Ali Babba Photo Studios

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Ali Babba Photo Studios

Ali Babba Photo Studios

Could someone tell me – what exactly is the point of taking this picture? I got this e mail today and was curious. Is this a Halloween pic, or is someone gonna explain to their grankids who the heck is in these photos?
Family Pictures

Family Pictures

Ali Baba must have charged good money for these pics.

Legal News From Around the World

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Vermont Legal news

The Vermont based Killington/Pico Ski Resort Partners Corporation was sued in the Rutland Superior Court by a number of passholders who say that the ski passes that they recently purchased should be honored for a lifetime. This lawsuit, which was filed by 4 passholders, states that based on prior treatment by Killington’s different corporate entities, the resort’s new owners are liable for honoring the passes for life. More legal news can be found at The Law School Blog
and also Accident Attorney Information

But the Partners in question stated through its law firm that the alleged lifetime passes were only valid for as long as the Sherburne Corporation (which is the original owner) continued to operate the resort. The Sherburne Corporation eventually changed their name. Well how convienent (just kidding)….. In any event the parent company, SKI Ltd, was bought by one American Skiing Company about ten years ago and continued to operate the resort and honor it’s passes, if their claim is indeed correct, which the court will ultimately decide. Several months ago, in the meantime, American Skiing Company sold the resort to the Powdr Corporation and the SP land company. They operate the ski resorts as Killington /Pico Ski Resorts Partners. You can obtain a great lawyer at Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys

Supposedly, between 1,200 and 1,300 passes were given to bondholders. For avery long time, original passes have been sold on the secondary market going for as substantial sum of money. Asked why the American Skiing Company continued to honor the original passes following the purchase of Killington/Pico while evidentally under no actual obligation to do so according to the law as it is currently written, it was stated that the 2 transactions were structured in completely different ways.

She said American Skiing Co.’s purchase of SKI Ltd. was a stock sale while the sale of Killington/Pico to Powdr Resorts and SP Land was an asset sale. McAndrew said the latter includes lifts, buildings and equipment. It was also claimed that the previous corporate entity, Killington Ltd., died after the purchase.

It seems that there may be enough corporate history of honoring the passes to make the new owners likewise liable in this instance. Apparently, the resort will define lifetime to its own liking. The new owners granted pass holders a 2-year extension before they will expire. Is this generous enouph?

Common Brain Injuries In Bicycle Accidents

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Any personal injury attorney will readily tell you that wearing a helmet while riding a bike will not prevent common brain injuries in bicycle accidents. Crashing on a bike is a common event in crowded California cities, where bikes and cars compete for space on the roads. Los Angeles, for example is a Mecca for travel on bike baths on beachside boardwalks and beach towns such as Hermosa Beach, Huntington Beach, Marina del Rey and cities crowded with bums and vagrants like Santa Monica.

In previous articles we discussed how bicycle accidents happen in California and the need for a Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney. In this article I discuss common brain injuries in bicycle accidents that would require not only a lawyer, but also a brain specialist, skull injury experts and medical professionals.

Brain Injuries Most Closely Associated With Bicycle Crash Cases

Falling from a bike, whether from a two wheeled single vehicle collision, or from being impacted in a car accident, almost always involves devastating injuries to your body. Personal injury attorneys will tell you that these are highly sought after cases, as they often result in comas, contusions and concussions. But the most common head injuries are:

(1) Skull Fractures

Skull fractures happen when the bones in your head, or cranium break apart into fractures, or cracks like an egg shell. Skull fractures can heal on their own, but sometimes the gray matter in your head gets injured or damaged. Often you will need surgical repairs to your fractured skull.

(2) Contusions & Concussions

Contusions and concussions are brain injuries that happen as your brain gets bruised from banging around inside your cranium. Concussions and contusions cause dizziness, migraines and mild headaches, as well as memory loss, lack of memory or even loss of concentration. These injuries often require life long medical care.

These are the two most typically common head injuries resulting from bicycle crash incidents n towns and cities across America, but especially in Los Angeles and Orange County.

If you or somebody you love or care about was injured in a bike accident, or need a attorney, there are many qualified lawyers who can help.

The key is first to identify what type of brain injury, or head injury you have, and then get care to try and heal. Your brain injury attorneys can help you find doctors and medical centers who specialize in these types of injury claims. I hope you have enjoyed this article on common brain injuries in bicycle accidents.

Los Angeles bicycle accident attorneys are also known as brain injury lawyers and we work with medical care providers and legal experts to bring you the most cutting edge articles on how to deal with the catastrophic effects of illnesses and injuries caused by the negligence of tortfeasors and wrongdoers in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside and San Bernardino. If you were suffered a brain injury due to a bicycle accident, you need to read this article by personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles


Determining What to Do When a Dog Bites You is a Critical Question

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Determining what to do when a dog bites you is a critical question. Dogs, while domesticated are still irrational animals. Animals are driven by their instincts and will bite you. First, you must identify the dog that bit you, this aspect is crucial for medical and legal reasons. You must find the animal and make sure that it does not have rabies. Rabies treatment has the possibility of being extensive and painful. Additionally, if you can find the owner you are likely entitled to compensation since the dog is their property. You may recover medical bills, lost wages, reparative surgery and pain and suffering.

After you are bitten by a dog, you should seek medical help from a doctor or a hospital. Depending on where the wound is will determine the type of doctor that you want. Tens of hundreds of people are attacked by dogs each year so do not be embarrassed. If the area is a sensitive one such as the face or the genitals you will likely want a plastic surgeon to treat the wound because they often use more care for aesthetics than an ER doctor would.

You will be probably be asking yourself, “What should I do next if I am bitten by a dog?” Be sure to listen to EVERYTHING that the doctor tells you and make sure you follow his or her instructions to a T. If you have contracted rabies DO NOT PANIC. You need not always suffer through the painful treatment, so don’t immediately assume that you will need that treatment.

If bitten by a dog with an owner, investigate to see if he or she is insured. Try and gather all of the information possible such as the residency of the owner, his insurance provider, telephone number, previous instances of bites, knowledge of violent dog etc. Hire Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys to help you in this task.

What are some things that you should NEVER do when bitten by a dog? You should NEVER discuss anything involving value or money. Do not memorialize anything in writing or allow someone to get you to sign something. Make sure never to accept money or things of value and do not attempt to decide who is responsible, just get treatment. One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to retain a qualified dog bite attorney.

If you are having trouble what to do when bitten by a dog in Los Angeles: listen up. If involved in a dog attack, you will need a skilled professional attorney with knowledge of not only medical diagnosis, but also the complicated framework of the legal system. If you or someone you love has been injured as a result of a dog bite in Los Angeles, you should call the Law Offices of Michael P. Ehline immediately for a free consultation. Contact experienced Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys We hope that you have enjoyed this article on what to do when bitten by a dog in Los Angeles.

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