Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Ramifications of New Study Ranking Los Angeles California Freeways Worst in the U.S.

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With the Thanksgiving weekend fast approaching, it is important that people traveling to and from Los Angeles County understand the ramifications of the new traffic study from the perspective of a personal injury attorney. The Texas Transportation Institute study has ranked Los Angeles Harbor Freeway the number one congested highway in the country, according to tort attorney Michael Ehline. Coming in at a close second is Interstate 10 connection with the 110 Harbor Freeway.

Motor vehicle accident attorney Michael P. Ehline, found that the study shows that the area in Los Angeles that is the most congested and most dangerous for drivers on the Harbor Freeway, is in the area near the Dodger Stadium. On Interstate 10 there is a 6 1/2 mile area in the vicinity of the highway that is the most dangerous in the vicinity of the Staples Center. There is a 13.1 mile stretch of the 405 Freeway that was rated third on the list in the vicinity of the 105 Freeway and Getty Center Drive. The northbound lanes of the 110 Freeway from 111th Place and the 10 Freeway is on the list, of the study conducted by the Texas Transportation Institute.

The ramifications are many and some are obvious. Ehline says the fact the speeds are slower, is deceiving. “This can make the freeways even more dangerous”. Ehline says “people take ebs and flows in traffic as a chance to put on lipstick, play with their phones, or take sip. This means some are driving, and some are stopped.” So although the impacts can be lower, they occur more frequently. And an eggshell skull plaintiff only requires a small impact to get a serious injury.

But it is not just slow speeds at issue says Ehline. There are times when the Los Angeles freeways are not that congested. But, Ehline says, the engineering of the freeways, the potholes from improper maintenance can mean a serious risk of a single vehicle collision. This can cause an SUV rollover according to Ehline, and lead to a wrongful death. The ramifications include the need to file a government claim within 6 months, or waive your right to sue.

“So the ramifications of driving on Los Angeles freeways from a personal injury perspective, are many.” You, the driver have less control and less of a “cushion of space”, less reaction times, etc.. Said Ehline. And San Francisco is another city in Southern California that is included in the list of the top 40 spots in the study and targets Interstate 80 at the Bay Bridge as being the most congested roadway.

This study, places 17 of the most congested roadways out of 40 in Los Angeles, California and attorney Michael P. Ehline, of Ehline Law Firm PC knows that the congested roadways that have been rated the worst in the United States lead to serious collisions. These collisions lead to injuries and while there is no way to avoid these freeways and highways in Los Angeles and Southern California, after being involved in a collision it is advisable to have the representation of experienced car accident lawyers to protect your legal rights.

If you were seriously inured in a car accident in San Francisco or Los Angeles, give the car accident lawyers at Ehline Law Firm PC a call at:

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Michael Ehline, lead counsel, is an honorably discharged U.S. Marine, a former California Court of Appeal judicial extern, and runs a Northern and Southern California personal injury law firm statewide. He hopes you enjoyed this Discussion on the ramifications of the new study ranking Los Angeles California freeways worst in the U.S.


Anaheim and San Diego County Celebrates the U.S. Marine Corps Birthday and Veterans Day

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Military veterans and city officials joined together in a combined celebration of the U.S. Marine Corps 236th birthday and Veterans Day. There was a lying of a wreath at the nine foot high city memorial that is dedicated to all service members, with veterans in attendance that served in World War II Thursday. Col. Christopher Taylor of the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit based at Camp Pendleton read the names of five service members that have been killed since 2006 from Anaheim to a group of about 250 people. Col. Taylor thanked the veterans in attendance and stated that “Our freedom today is a direct reflection of what you have sacrificed for us.”



During the ceremony there was the U.S. Marine Corps cutting of the cake that is a tradition that includes the youngest Marine eating first. In this group attending the oldest Marine present was Ray Steiner age 91 of Anaheim that served in World War II. Steiner passed the cake to the youngest Marine, Lance Cpl. Brogan age 19 and assigned to the 13th MEU. The passing of the cake symbolizes the passing along of the Marine history and traditions, from the more experienced Marine to the newest serving Marine.

Marine Lance Cpl Seon Ali age 20 from Richmond Virginia, attended the celebration in Anaheim and stated that people were thanking him for his service and it made him feel appreciated and veterans from earlier service wearing jackets and hats agree, it makes them also feel appreciated. In San Diego County approximately 60,000 Marines celebrated the U.S. Marine Corps birthday with celebrations including the traditional cutting of the cake, the Marine Corps ball, parades and the newest recruits from the Marine Corps Recruit Depot earning the title Marine. The recruits were given the eagle, the globe and the anchor.
Commandant Gen. James Amos addressed the Marines in a speech stating that the U.S. Marine Corps remains “America’s expeditionary force in readiness.” The Commandant Gen. Amos went on to state that “since the Continental Congress created two battalions of Marines 236 years ago, our legacy aw ever ready, ever capable, victory producing organization remains intact.” Ohh freakin rah. Good night Chesty Puller, wherever you are.

Will the Conflict Surrounding Marijuana Ever Come to an End with Ever Encroaching Central Control of Our Lives?

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There are many out there who think drug laws are black and white. Most people do not think the conflict surrounding marijuana ever come to an end with ever encroaching central control of our lives from Washington DC. If Uncle Sam says it’s legal, you can do morphine with a doctor recommendation, but according to the Federal Laws, marijuana is basically the Boogie Man. So if it is approved by a government bureaucrat, it is “good”, but if it is recommended by your doctor for things like cancer, pain, sleeplessness, stress, etc., it is pure “evil.” According to the continued conflict of the past and the present, it is highly unlikely that the conflicts that surround the use of marijuana will ever actually come to an end.

As a matter of fact, the intensity of the war on drugs, and advocates fighting for the rights of those with needs for medical marijuana continue to become more powerful all the time. As a personal injury lawyer, Michael Ehline, of Ehline Law Firm PC, deals with those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), burning and sharp pain between their shoulder blades, loss of appetite, etc. Basically, says Ehline: “The Ehline Law Firm assists sufferers of chronic pain.” And, Ehline points out: “Prescription drugs like Vicodin, Valium, Morphine, etc., are highly addictive, prescription or not.”

Have The Courts Wrongly Have Invaded States Rights?

Ehline says that the courts got it wrong on state’s rights. “Prior to our 14th Amendment, and the War Between the States, each state was considered to be an individual “country” (Ehline says under the law, each state still is a sovereign country, but that the U.S. govt ignores this truth with the assistance of judge made laws.) The purpose of the Union, says Ehline, “was to for a united states to have an alliance when dealing primarily with [belligerent] foreign powers, and basic general welfare to connect the states with roads, for purposes of commerce and trade, such as roads and a military, to protect that free enterprise and trade routes.”


Would King George Be Proud of Washington DC?

Ehline says the current federal government resembles more of what “we fought against in the Revolution against the tyrant king”. Ehline says: “King George would have given his throne for a place in the Washington DC political establishment.” That being said, Ehline wants the courts to finally recognize that certain areas where the feds have decided to interfere, based upon post “Civil War” decisions, are “bad law”. Unfortunately, says Ehline, conservatives, who traditionally support state’s rights, are so “anti drug”, they side with the liberal courts on the federal drug law issues, keeping the states under the jack boot of the “progressive controlled court system.” Beyond that, says Ehline, the people themselves are sovereign. The rights of the few should not be decided by a “mob” in DC.

It Only Will Get Worse With Government Run Health Care, Says Ehline

“If you are taking medical pain killers, or sleep medicines based upon a doctor’s recommendation, the state, feds, nobody should be able to stop you in my personal opinion, but don’t consider what I say to be advice, just an opinion.” And attorney Ehline says with government-run healthcare, it will “only get worse”.

“As we have seen in the UK, once the government has control over healthcare, they will decide the drugs you can take, what you can and cannot eat, drink, smoke, everything.”

Besides, says Ehline, the drug war really is about creating more federal government employees, who traditionally vote for more big government. “It’s like a pay off,” Ehline says. You vote big government, we keep you busy arresting medical MJ patients and providers with your next door neighbor’s tax dollars (the same neighbor taxpayer who is a War veteran taking medical marijuana for his PTSD.)”

We saw with the abolition of “Prohibition”, and restatement of the fact that we have a right to drink booze, that there were a lot of new FBI men with no where to go and no one to bust. The Fed Law Enforcement apparatus got huge during prohibition, including having the right of agents to now carry firearms, which till then, the FBI had not done. (Incidentally, says Ehline, “now the ATF has been caught trying to flood Mexico with assault weapons – Operation Fast and Furious – and originally tried to blame it on lax gun laws here in the U.S., in their continuing efforts to erode the right of people to keep and bear arms with more federal anti gun laws.)

Ehline says, the Bill of Rights is being reinterpreted by revisionist historians with a political agenda to strip the people of their sovereignty. So says Ehline, “Why not create a whole new class of defendants, with plenty of money to defend themselves in court, grow the ATF more, which means more U.S. attorneys and more SEIU members paid with your tax dollars? After all, the courts often agree with people like Eric Holder, a fervent anti gun activist, prior to becoming the Attorney General.”

Is Medicine an Unalienable Right?

Like the right to revolt by force of arms against an oppressive government, there is another unprinted right, Dr. Benjamin Rush, “The Father of American Medicine, and a signer of the Declaration of Independence fought to have included in the Bill of Rights. That is the right to medicine, which is really just part of the right of ‘pursuing’ happiness’,” says Ehline. It is no huge secret that one of the countries largest cash crops is marijuana. What does this tell us? This tells us that there continues to be more and more men and women that become involved in the growth, the sales, and the use of marijuana as time goes on. As Ehline puts it, “More criminal defendants to grow the federal SEIU centered federal government.”

This continues to make a huge element of the more than 40-year-old war on drugs of the federal government to be fighting against those that grow, sell, and use this illegal drug. Through all the contradictions, marijuana has continued to be a Schedule 1 drug. In short, this means the medical use of this drug still remains to be unaccepted by DC, and it continues to hold the number one spot of having the largest abuse potential according to the feds. Even with the constant controversy over the medical use of marijuana, as many as 47.1 percent of the population of San Diego voted for legalizing, regulating, and taxing its use.

To even further cause more contradiction, law and neighborhood enforcement of the County of San Diego pushed their concerns against the running of medical marijuana dispensaries. This of course quickly caused the strict control and ban of such dispensaries. However, due to specific laws of the county, the city had to rescind the controls that were put in place. This then led to the City Attorney’s Office and all four United States attorneys of the state cracking down on medical marijuana dispensaries in the entire state. “So, as we can see, a conservative local government, is working with the feds to crack down on individual and State’s rights. Shame,” says Ehline.


What Does This Boil Down to?

While there are certain aspects of the law that the majority agrees to, there is one important factor that has to be changed. This is the California medical marijuana law that was written by advocates of the use of marijuana in 1996. Instead of being written for anyone that suffers from an ailment being allowed to use medical marijuana, some say this law should be properly worded to protect men and women that suffer from serious medical ailments and diseases that require the use of medical marijuana. Ehline says it is time to end the contradictory marijuana controversy now!

About the Author. Michael Ehline of Ehline Law Firm PC is an inactive U.S. Marine, father of two and husband to one awesome woman. He writes educational opinions to help assist consumers in understanding history, law and most of all, the fight against the evolution of oppressive, centralized, federal government. With locations throughout Southern and Northern CA, we aggressively fight for consumers in car accident, motorcycle crash and trucking personal injury cases leading to chronic pain and need for pain management at 4445 Eastgate Mall, #200 San Diego, CA 92121 USA +619.312.6050. Ehline too believes conflict surrounding marijuana ever come to an end with ever encroaching central control of our lives from Washington DC. So says Ehline, vote for people like Ron Paul!

Highly experienced experts in California tort laws in San Diego County. Former law review member writes articles about personal injury issues under California tort laws, such as wrongful death and battery claims as well as negligence issues.

What’s Viagra?

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“Receive the best Male impotence Option As opposed to yesteryear days, male impotence between guys is a type of thing in latest days and nights.” There are many commercial websites with a promise of treatment products that are sold from discount prices just like the above. The need to get solve the challenge while using speediest pace combined with the existing fiscal crises sensed across the globe, it’s so easy for you in order to drop feed for these fake manufacturers. Nonetheless, after some more information you’ll be in a position to realize why it’s for your best interest to find a fix on your impotence problems in the use of Viagra. Viagra had been by accident found out in early 1990’s along with entirely exposed to the market industry inside Before 2000.Viagra is surely an anti – impotence as their background could be traced to the early 1990’s. Several experts ended up in the act involving discovering strategy for hypertension along with heart disease after they by accident found out the capabilities in the little blue tablet throughout enhancing penis erection.

On their first phase involving numerous studies they seen that your medicine they’d developed got hardly any influence on the treating angina pectoris and also high blood pressure. Nonetheless, his or her initiatives are not within useless given that they created an important gift to the males on the globe and ultimately on the ladies.Your professionals, brought by simply Nicholas Terreti widely known as the daddy involving Viagra discovered that sildenafil had the electricity to boost the flow of blood in the manhood for this reason exciting a hardon every time a gentleman had lovemaking craving.

Their numerous studies exposed extraordinary results along with the therapy product have been copyrighted and industry called before being introduced on the market place within 98. With time the pill is becoming so popular which almost any adult in the us associated with The usa knows about it’s existence or even more details.What makes Viagra work? Your logic guiding the particular functions regarding Viagra might be described with all the functions from the human body.

If you beloved this article therefore you would like to obtain more info regarding viagra online please visit the web-page. This makes use of one of the three medical ways of making sure adequate blood flow from the veins with the heart for the penile. Typically, great and bad Viagra is incorporated in the chemical substance known as sildenafil citrate which includes the ability to govern entire body digestive support enzymes which brings about greater blood flow. Our body usually is made up of the enzyme called PDE present in five various parts included in this being in your penis. The PDE 5 enzyme normally helps breaking down regarding cGMP which enables inside improving blood circulation. So it will be the existence of the molecule which makes it difficult for an individual to accomplish a harder erection.

Sildenafil citrate removes PDE Five therefore making it possible for cGMP to be able to assemble as opposed to being decomposed. The more the actual cGMP builds up the harder your body moves in the manhood for this reason leading to a harder erection every time a gentleman is sexually triggered.Sildenafil citrate must stay in the body to get a time period not really exceeding four hours right after intake. For the elapse with the specified moment, Viagra is usually eliminated from the particular blood from the renal system. If it is not eliminated from one’s body, the person turns into a sufferer of serious soreness originating from the scrotum and also the lower male organ. In case such signs or symptoms as well as indicators seems you should talk to a doctor quickly in an attempt to mitigate even more damage for the the reproductive system bodily organs.

This concern is typical in instances where you have experienced a good above serving. This is a hazardous well being circumstance as well as fatalities are already documented in such conditions specially when the victims still did not immediately obtain the services of an medical professional. Whenever used efficiently, Viagra is the better anti – impotence treatment method medicine which is because of this it features a gained internationally reputation.

Registered Trademark Holders Rush to Meet XXX Domain Block Period

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Owners of registered trademarks are facing new issues with their registered trademarks being potentially associated with unwanted industries. Beginning in September 2011, a new generic top level domains (gTLD) ending with .XXX will be created for use by the adult entertainment and pornography industries specifically. Registered trademarks not associated with pornography may be gleaned by other businesses associated with pornography for use in these new .XXX domain names, therefore associating the registered trademark with pornography. These domains are set up to be launched in December of 2011.

A period called the “Sunrise B Period” began on September 7, 2011, and ended on October 28, 2011. During this period, owners of registered trademarks were allowed to block their relevant names associated with their registered trademark so that the names could not be used by the pornography businesses. After the conclusion of that period, all domain names associated with registered trademarks who had successfully applied to have their trademark names and related domains excluded from the new .XXX domains would have their sites become simple informational pages beginning on November 8, 2011.

A concurrent period, the “Sunshine A Period”, began and ended on the same dates and allowed the adult entertainment industry to register their domain names ending with .XXX during that time if they corresponded to already existing gLTDs such as .net, .com, .org., etc. Following the Sunshine A period, and beginning November 8, 2011, the adult entertainment industry has the option of obtaining domain names that weren’t excluded during the Sunshine B Period. This period is termed the “Landrush Period”. Access to un-blocked names during this period is on a first-come-first-serve basis to businesses within the adult entertainment industry. Beginning on December 6, 2011, the general public will have access to all remaining, unclaimed domain names for the .XXX ending. This period is called the “General Availability Period”.

The Sunshine B Period was available to all owners of a U.S. trademark, as well as international equivalents. U.S. trademark applications that were pending, as well as U.S. registrations on the supplemental register, common law trademarks, unregistered and state trademarks were not eligible for the Sunshine B Period lock out. All of those who were able to block their trademarks must have been valid as of September 1, 2001, with the corresponding domain name matching the exact registered trademark.

In some cases, several parties not associated with the adult entertainment and pornography industries might have access to the same domain name and request to have it blocked from the adult entertainment industry associated domains. In that case, the domain name will still be blocked, but registration fees will not be refunded to any party.

In cases where several adult entertainment industries apply for the same domain name, the name will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. If both Sunshine A and B companies applied for the same domain name, notification will be provided to both parties of the claim to the said trademark. The Sunshine A party would be notified of the claim by the Sunshine B party so that it could withdraw its claim. If the Sunshine A party did not withdraw the claim, the domain would again be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The first-come-first-serve availability of domain names is only applicable during the Landrush and General Availability periods, not during either of the Sunshine Periods.

There had been some question as to whether or not accidental variations of trademarks, such as type errors, could be registered along with the correct version of the registered trade marks during the Sunshine Periods. Unfortunately, only the exact trademark names will be registered. However, all variations of the registered trademark domain names will be available during the General Availability period beginning December 6, 2011. Interested parties are encouraged to check with domain registration companies, such as GoDaddy, for the availability of pre-registration of remaining domain names including variations and type-errors of original registered trademark names.

Owners of registered trademarks who do not make the Sunshine B period, or register their trademark names and domains as available during the subsequent periods, may find their treasured trademark name associated with the adult entertainment industry. Once claimed, trying to reclaim purchased domain names becomes a more expensive proposition as the names must often be purchased for a higher price from their new owners. In this situation, some may have to try to reclaim their name from unauthorized third parties through a Uniform Domain Name Resolution Policy process or other type of settlement.

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