Movie Review: Siege of Firebase Gloria | Marines Rescue Army Again

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This is one of the greatest movies about Marines in Vietnam. U.S. Marines save a U.S. Army firebase during a major NVA/Vietminh Offensive. Although it is fiction, there are many instances in history of the Marines rescuing beleaguered Army units from WWII to Korea, Nam and even the current wars. Here, R. Lee Ermey (The Gunny – Ooohrah) rescues a bunch of lazy regular army soldiers. Chesty would be proud!

I just love watching R. Lee Ermey being himself. You gotta watch this movie if you like Marines, war movies and bad asses in the genre of John Wayne.

The Gunny.

The Gunny.

In Siege of Firebase Gloria, the “Gunny” is part of a United States Marine Corps. RECON unit. A few Marines go into the U.S. Army firebase, find a few decent army soldiers who love America, and train, and fight with them to defeat the Vietnamese commies. Great flick. I give it a full ooohra!

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