CBS Poll | How Does CBS Polling Data Grade Obama?

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So far Obama gets a big fail in almost every category of the liberal CBS poll. Check out these screenshots. He gets a miserable fail on health care.

Obama is at over 60 percent Disapproval in Liberal CBS Poll

Obama is at over 60& Disapproval in Liberal CBS Poll

It’s hard to believe that CBS is actually doing this. CBS, recognized as a cheerleader for liberal causes, is showing that they’re brave, and honest enough to actually show the ongoing polling results.

Take the poll yourself and when you submit your grading of how he is handling the top issues, a second page will come up showing you the current results of how America is voting. Please note, this isn’t Fox doing this. This is mostly people who watch CBS. That’s telling.

This is a CBS poll on Obama’s first year performance….

Here’s your chance to grade the President!

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How Do You Grade Obama?

Obama Poll One

Obama CBS Poll Two

Obama CBS Poll Three

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