October 14, 2012

Annika Ehline Celebrates Second Birthday with U.S. Marines

Annika with Airwingers

So it was my daughter Annika’s birthday on Sunday. So no better way to celebrate, than to hang out with a bunch of U.S. Marines right? So we headed to Miramar Air Station in San Diego. Last year, we did the same for my son. Our kids are being reared up to revere American history and especially our warfighters.

In other words, they are being taught the exact opposite of what public schools teach. Anyways, it was awesome.

Gunnarr Ehline With Brigadier General Yoo

General Yoo – USMC

My son got a chance to hang out with Brigadier General Yoo (Marine Recon), and I took some time to chat with my fellow active duty Marines. Yoo was there watching Recon Marines exfil from helicopters as well as fast roping. Was so awesome to meet him. A true hard charger. I passed out cards, and let the Marines around me know they could call me if they needed work. I am an affirmative action employer. I affirmatively will walk over 50 college grads to hire a Marine vet.

Check out the general’s recon badge and UDT bubble.

Recon Marine Gold Jump Wings and Scuba Bubble.

General Yoo is the real deal. And what a hard charger. Rest assured, even with a terrible commander in chief, these Marines will do their duty. 3d Reconnaissance Battalion, 3d Marine Division. Ooooh rah!

Wife Surrounded By Marines

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This is the only time I was a little nervous. Look at these young Marines. No way I can compete with these hard chargers. “Honey take the pic and get in the car”. She is just way too hot to leave with these American heroes. That was that. Anyways, I have some great videos I will put up on Youtube of the Blue Angels on the way. Semper Fi.


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