Unlawful Drivers In Modesto California Often End Up As Tragic Statistics

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Just as most all other cities in California, Modesto is also a growing city that is continuously facing a higher number of residents and a much higher level in traffic. Unfortunately with these, the number is also raised in the amount of automobile accidents that occur in the city. Just as no other city is, Modesto is also not immune to traffic violators who drive carelessly, speed, or completely overlook the laws of traffic.

A sad fact of the matter is that many times these unlawful drivers will often end up as tragic statistics. Information provided by (SWITRS), the Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System of the Highway Patrol of California shows that there were 18 fatalities.

In 2006, according to the Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) of the Highway Patrol in California, there were 18 motor vehicle accidents causing deaths and 1,333 injury related accidents in Modesto. There were 106 injuries and 7 fatalities that were attributed to collisions related to alcohol. There were 54 injuries and three fatalities that occurred from motorcycle accidents.

One of the most disturbing accidents involved a girl that was 15 years of age who was hit while she was crossing West Orangeburg Avenue. It is a popular biking and walking trail of the Virginia Corridor that has always been busy and has caused a serious problem for pedestrians. The girl remained in the hospital from the serious injuries she sustained for a lengthy period of time.

One resident feels as if the problems are due to drivers that simply do not pay enough attention and travel right on through crosswalks. Some drivers have even been known to speed quickly through the crosswalks before the pedestrian is able to reach the curb. It has been recommended that a stoplight be installed at the crosswalk because pedestrians are not given an ample amount of time with the crosswalk lights that flash, and there are numerous children and adults that use the crosswalk every single day.

It just does not make good sense to not install a stoplight in areas such as this. Traffic has to be more tightly controlled in highly traveled areas and violators need to be prosecuted with the heaviest charges possible. A red-light enforcement program has been implemented in Modesto at intersections of high-risk because of the numerous intersections of the city that have been labeled as dangerous.

Although there are some who claim that these red-light camera can cause an increase in the number of accidents that occur, a comparison of Modesto’s citywide 2005 and 2006 tells a story that is completely different. The program is responsible for the reduction of 21.2 percent in non-injury collisions, 25.2 percent in collisions involving injury, and 26.3 percent in fatal crashes.

Citywide collisions lowered 22.1 percent. There were 1,153 citations that were given in 2005 from the use of these cameras. The police departments and the city felt that even just installing these cameras on just a few of the city’s intersections, they deterred drivers from speeding through the lights and has influenced the behavior of driving for the entire city.

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