It’s a Bad Day When it Ends With a Dog Bite Attack

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Every day stress is bad enough in Santa Barbara, but then when you get home you’re faced with the neighbors’ dog that insists on almost chasing you to the door from the car. This has gone on for so long it is like a game until the day it’s a bad day when it ends with a dog bite.

What made the canine attack today, was it the hot weather, the fact that he wanted to take the game of chase a step further? Those might be some of the questions that a dog bite victim in these circumstances might ask and the fact is that it does not matter what the reason was there are injuries that require medical care, the possibility of losing work because of the injury and the fact that the owner of the dog is responsible for the injuries his pet caused.

The laws are very clear in California so when you live in Santa Barbara and it’s a bad day when it ends with a dog bite attack the owner can be held responsible for damages.

While you may not want to create problems because you live next to this person and want to keep things friendly it is possible to do this when it is handled properly. This takes someone out side of the situation that your injury does not affect the way it would a family member. It also takes the expertise of someone that has a clear knowledge of the laws regarding dog bite attacks and this is a personal injury attorney who specializes in dog bite attacks.

When there is an experienced dog bite attack attorney that becomes involved they can calmly and rationally handle the situation in a way that will not cause ill feelings between neighbors and at the same time help you to receive the settlement for damages. This will not take the pain or scars away but it will relieve the stress of medical bills and other costs.

Anyone can have a stressful day, even the canine next door and this happens more often than most people realize. The injuries can also be severe as canines have strong sharp teeth and the human skin is no match for these teeth, which means injuries can be punctures, rips in the skin, broken bones and in some cases head and face injuries.

When it’s a bad day that ends in a dog bite attack in Santa Barbara, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica, or other city in California you need the assistance of a skilled dog bite attack attorneys in Los Angeles and animal injury lawyers in Orange County. The most experienced dog bite attack attorneys are usually personal injury attorneys in LA County.

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