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Conor McGregor Shows the Injuries – Documenting the Accident Is Important

Even strong and rough people are susceptible to injuries in an accident. On January 27, 2023, Conor McGregor suffered injuries after getting hit by a vehicle in Ireland. Let’s explore the details of the news with Ehline Law and our bicycle personal injury attorneys.

Conor McGregor Hit by a Car While on an Afternoon Bicycle Stroll in Ireland

On the cold Friday Afternoon, Conor McGregor, an Irish Professional Mixed Martial Artist, went on a bicycle ride in the streets of Ireland. After he cycled a few miles away from his home, he got hit from behind by a gray vehicle, knocking him off his turquoise racing bike.

Fortunately, McGregor recorded the aftermath of the incident, just like any other injured victim should. He posted the video on his Instagram, letting his fans know about the bicycle accident.

“It Was a Sun Trap, the Driver Couldn’t See Me” – McGregor Posted on Social Media

The videos posted on Conor McGregor’s Instagram account show his crumpled bicycle on the road, with the driver running up to the UFC star, apologizing about the incident. You can hear Conor reiterating that the accident could’ve killed him, but he was alright and forgave the Irish man. It seemed like the driver’s vision was hindered by a sun trap, making it impossible for him to see McGregor riding on his bicycle.

In the video, you can see how Conor McGregor, set to become a coach in the Ultimate Fighter show, was shaken from the bike accident. However, he kept stating, “it’s all good, mate; God bless, we’re still here.”

The Car Went Full Speed Straight Through Me, but the Landing Saved My Life; McGregor Stated

Later in the day, McGregor wrote on his social media about the incident and shared a picture of the large, gruesome cut on his bum. He explained how the driver went full speed through him, but because of his wrestling career, the landing saved his life. After sharing the image of their upper leg, he received warm wishes from fans all over the world.

McGregor hasn’t fought anyone since his leg injury in July 2021, but he remains the greatest star in the history of MMA and the UFC.

Be like McGregor: Conor McGregor Shows the Injuries and the Accident

In the incident where Conor got hit by a car, McGregor took the details of the accident to Instagram and recorded every moment, even when he asked for a lift home. He appeared breathless in the videos suggesting a traumatic experience, and he suffered a cut on his bum (upper leg).

In an accident caused by a driver who claims they could not see due to sun glare, they may still be liable for the damages. It is important to note that sun glare is a common occurrence, and a reasonable person would take relevant precautions such as slowing down and wearing sunglasses.

Sun glare is no defense for avoiding liability, and if such an accident happened in the United States, McGregor might have a personal injury case against the driver.

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