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In my search for things that make Twitter useful, I have come across a pretty cool interface that allows you to quickly list things for free on Twitter, which then blasts them to users all over the tweeterverse. It is called “Tweetmart”.

As you all know, the internet is used for lots of things such as: finding jobs, selling products, and for other reasons. People spend hours trying to find sites that allow them to do this. Thanks to the advanced technology today and social network sites like Twitter there is now Twitter classified ads.

Tweetmart Services Page

Tweetmart Services Page

What are Twitter Classified Ads? It is part of a site called Tweetmart that allows people to search for jobs on Twitter. Not only can jobs be found this way but people are allowed to post jobs. This helps both parties out. After finding a job that the person might like then they contact the person that posted the job and ask them any questions plus find out more information about the job before they decide if that is the job that they really want.

Tweetmart Items for Sale Page

Tweetmart Items for Sale Page

Twitter Classified Ads are free and it does not cost anything to search for a job. Other sites you might have to pay a fee for searching but this site you don’t have to. You do not even need a PayPal account but some of the ones hiring might like for you to have one if it is jobs to do with online work.

It is not only free for the person searching for a job but it is also free to the ones wanting to post a job. The only thing is that they might be limited on how many words they can put out about the job but they can always put in a link with more information about that job. There are lots of reasons why you would want to post something about the job on another site. You can answer the questions needed and fill them in with all of the information that they might need to know that you cannot get into the Twitter post.

How do you join in on Twitter Classified Ads? You must first open up a free account with Twitter. After you open up your account with Twitter then you post your job or search whatever is that you are looking for on www.tweetmart.com. Once your job is posted everyone that is on your friends list at Twitterer gets notified of your job posting, as well as everyone subscribed to the tweetmart app. You can also search and see if someone else is job searching for the job that you just listed.

With so many people looking for jobs right now this is a great chance for them to find one in their area or either find a job online that they would be good at doing. If you are looking for a job you can always post your skills on your Twitter profile. This might help you if the ones needing to hire people are searching and your profile might come up because of your skills listed on your profile.

You can also upload a picture of your item, get a free do follow link back, and it stays up for 30 days, as opposed to seven (7) days like Craigslist. I give a perfect 10 user review to tweetmart and hope you have fun checking it out too!

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