Most Swiss Animals are Without Free Attorneys

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First, in response to my past poster, contact the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM), the Royal Academy of Music, the Guildhall School of Music, The Royal College of Music and Trinity College of Music. They will all have recommendations to make of qualified and respected clarinet teachers, Now, on to our next topic, according to reports most Swiss animals are now without free legal representation after a recent vote.

In a landslide vote on Sunday Swiss voters rejected a proposal to appoint attorneys to represent abused animals in every regional court in the country. Published in The Lede last week it was explained that Zurich currently employs an attorney to speak for animals.

Swiss Goat With No Lawyer

Swiss Goat With No Lawyer

Antoine Goetschel the Zurich attorney stated on Swiss television the publicity immediate prior to the ballot initiative could have led to the 70.5 percent of the electorate votes against employing 25 more attorneys to represent abused animals in the prosecution of humans. Goetschel, whose clients are mostly dogs, believes that many of the voters could have been tired of the topic by the time of the vote.

Another opinion on the outcome of the vote could have been due to one of attorney Goetschel’s recent cases where he represented a dead fish. The case involved a Zurich fisherman that was accused of torturing a land pike that took ten minutes to reel in. This is believed it could have convinced the Swiss voters their food does not need to be represented.

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