Common Brain Injuries In Bicycle Accidents

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Any personal injury attorney will readily tell you that wearing a helmet while riding a bike will not prevent common brain injuries in bicycle accidents. Crashing on a bike is a common event in crowded California cities, where bikes and cars compete for space on the roads. Los Angeles, for example is a Mecca for travel on bike baths on beachside boardwalks and beach towns such as Hermosa Beach, Huntington Beach, Marina del Rey and cities crowded with bums and vagrants like Santa Monica.

In previous articles we discussed how bicycle accidents happen in California and the need for a Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney. In this article I discuss common brain injuries in bicycle accidents that would require not only a lawyer, but also a brain specialist, skull injury experts and medical professionals.

Brain Injuries Most Closely Associated With Bicycle Crash Cases

Falling from a bike, whether from a two wheeled single vehicle collision, or from being impacted in a car accident, almost always involves devastating injuries to your body. Personal injury attorneys will tell you that these are highly sought after cases, as they often result in comas, contusions and concussions. But the most common head injuries are:

(1) Skull Fractures

Skull fractures happen when the bones in your head, or cranium break apart into fractures, or cracks like an egg shell. Skull fractures can heal on their own, but sometimes the gray matter in your head gets injured or damaged. Often you will need surgical repairs to your fractured skull.

(2) Contusions & Concussions

Contusions and concussions are brain injuries that happen as your brain gets bruised from banging around inside your cranium. Concussions and contusions cause dizziness, migraines and mild headaches, as well as memory loss, lack of memory or even loss of concentration. These injuries often require life long medical care.

These are the two most typically common head injuries resulting from bicycle crash incidents n towns and cities across America, but especially in Los Angeles and Orange County.

If you or somebody you love or care about was injured in a bike accident, or need a attorney, there are many qualified lawyers who can help.

The key is first to identify what type of brain injury, or head injury you have, and then get care to try and heal. Your brain injury attorneys can help you find doctors and medical centers who specialize in these types of injury claims. I hope you have enjoyed this article on common brain injuries in bicycle accidents.

Los Angeles bicycle accident attorneys are also known as brain injury lawyers and we work with medical care providers and legal experts to bring you the most cutting edge articles on how to deal with the catastrophic effects of illnesses and injuries caused by the negligence of tortfeasors and wrongdoers in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside and San Bernardino. If you were suffered a brain injury due to a bicycle accident, you need to read this article by personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles


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