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Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets into Crash with Cyclist - Is He Liable?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets into Crash with Cyclist – Is He Liable?

On February 5, 2023, an accident occurred involving the former California governor and a bicyclist in West Los Angeles. Let’s explore the details of the news with Ehline Law and our bicycle personal injury attorneys.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Involved in an Accident in West Los Angeles, Not at Fault

While driving around West Los Angeles on Sunday morning, the former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was reportedly involved in an accident with a woman riding a bicycle.

Victim Moved to the Hospital after Complaints of Pain

At around 10:30 AM, the Los Angeles Police Department received a call about a traffic collision at San Vicente Boulevard and Burlingame Avenue. 

First responders reached the accident scene to take the bicyclist to the emergency room in a nearby hospital as she complained of pain following the “simple traffic accident.” Fortunately, there were no serious injuries, and the woman is in stable condition.

Law Enforcement Sources Believe It’s Not the Actor’s Fault in the Traffic Collision

When the Los Angeles Police Department officers arrived at the accident scene, Arnold Schwarzenegger was waiting at the curb to answer any questions about the incident. 

After speaking to three witnesses and talking to the former governor, the police officers reported that the accident was not the fault of the actor as the woman swerved into the path of the SUV he was driving.

Arnold Did Not Have a Chance to Hit the Brakes, LAPD Reports

The law enforcement authorities believe that Arnold Schwarzenegger did not have any time to react to the incident and prevent the collision from happening. Police sources told TMZ that there were no drugs or alcohol involved.

The Good Samaritan Takes Bicycle to Local Repair Shop after Car Accident

According to law enforcement sources, after the police wrapped up their investigation, Arnold Schwarzenegger picked up the crunched bike, loaded it up in his SUV, and took it to the local bike shop to fix it. That’s what we expect from the former California governor, a true gentleman!

This isn’t the first time Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in a car accident. Last year in January, Arnold Schwarzenegger was driving his GMC Yukon when he collided with a Prius and rolled over it, causing minor injuries to the driver.

What Can Happen Following the Bicycle Accident Involving Arnold Schwarzenegger?

In the “Arnold Schwarzenegger gets into crash with cyclist” incident, the police stated that Arnold was not at-fault. However, in personal injury cases, an officer’s statement should not be the final verdict in deciding whether to pursue a claim against the negligent party.

We all love the Terminator, and that can have an influence on the police’s statement which is why it is crucial to carry out an impartial investigation. An experienced personal injury attorney can help investigate the accident to determine the liable party. Perhaps, the Terminator is not at-fault. Even if the bicyclist is partially at-fault, she may still be able to recover compensation under California’s comparative negligence rule.

It is also important to note that minor injuries may worsen over time, and the bicyclist needs to pay attention to any symptoms she develops over the next few days. Even minor accidents involving a bicyclist can lead to severe injuries, for which injured victims may pursue compensation against the negligent party.

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