Choose Your Suv Carefully To Prevent Rollover Injury

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So you are an American and you love SUVs. Top that off with living in Orange County California. Specifically those who live along the coast and in the coastal cities such as Huntington Beach or Malibu are notorious for having SUVs. Lets say you love to surf and you have a few buddies who surf too. How do you transport those surfboards to the beach to catch some waves? You might just be the owner of an SUV. Choose your SUV carefully to prevent SUV rollover injury.

There are SUVs that are referred to as smart SUVs. These are the ones that have a longer wheel base and have a wider stance between the wheels in the back. Tall and thin SUVs are top heavy and can roll over very easily. Consumer Reports has a section that you can refer to for the ones that are rated as the best. It is pretty much to your advantage to check out the recommendations. They may help you choose your SUV carefully so that you prevent rollover injury to you or your passengers.

Orange County SUV rollover lawyers can all tell you that the driver usually is caught by surprise when the SUV rolls over so easily. A lot of Huntington Beach and Malibu Beach drivers are not aware that SUVs should be driven very carefully. You cannot drive them like a regular car or truck. You must take care when cornering an SUV and drive a lot slower in the turns.

Be careful to avoid talking on your cell phone when driving an SUV. These vehicles really need your undivided driving attention not to mention that talking on the cell phone while driving is now illegal in California. Try to avoid any other distracting activities while driving your SUV. They can flip easily. Never forget that.

Keep your SUV is good working order. Checks tire pressure regularly. Drive safely and dont corner fast. Most of all do not make sudden jerky movements with the steering wheel. Make sure you and all your passengers are wearing seatbelts. The top heaviness and narrow wheelbase must always be taken into consideration. Installing that surfboard carrier makes the SUV a little taller but getting that board to its destination safely is what your want. In the unfortunate event of a SUV rollover accident remember you can call on the experienced and qualified staffs of professional SUV crash lawyers located throughout Orange County for legal help and advice.

About the writer: Michael Ehline is a law firm of Los Angeles personal injury attorneys.

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