Crash Data for Bus accidents

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The majority of bus accidents are caused by careless or negligent behavior on the part of the bus driver, bus company or owner, another driver or pedestrian. The study report found some common bus accident causes including:

  • Other vehicles stopping in the buses lane.
  • Abrupt lane changes causing a church bus accident, or casino tour bus accident.
  • Veering off the road.
  • Pedestrians’ entering the lane the school bus, or metro bus is traveling in.
  • Traveling at to high of a rate of speed for weather conditions.

The report compiled by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration cases they examined in 15 of 19 cases, the bus drivers were primarily at fault for the bus crash. In most of the cases it was due to failure to properly recognize and react to a situation to avoid a collision.

The delayed reaction can occur when the driver fails to examination the road or their immediate surroundings accurately. There are bus accidents that are not due to driver failure, in some of these crashes the bus failed to operate properly, which results in a crash were passengers are injured and there are fatalities.

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