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About UFC Middleweight Dusko Todorovic's Car Accident

About UFC Middleweight Dusko Todorovic’s Car Accident

Dusko Todorovic was hit by a car in July, and he even re-injured himself backstage prior to his UFC Vegas 44 fight off the makeshift warmup tatamis prior to his then next bout. So there were lots of setbacks.

What happened?

Dusko declared, “By the end of July, I got hit by a car. The guy ran over me when I was crossing, so he messed up my left leg pretty good.”

The champ also stated:

“I couldn’t, you know, use my foot the right way, so there were definitely lots of setbacks during this camp and difficulties, all regarding that injury. I didn’t want to talk with anyone about it. I didn’t let even my family know. Just my girl knew, so yeah, it was pretty crazy,” to prepare for a fight, especially after a month and a half ago, after car crash, Todorovic said.

This was before ever crossing gloves with his next sports opponent.

For the first time, after Dusko Todorovic’s match with Maki Pitolo, the UFC audience, and the world came to know about the Dusko Todorovic car accident case and how things occurred. Todorovic revealed how he had gotten hit by a car, and his injuries were still pretty fresh. He joined the UFC in 2009 as part of Dana White’s Contender Series.

Dusko Todorovic has fought five times with two losses since that time in these types of full-contact sports. This article will explore the events following the accident and how he came back at UFC 44. As impressive as it is, if you get involved in a car accident in California, do not do what Todorovic did. Always seek medical attention immediately and contact our injury attorneys for legal advice.

Todorovic and His Secret Accident

On July 1st, 2021, UFC warrior Dusko Todorovic suffered serious leg injuries. This was emotional, especially after a car running him down ruined his chances for a new win to happen due to his fresh wounds and swollen injuries, he related.

A month before the car hit, Todorovic was unsure whether he wanted to sign a contract for UFC Vegas 44 since he had lost a fight against Gregory Rodrigues. The UFC fighter believed he lacked the necessary training to compete at UFC Vegas. But he got pissed despite it not being a fight he entered for a chance at the title.

Soon after his loss in Las Vegas, the UFC fighter faced another setback in the form of a car accident. Dusko Todorovic’s left leg was seriously injured, and he decided not to inform anyone of the severe injury.

In a recent talk with MMA Junkie, when the interviewer asked Dusko Todorovic who knew about the accident, the 27-year-old UFC fighter responded:

“Not even my family.” The fighter told MMA Junkie that he kept the accident a secret from everyone except his girlfriend, stating that it was pretty crazy. At least, that was before Todorovic re-injured his leg during a makeshift warmup tatami. Not training correctly and not doing warmups means lots of setbacks right away.

UFC Vegas 44: Todorovic vs Maki Pitolo

On December 4th, 2021, Todorovic thrived as he was the only one aware of his gruesome injury at the venue. Just moments before the fight between Todorovic and Maki Pitolo, during warmups, Dusko Todorovic re-injured himself as his leg gave out, popped, and snapped pretty hard.

However, that was just one of his setbacks during this camp, and it didn’t stop Todorovic from putting up a fantastic performance in the Octagon. Todorovic says his want to stay active resulted in a TKO win for Todorovic. He delivered an onslaught of punches that weekend to the fallen Pitolo after his first-round TKO.

After the match, Todorovic finally revealed his secret car accident and the devastating injury he sustained from it. He shared a video capturing gruesome injuries from the accident with the media, stating that only his girl knew about the “secret” accident. For the first time, Dusko Todorovic shared how he was crossing the road when a guy ran over him, messing up his left leg. At the time, he was thinking about the call he would receive for a possible bout at UFC Vegas 44, Las Vegas, Nevada.

In his post-fight scrum, he also mentioned how mad he was. It was not a light injury. His left leg was still healing and popped during the warmups before the primary fight, but it wasn’t enough to steer him away from the win column. He recalled getting extremely angry about the situation (Dusko Todorovic made the flippant remark that he was “pissed” regarding that injury). Still, he pushed on to deliver an outstanding performance fighting inside the Octagon.

But the media came out after, stating:

“UFC fighter run down by car captures gruesome injuries on video.”

There were lots of setbacks after crashing. Dusko Todorovic stated that he would be the one making silly comments about UFC fighters and car accidents since it was a frequent occurrence. However, one should not take it lightly, as healing injuries from being struck in a

the accident is a painstakingly long process to do so while still training correctly, including proper warmups.

He mentioned how his left leg is still not fully healed, and he wanted to stay active but needed to focus on adequately healing his leg so he could bring on his A-game in the next fight. Reporters are watching these struggles, and so are MMA fans around the globe.

Need to Take Care of Bills after a Crash?

What are your thoughts on this surreal case? Do you want to talk with a serious injury lawyer in Los Angeles County, CA? Getting ample rest and working with a doctor right after an injury can assist in recovery, especially after a car crash. It can also help prevent any complications that may arise.

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