April 23, 2019

Littlefield Panther Panzer Totally Restored | Sd Kfz 171 Panther Aus. A

Finished German Panther.

Completed Panther on my last visit to Littlefield Tank Museum, Circa 2015. (Military Vehicle Technology Foundation)

Many of you may be aware that I was able to get a private viewing of the Littlefield Tank Museum just before Jacques passed away.

Panther Tank Turret Ring

Turret ring Panther

Turret ring

I was able to climb on top of the panzer and also go up inside the disassembled turret of this jewel of an Sd Kfz 171 Panther Aus. A. You better believe it was one of the highlights of my life.


Panther Panzer Turret Rebuild

Panther SD Kfz 171 Turret

Panther Rebuild. Jacques Littlefield Tank Museum Circa. 2007

There is a video of the Littlefield Panzer Totally Restored and running as well. A beautiful site to see indeed.

Panther Rebuild

Panther Sloping Armor!

This was one of the hilites of my life. Seeing a Panther being rebuilt. This is the one you saw on the Military Channel.


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