Annika Ehline Celebrates Second Birthday with U.S. Marines

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So it was my daughter Annika’s birthday on Sunday.  So no better way to celebrate, than to hang out with a bunch of U.S. Marines right?  So we headed to Miramar Air Station in San Diego.  Last year, we did the same for my son.  Our kids are being reared up to revere American history and especially our war fighters.


In other words, they are being taught the exact opposite of what public schools teach.   Anyways, it was awesome.

Gunnarr Ehline With Brigadier General Yoo

My son got a chance to hang out with Brigadier General Yoo (Marine Recon), and I took some time to chat with my fellow active duty Marines. Yoo was there watching Recon Marines exfil from helpicopters via fast roping. Was so awesome to meet him. A true hard charger.  I passed out cards, and let the Marines around me know they could call me if they needed work.  I am an affirmative action employer.  I affirmatively will walk over 50 college grads to hire a Marine vet.

Check out the general’s recon badge and UDT bubble.

General Yoo is the real deal.  And what a hard charger.  Rest assured, even with a terrible commander in chief, these Marines will do their duty. 3d Reconnaissance Battalion, 3d Marine Division.  Ooooh rah!

Wife Surrounded By Marines

Hot WifeThis is the only time I was a little nervous. Look at these young Marines. No way I can compete with these hard chargers. “Honey take the pic and get in the car”.  She is just way too hot to leave with these American heros.  That was that. Anyways, I have some great videos I will put up on Youtube of the Blue Angels on the way. Semper Fi.

Anaheim and San Diego County Celebrates the U.S. Marine Corps Birthday and Veterans Day

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Military veterans and city officials joined together in a combined celebration of the U.S. Marine Corps 236th birthday and Veterans Day. There was a lying of a wreath at the nine foot high city memorial that is dedicated to all service members, with veterans in attendance that served in World War II Thursday. Col. Christopher Taylor of the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit based at Camp Pendleton read the names of five service members that have been killed since 2006 from Anaheim to a group of about 250 people. Col. Taylor thanked the veterans in attendance and stated that “Our freedom today is a direct reflection of what you have sacrificed for us.”



During the ceremony there was the U.S. Marine Corps cutting of the cake that is a tradition that includes the youngest Marine eating first. In this group attending the oldest Marine present was Ray Steiner age 91 of Anaheim that served in World War II. Steiner passed the cake to the youngest Marine, Lance Cpl. Brogan age 19 and assigned to the 13th MEU. The passing of the cake symbolizes the passing along of the Marine history and traditions, from the more experienced Marine to the newest serving Marine.

Marine Lance Cpl Seon Ali age 20 from Richmond Virginia, attended the celebration in Anaheim and stated that people were thanking him for his service and it made him feel appreciated and veterans from earlier service wearing jackets and hats agree, it makes them also feel appreciated. In San Diego County approximately 60,000 Marines celebrated the U.S. Marine Corps birthday with celebrations including the traditional cutting of the cake, the Marine Corps ball, parades and the newest recruits from the Marine Corps Recruit Depot earning the title Marine. The recruits were given the eagle, the globe and the anchor.
Commandant Gen. James Amos addressed the Marines in a speech stating that the U.S. Marine Corps remains “America’s expeditionary force in readiness.” The Commandant Gen. Amos went on to state that “since the Continental Congress created two battalions of Marines 236 years ago, our legacy aw ever ready, ever capable, victory producing organization remains intact.” Ohh freakin rah. Good night Chesty Puller, wherever you are.

Marine Corps To End Rolled Sleeve Policy for Cammies/BDU’s

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The Marines have new rules regarding their combat utility uniforms and rolled up sleeves, according to an administrative message. Marine Commandant General James Amos stated that the Uniform Board has recommended that there will be a change on October 24th, for the rolling of sleeves on the combat utility uniforms.  Marine officials have noted that deployed Marines are wearing their sleeves down and in order to have an across the board look, as the uniform policy is meant to be, Marine’s will now keep their sleeves down.

Marine with rolled sleevs showing warriro tats.  oohrah!

Marine with rolled sleeves showing warrior tats. oohrah!

Commandant of the Marines, General Amos, and his spokesman Maj. Joe Plenzler have not offered any reason or made additional comment on the new policy. The change in being permitted to roll up the cammie sleeves caused blogs and Twitter accounts to see increased posting with Marines that had something to say about the police that went into effect on October 24th.

The comments on the internet included:

  • Commenter: Commandant General Amos has lost his mind and is not in touch with the Marines.
  • Commenter: As a perfectionist I could spend hours rolling the sleeves to make them perfect. This is a pet peeve of mine and the change makes sense
  • Commenter: Experience tells me this is a good move.
  • Commenter: Knowing what the proper sleeve roll is, was a nightmare.

One Marine, Cpl. Kevin Webb had posed the rolled sleeve combat utility uniform change on his website, with a pole and there were over 1,000 respondents. Approximately 90 percent of the posts were in opposition to the change. As an inactive U.S. Marine, I think it is silly to ban rolled sleeves. There are many reasons a Marine would want the sleeves rolled up. But the Commandant was never an 0311. Maybe if he had been a grunt, he’d of thought twice. This is not the first time a Commandant came up with seemingly strange policies. When I was getting out, the then CMC had banned Marines using the term “Gunny” to describe or address a Gunnery Sergeant.

Michael Ehline is a former Marine and currently assists members of the military and their families in recovering damages as a military motorcycle accident lawyer.  Contact him at 633 West Fifth Street, 28th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90071. 213.596.9642.

My Journey to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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My journey to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This is my journal in bits and pieces of what led me to BJJ. Hope you enjoy.


Having studied Judo under Sensei Nori Bunasawa as a small child of about 6 or 7 years old, I developed an appreciation for the discipline he brought into my life. A short, Japanese man, Nori Bunasawa, at first was strange to me, being a white child in Orange County, California back in the 70’s who had never really met anyone with a foreign accent, let alone, wearing a Bruce Lee martial arts suit.

You see, I had begged my mom, who was estranged from my father at the time, to let me take “Karate.” (Of course back then, we Americans pretty much thought it was all the same. Karate, Kung Fu, etc., all the same.)

So my mom signed me up for Judo at CC Lambert school in Tustin. I remember Sensei always made us meditate and stretch both before and after class at the “Do Jo”. I remember the rolls and throws, and drills and Sensei sometimes had an arrow that he would slap to the mat to get our attention. You see, we were all just a bunch of little kids.

In any event, I was upset that I could not fly through the air and strike/kick my opponent like in the Bruce Lee movies. But Sensei assured me and others that Judo was a superior martial art. I did one competition as a yellow against an orange belt. It resulted in a stalemate.

It was pretty cool having mom and my mates there at the community center. In all events, this was the first step of my journey to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


After moving away, Judo ended for me and my father enrolled me in Okinawan Karate. That lasted about 6 months. I learned horse stance and striking and kicking, but we moved again.


Back living with mom, my mom enrolled me at the YMCA for this new martial art in the states that supposedly billed itself as having the most powerful kick in the world. We wore karate gis, and learned a mild version of Thai Kick Boxing. This had to have been circa 1978-79.


There was an interval of several years where I no longer trained at a do jo, but instead would work the heavy bags, stretch, and lift weights. But that was it till the Marines.


As a Marine, we learned the “line” fighting techniques. Honestly, we did not spend enough time to really learn much. Nope, Marines had a long way to go before their stand up would be as good as their battlefield “tool box.”


After that, I learned basic boxing techniques for a year and then trained along doing heavy bags and shadow boxing after that. I would always combine kicks I had learned in Muay Thai with my boxing.


Right around this time, I heard that the UFC Jiu Jitsu guy, a Brasilian, Royce Gracie (pronounced “Hoyce” – Portugese), was choking out guys much larger than him. Then it all clicked right there. Sensei Nori had been right. Ground fighting is the best. But I had noticed that Royce also utilized strikes and kicks. This was traditionally a no no for Japanese Jiu Jitsu. But not for the Brasilians.

I was working 9-12 hour days in sales and paralegal fields and pretty much just lifted weights when I could after that. This went on till:


So after getting married, finishing law school and five years in a successful law practice, I was burned out on lifting weights, under a lot of pressure, gaining weight, 40 years old, and needing the feeling I had when I was young; of combat and battle. Martial arts were calling me again, but I also wanted to lose weight and improve my cardio. A pro boxer at my gym suggested I train with him.

I did, and lost a lot of weight and really sharpened my “American” boxing skills.


I really wanted to get into Jits during that period. I had to make a choice. With a law practice and family to feed, I had to choose between MMA, or straight Jiu Jitsu. So finally, I just said, screw it. At my wife’s urging, I enrolled at Rey Diogo Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This guy is a world champion from Brasil and was the best I could find.

A former Army Ranger who trains there confirmed this. He drives from San Diego to Los Angeles just to train with him. It was further verified by an Austrian and several Englishmen who came to California just to train with Rey. They had the choice of traveling to Brasil and training at the BJJ Mecca there.

And boy was that a wake up call. I was promoted with my first stripe in less than three months. This was also new. Most martial arts go from belt to belt. To be continued.

Movie Review: Siege of Firebase Gloria | Marines Rescue Army Again

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This is one of the greatest movies about Marines in Vietnam. U.S. Marines save a U.S. Army firebase during a major NVA/Vietminh Offensive. Although it is fiction, there are many instances in history of the Marines rescuing beleaguered Army units from WWII to Korea, Nam and even the current wars. Here, R. Lee Ermey (The Gunny – Ooohrah) rescues a bunch of lazy regular army soldiers. Chesty would be proud!

I just love watching R. Lee Ermey being himself. You gotta watch this movie if you like Marines, war movies and bad asses in the genre of John Wayne.

The Gunny.

The Gunny.

In Siege of Firebase Gloria, the “Gunny” is part of a United States Marine Corps. RECON unit. A few Marines go into the U.S. Army firebase, find a few decent army soldiers who love America, and train, and fight with them to defeat the Vietnamese commies. Great flick. I give it a full ooohra!

Ehline Graduates MCRD

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Michael Ehline Graduation at MCRD

Michael Ehline Graduation at MCRD

Ehline Graduates MCRD.

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