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Vermont Legal news

The Vermont based Killington/Pico Ski Resort Partners Corporation was sued in the Rutland Superior Court by a number of passholders who say that the ski passes that they recently purchased should be honored for a lifetime. This lawsuit, which was filed by 4 passholders, states that based on prior treatment by Killington’s different corporate entities, the resort’s new owners are liable for honoring the passes for life. More legal news can be found at The Law School Blog
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But the Partners in question stated through its law firm that the alleged lifetime passes were only valid for as long as the Sherburne Corporation (which is the original owner) continued to operate the resort. The Sherburne Corporation eventually changed their name. Well how convienent (just kidding)….. In any event the parent company, SKI Ltd, was bought by one American Skiing Company about ten years ago and continued to operate the resort and honor it’s passes, if their claim is indeed correct, which the court will ultimately decide. Several months ago, in the meantime, American Skiing Company sold the resort to the Powdr Corporation and the SP land company. They operate the ski resorts as Killington /Pico Ski Resorts Partners. You can obtain a great lawyer at Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys

Supposedly, between 1,200 and 1,300 passes were given to bondholders. For avery long time, original passes have been sold on the secondary market going for as substantial sum of money. Asked why the American Skiing Company continued to honor the original passes following the purchase of Killington/Pico while evidentally under no actual obligation to do so according to the law as it is currently written, it was stated that the 2 transactions were structured in completely different ways.

She said American Skiing Co.’s purchase of SKI Ltd. was a stock sale while the sale of Killington/Pico to Powdr Resorts and SP Land was an asset sale. McAndrew said the latter includes lifts, buildings and equipment. It was also claimed that the previous corporate entity, Killington Ltd., died after the purchase.

It seems that there may be enough corporate history of honoring the passes to make the new owners likewise liable in this instance. Apparently, the resort will define lifetime to its own liking. The new owners granted pass holders a 2-year extension before they will expire. Is this generous enouph?

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