley for Christmas in 2018.
  • This isn’t the only generous thing Tyler Perry has done.
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were also temporarily accommodated at one of Perry’s homes in Southern California, which featured a full security detail.

Perry’s Most Recent Work

Tyler Perry also brought back the famous Madea character in the 2022 Netflix movie:

A Madea Homecoming. He announced this via a short video clip on his Instagram account.

This movie was brought out two years after his last movie premiere:

A Madea Family Funeral. Tyler Perry stated that this was because we all needed a laugh considering everything going on in the country.

The Actor Behind Madea’s Voice

Mabel “Madea” Simmons debuted the Louisiana native in 1999 with a series of live plays that sold out venues across the US. Perry extended his business once Madea became a household name. Madea’s Family Reunion, Madea’s Family Funeral, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Madea Goes to Jail, and other films were written, directed, and produced by Perry.

Does Perry Have Any Upcoming Work?

Tyler Perry doesn’t say much these days because he’s busy working on various projects. Tyler was said to be producing a prequel TV series based on his popular character Madea in April, as reported previously.

The show, which will air on Showtime, will depict his Madea persona’s beginnings, the same figure who helped launch his professional career and made him into a household brand. Additionally, Tyler has several written series that air on BET+ and BET, on top of his current work with Showtime.

The Bottom Line: Tyler Perry Involved in a T-bone Smash Up

In summary, Tyler Perry was extremely fortunate to escape serious injuries after a car accident in the film director’s Bentley SUV on a Wednesday night in December 2021 with a Honda Accord.

The other California driver, a female driver driving a Honda Accord, caused the accident after veering across three lanes of traffic, causing the Bentley to strike the driver’s side of the Honda. Her car hit Perry’s Bentley SUV as he was driving home from the airport.

But thankfully, both parties were absolutely fine, according to the press and police reports. The other driver cut across three lanes of traffic but had the integrity to accept fault.

The woman confessed to causing the car accident – the accident occurred while Perry was on his way back from Burbank airport.

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Dumpster Diving Woman Ends up in Garbage Truck – Can She File a Claim?

We’ve all heard the famous phrase, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and it’s true. At times one can spot valuable items in a dumpster left by a moving tenant. One recent incident saw a dumpster diver’s expedition become a garbage truck nightmare.

Let’s explore the details of the news with the Los Angeles trash truck lawyers at Ehline Law and our personal injury attorneys.

47-year-old Woman Suffers Injuries after Her Dumpster Diving Expedition

On September 26, 2022, a 47-year-old woman ended up in a garbage truck and suffered injuries during her dumpster diving expedition.

Odessa Police Report Confirms Woman Was Digging Through a Dumpster at 6 AM

According to an Odessa police report, a woman was digging through a garbage dumpster at about 6 AM on the 500 block of West 42nd when a garbage disposal vehicle picked up the dumpster and emptied it in the back.

The Dumpster Diving Woman Reaches out to Police 25 Minutes Later

The woman called the police 25 minutes later to explain her situation.

However, the law enforcement officers took 2 hours to find the woman as it was difficult to track her without much information.

Facebook Content Causes Stir Online about “Dead Body”

Someone saw the woman’s body in the landfill dumpster and reported the incident on Facebook.

The social media content caused a stir online, as many believed the woman to be dead.

Authorities Tracked the Woman 2 Hours after the Incident Happened

Odessa Fire Rescue Chief John Alvarez was the first to arrive at the landfill, where the dumpster eventually ended.

According to Alvarez, the woman suffered minor head and back injuries when thrown into the garbage truck.

Is Dumpster Diving Legal in the United States?

Technically, dumpster diving is legal in all 50 states as long as it is not on private property. However, checking your city ordinances before embarking on a dumpster diving expedition is crucial.

In the 1988 State of California vs. Greenwood case, the Supreme Court ruled that it is legal to search the trash as long as it does not interfere with city ordinances.

Trash on the curb becomes “public domain,” which means the Fourth Amendment does not apply. Anyone can then rummage through it without breaking any violations unless the city ordinance prohibits dumpster diving.

What Are the Injured Woman’s Rights in “Dumpster Diving Woman Ends up in Garbage Truck Incident”?

The main question is, “can the woman recover compensation from the City of Odessa for her injuries?”

Since the incident occurred in Odessa, the woman cannot recover compensation from the government agency for her injuries, as dumpster diving violates the city ordinance and is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $2,000.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Ehline Law

If you suffered injuries due to a government agency’s negligence, contact us at (833) LETS-SUE for a free consultation, as you may qualify for compensation.

Can Masahiro Tanaka Sue Over Head Injury?

Tanaka Likely Has A TBI?

Just over a week ago, baseball saw a traumatic injury caused by a mishap on the field. While training for the Coronavirus-shortened baseball season, pitcher Masahiro Tanaka was disabled after getting struck by a batted ball. This most likely caused a TBI in the Yankee star pitcher.

The AP covered the situation after Tanaka’s fellow teammate Aaron Judge hit him with a line drive. A traumatic brain injury takes many forms, including sports-related issues. A line drive to the head like this is enough to cause a concussion. Repeated concussions can lead to CTE or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.

Can a Player Sue Due to a TBI?

Under Knight v. Jewett, it is highly doubtful Tanaka can sue MLB if he “assumed the risk” of being injured in baseball’s professional sport, with all its known risks. But like the NFL’s football helmet scandal, it remains to be seen if an exception makes clear getting hit in the head by a baseball without proper head protection is or is not a risk in the sport based upon these facts. But here, on its face, Tanaka was engaged in baseball. So it is unlikely a lawsuit against MLB will hunt unless…

One thing is sure that bodes poorly for the League. Batters wear hard hats to reduce their risks of hard baseball head strikes during batting and running the mounds. So we already know the League is on notice that its employees are at severe risk from baseballs flying around the diamond. Yet, a tiny batted ball falling from the sky with its sun, clouds, wind, and unpredictable weather is expected to be caught by a player looking up, who is only wearing a softcover and zero face protection.

Consumers like to buy baseball caps. And MLB knows the players deserve better head protection, not just for batters. But pitchers don’t wear batter hardhats, even though depending on skill level, a wooden batted baseball can travel at over 101 miles per hour, and a pitched fastball ball may exceed 100 miles per hour. All it takes is one ball in the face, and you are dead or seriously hurt. So the League, in effect, has chosen profits, selling baseball caps, over its players because wearing your favorite team’s hard hat is not fashionable for a team supporter who wants to buy sports apparel.

There are two separate questions at play here:

  • The first is whether or not a player will sue.
  • The other is whether or not a player has solid moral or legal grounds to sue.

In this case, Tanaka likely will not sue due to his million-dollar contract. The contract probably contains a waiver provision, where Tanaka signed away his right to sue for any injuries while engaging in club-related sporting activities. However, he would have the full right to do so if there was safety, equipment, or other condition in or around the danger zone that was not inherent in the sport. Traumatic brain injuries, especially in sports, are now only understood as frequency and causes are concerned.

Such accidents, especially in contact sports like football, destroyed dozens of lives and careers, such as brain injuries from bad helmets, Junior Seau, and his wrongful suicide. In the case of former Patriots star Aaron Hernandez, it destroyed his career. It likely also played a role in his violent behavior, including committing murder. It possibly also contributed to his suicide.

Tanaka would be well within his rights to sue the Yankees or MLB for the injury. MLB knew or should have known that head injuries from baseball strikes are highly likely to result in death or serious injuries. Repeated exposure to concussions and other TBIs are expected to cause severe short, medium, and long-term consequences for MLB as it did for the NFL.

Significant sports leagues can no longer avoid the reality: TBIs destroy careers and lives. Just look at MMA star Matt Hughes and his Instagram channel to see the difficulties in brain injury healing. It’s a tough row to hoe.

The cost of long-term physical and cognitive care would be at the foot of the League. Furthermore, Tanaka would spark a precedent that protects future players from severe head injuries. For more info on TBIs and similar head injury cases, contact me at or keep reading our site for regular updates.


Should baseball players wear helmets?

Bat and Batted Ball Fatalities.”

The Physics of Baseball.”

The Liability Issue at the Heart of Naya Rivera’s Untimely Death

A Terrible Tragedy on The Water

Unfortunately, the story of Naya Rivera ended far too soon. The 33-year-old actress was confirmed dead after a probable boating accident in California. The former Glee star was believed dead after going missing on a boating trip with her son. There is still much info still to be released.

However, it appears that the boat may have tipped over. Rivera’s son was found alone in the craft. Unfortunately, on Sunday, authorities found a body. On Monday, it was confirmed to be the former Glee star.

Risk at the Lake

The 33-year-old tied as part of her boating expedition. Only her 4-year-old son survived. He said that he and his mother went swimming, yet she did not return to the boat. The accident occurred at Lake Piru in Ventura County, California. Authorities originally had issues during the search due to poor water visibility and objects under the water. Over 80 people were involved with the search initially. The lake is known for its whirlpools— which caused other deaths in the past.

The local officials did not take proper action to protect boaters and swimmers. For the untrained, Lake Piru is a major challenge. This also makes it a significant injury and drowning risk. If authorities did nothing and knew of the risk, they could be liable. Residents requested signs put up around the lake. However, that as of yet hasn’t happened. Furthermore, Rivera’s death was not the first at the site. In addition, the risk inherent at the site was ignored.

These factors all come together as a possible case of civic negligence. Local or county officials likely knew of a potentially deadly issue and, for whatever reason, did not act upon it. Perhaps it was due to time. Maybe it was due to money. Perhaps it was due to willful negligence.

Regardless of the immediate cause, another life was extinguished, at least in part, due to their inaction. The case is still unfolding, and I plan to cover it extensively. I’ve already written an op-ed about the risk of watercraft and possible child endangerment for the unprepared.

I’ll keep on it– and you can reach me through other articles on the site or at God Bless Naya Rivera’s family, and let us all pray that something like this never happens at Lake Piru again.