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A Complete Disaster: Man Tries to Tow with his Electric Truck

Disaster and disappointment strike as a man tries to tow with his electric truck- one of a truck’s most basic functions and requirements.

Tyler Hoover recorded the fateful experiment and shared it on his YouTube channel as a warning to others counting on their EV trucks to do their jobs.

The Story of a Man and His Electric Pickup Truck

Tyler Hoover (like many eco-conscious drivers) decided to try an electric vehicle. The idea behind EVs is to reduce energy costs and environmental impact- an honorable principle supported by many.

As an automotive aficionado and passionate commentator, Tyler is known for sharing valuable feedback on various models.

He recently purchased an electric vehicle from Ford and decided to put it to the test for his YouTube channel audience.

The Experiment: A Ford F 150 Lightning and an Unloaded Trailer

Hoover’s goal for the experiment was to test his Ford F 150 Lightning electric truck on its towing capacity and range.

Step one involved hooking up an empty aluminum trailer to test the truck’s towing range capacity over a total of 64 miles. The plan was to drive the truck 32 miles with the empty trailer to pick up another truck and then tow it back home.

Judging by the results shown in the video, the whole thing was a total disaster.

Serious Battery Pack Drainage and Reduced Range

The Lightning’s towing range capacity left much to be desired- even on the first leg of the journey. In the time Hoover traversed 32 miles with the empty trailer, the truck’s range drained by 68 miles.

Hoover then loaded his new Model A pickup truck into the trailer and made the same journey home. This time, the electric truck used up 90 miles of range over 30 miles of distance.

All-in-all, almost 2.5 times the actual distance traveled was used up in the vehicle’s battery range.

Second Experiment Cancelled After Complete Failure First Time Around

The Lightning’s towing capacity when pulling only an empty trailer was so bad- Hoover decided his second experiment wasn’t even worth trying!

His original intention was to test the Ford’s maximum tow capacity by hooking up a heavier load, but Hoover decided it was a waste of time.

What a Joke: Response to the Ford’s Maximum Tow Capacity

Hoover determined the Ford F 150 Lightning looked good but could barely carry off what he called normal truck things.

If it can’t even tow effectively with a lightweight over a short distance, it doesn’t cut it as a worthwhile truck.

Electric Trucks: All Style, No Substance?

If a man tries to tow with his electric truck, he should at least be able to haul a lightweight trailer, and if that doesn’t work, there is an issue that needs addressing.

The Ford Lightning was a total disaster in a simple task. It begs the question: are electric trucks a waste of money?

If the Lightning’s towing capacity is anything to go by, this is a question any potential buyer should ask themselves.

According to Hoover, it is fine, for appearance’s sake, but not a recommended option for anyone who needs their truck to act like a truck.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Truck or Other Electric Vehicles

  • Towing large loads reduces the range and battery life significantly.
  • Electric truck shows are possible places to compare models- but pay special attention to the towing capacity.
  • Be prepared to see the miles of range remaining drop quickly if you attach something to your vehicle.
  • If you need a heavy-duty pickup truck you can trust, experts do not recommend EVs.

General Concerns Over Electric Cars and Trucks

Apparently, electric cars significantly reduce a person’s impact on the environment, and they can have other benefits. However, there are concerns about their performance- not just how well they can tow a trailer.

  • Several models have been found to have fewer miles of range than advertised.
  • The risk of being stranded without power is far greater than normal vehicles.
  • Some cars are so quiet that people don’t hear them coming- leading to increased accidents and collisions with pedestrians.
  • Faulty batteries cause charging problems.
  • Other mechanical faults in some electric vehicles could lead to dangerous situations.

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