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Update - Chris Cocores "MMA Champ Breaks Back" Situation

Update – Chris Cocores “MMA Champ Breaks Back” Situation

Everyone needs to be aware of their surroundings when it comes to MMA fighting. It can be incredibly dangerous because they put themselves on the line in their fights.

MMA Fighters Get Hurt in and Out of the Ring

But accidents sometimes happen in and outside the ring. Sometimes people or even their dogs are killed. When an accident happens, a personal injury law firm needs to be called to help the prize fighter or other victim get the compensation they deserve. This post will update you on Chris Cocores, an MMA fighter, in a tragic accident a few years ago. Below, Los Angeles car accident attorney Michael Ehline will discuss his case and a little bit about his fighting spirit. Let’s go!

Who Is Chris Cocores?

Cocores went to South Tahoe High School while being homeschooled. He had his first fight when he was 19, and his mother, Jodi Fisher, always supported him. However, she fell ill when he was about to fight. He then took himself out of the fight and helped his mother for six months before she passed away.

He was born and raised in South Lake. Cocores has always been known to be a respectful person who has gone through a lot of difficult situations during his life.

The Car Accident

Back in December 2017, MMA fighter and champion Chris Cocores was in a terrible car crash that left him recovering physically with rehabilitation and grieving for his girlfriend. He suffered severe injuries like a broken foot, arm, and back. Also, the passing of his girlfriend and dog was a new hurdle he needed to overcome.

Apparently, he was riding in the car with his girlfriend and dog when the vehicle swerved onto the other lane and crashed into a Toyota Sienna head-on. The medical expenses for this accident were astronomical, so Ryan Wallace created a GoFundMe to help raise money for the accident. This was a tragic time for his family because they were trying to help him recover while paying for the medical expenses.

How Did His Recovery Go?

It was no surprise when people found out that his injuries were severe. Luckily, he was able to persevere throughout his recovery, and he spoke about being stronger mentally and physically. He spent 20 days recovering in the hospital after needing several surgeries, but he worked on his mental toughness.

The UFC fighter spoke about how he has had to ensure a lot of mental and physical pain over the years. He lost his mother in 2011 to pancreatic cancer. Six months later, he was hit by a car while riding his skateboard. His uncle died of alcoholism, and then his grandfather died in 2015. After going through all of this heartache, he ended up in a car accident in 2017, where he lost two more close individuals.

However, he has managed to keep a positive attitude because he believes that these bad experiences have given him a lot of strength and made him the person he is today. Except, he has mentioned that he is numb to pain, which might be a downfall for him one day.

What Were 20 Days in the Hospital Like?

Cocores was in the hospital for 20 days and couldn’t sit up properly. He has two breaks in his spine, a broken wrist, and a broken ankle. His internal bleeding was so severe because the seatbelt ended up tearing into a part of his stomach. Also, a part of his intestine needed to be removed. He had two stomach surgeries, leaving him with a 12-inch scar on his entire abdomen.

After 15 days on his back, he needed to learn how to walk again. Also, he lost 20 pounds of muscle because of the diet that he was on. Cocores did say that it felt like he was in bed for a year because he needed to learn how to walk again by only walking five feet at a time.

Will Cocores Be Returning as a Bellator MMA Fighter?

It was a hard three years for Cocores, but by 2020, he was ready to get back in the ring. The car crash left him in pieces, but he managed to get through his rehabilitation and recovery fully, so he could look forward to the future. He believes that he was meant to be here and has a purpose, which is a good attitude.

This was a big shock to the MMA fighter because he did not think he would ever fight again. In 2018, he completed an interview where he said that the odds of competing in a UFC match were extremely low. However, he always believed that he needed to fight again, which helped him recover.

However, his goals changed. He wasn’t focused on reaching the UFC again but knew he needed to enter the ring again. After being in the hospital for three weeks, he got a nurse to hold his phone while he began to shadowbox in his room because he wanted to remind himself that he could do this. Luckily, he came at it positively because he said this was his chance to start from scratch.

He also gives credit to the medical professionals who helped him because he says that his recovery would have been a lot different if they had not been around. That is why after all of his surgeries and physiotherapy, he was able to fight again. We don’t know if he had an attorney representing him, but we assume he did.

After losing everything close to him, he ensured he would get back in the ring and fight again. However, this accident taught him that he needs to be patient because he wanted to jump back into fighting. He had difficulty watching his teammates compete and end up in the UFC, but he knew he needed to take time for himself.

Now, he is looking forward to his future in the UFC one day and any future fights he will be in.

Why Ehline Law Firm Can Help with Your MMA Accident

Michael Ehline is an MMA fighter and lover, making him even more passionate about helping those who need a litigation process completed. Every member at Ehline Law Firm is passionate, experienced, and knowledgeable about the subject, so every person can get the compensation they need.

With so much experience, personal injury lawyers know what to look for when their injured client comes to them for help. This is a personal injury law firm that many people have trusted for years with their cases because they know they are there to help them. That is why they offer a free consultation with their best attorney for those who want to ensure they are working with the best team.

Other Ways Personal Injury Lawyers Help?

The personal injury lawyers will gather all of the evidence for the case so that the client can focus on healing.

Battle the Insurance Company

They understand that your insurance company may be difficult to work with, but they will speak to them on your behalf. This is done because an insurance company will try not to give up any coverage money in this situation, balking at the findings of your investigation as to how the accident happened. That’s not right for the client and calls for an attorney.

Work with Injured Client

Overall, the attorney will get all the details about the accident before submitting the claim. Also, they will ensure that all the paperwork is completed on time and properly so the client does not need to think about it. The firm is here to help clients who cannot help themselves at the moment because of the injuries to their health caused by the incident.

Additionally, the team has covered a wide variety of practice areas, so they are ready to help with every accident, including a full-blown jury trial if necessary. The firm will handle the litigation process so that the family can focus on the injured and their injuries. Also, all of the clients that have worked with Ehline Law Firm have been welcomed and looked after like family, even after we collect our fees.

Call the Best Personal Injury Law Firm in Los Angeles Today!

When someone has suffered a bout with car accident injuries, they should speak with attorneys to understand the client’s needs to protect themselves financially. Also, the attorneys should make a claim that will help pay for any expenses regarding the incident. However, finding a team that can help with someone in the UFC may be challenging, but it won’t be if they reach out to Ehline Law Firm.

The team is ready to speak with anyone, an MMA or a UFC fighter, to get the claim they deserve for their suffering. Moreover, the attorneys will be by their side throughout the entire claim process and will be there if a trial occurs. Either way, clients who have an injury will always be treated respectfully by this team with superior, compassionate legal services.

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