How Great is the Risks of Letting Children Ride the School Bus

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School bus accidents that transport our children are a tragedy no matter where or when they happen

When you start your day each morning and you send your children off to school, waving to them when a smile on your face, as they climb aboard the school bus, the possibility that your child could be involved in a serious bus accident generally does not cross your mind.

The thoughts just simply do not cross our minds that our children could become very seriously injured or possibly even killed in a serious traffic accident that could occur while they are being transported to school on the school bus. The fact is that every single year there are thousands of fatal accidents which involve a school bus. So imagine how much higher the number becomes when it comes to injuries sustained by students while they are traveling to school. The number reaches in the hundreds of thousands worldwide.
Very serious injuries your child could suffer, being the victim of a school bus accident include broken or fractured bones, traumatic brain injuries, facial injuries, spinal cord injuries, and many others.

If one of your children has been seriously injured while he or she was on the school bus being transported to school, one of the first important steps you need to take is contacting a professional school bus accident attorney who specializes in collisions that occur involving a school bus as well as an attorney who has expertise in personal bodily injuries and wrongful death cases. Whether you are in the San Bernardino, San Diego, Marina del Rey or Riverside area, an experienced attorney who specializes in school bus accidents, personal injury and wrongful death, will advise you of your legal rights and seek the highest amount possible by law for your claims.

There are many causes which can lead to a serious car crash in California cities that requires Los Angeles car crash attorneys and other serious injury lawyer for compensation for injuries involving school buses transporting hundreds of children to and from school every single week. Some of the most common causes of a tragic bus accident would include braking systems that have been poorly maintained, buses that are overloaded, the driver being under the influence of either alcohol or drugs, driving in bad weather conditions where visibility can be poor, such as in fog, rain or smoke, the driver having lack of experience or being inexperienced in driving a school bus, the bus driver operating a school bus while being tired, sleepy or fatigued, and others.

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