Contact with Aliens Warned Against By Professor Stephen Hawking

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April 25, 2010 (by Horatio Algren) Alien contact warned against by noted professor Stephen Hawking, and states it is not unusual to believe in aliens.

Hawking in Space

Hawking in Space

Stephen Hawking a prominent astrophysicist in a Discovery Channel program stated it is completely rational to believe there is intelligent life on other planets.

The professor warns that actively trying to communicate with these life forms, it should be avoided. It is his belief that extra terrestrials could invade to earth for its resources and then leave.

Hawking states that this would not fare well for humans and compares it to Christopher Columbus landing in America and how it affected the Native Americans. The astrophysicist goes on to explain that it can be seen how intelligent life could develop into extra terrestrials we would not want to meet by looking at ourselves.

There have been probes sent into space with engravings of humans on board along with diagrams that showed the location of Earth. Radio beams have also been sent into space in search of reaching alien civilizations.

Professor Stephen Hawking says that in his mathematical mind, the numbers make considering alien life completely rational, but the challenge is to think about how they actually appear.

The Discovery Channel program envisions extra terrestrials as possibly looking like two legged herbivores or like yellow lizard appearing predators.

The astrophysicist states that life on other planets in the universe is likely to consist of simple microbes.

In a BBC series the Wonders of the Solar System physicist Brian Cox from the University of Manchester also suggested that there could be other life forms that exist within our solar system.

Professor Cox believes there could be organisms present under the ice sheets that is present on Jupiter’s moon Europa. He also stated that the evidence of live on Mars is growing and the only way to be sure is when the next generation of spacecrafts is capable of searching for life. When these spaceships are launched to Mars and the moons of Jupiter in the coming decades is when we will be certain. He hopes to avoid an accident.

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