The Holiday Weekend in California DUI Arrest Total Higher than Last Year Says Auto Injury Lawyer Los Angeles Michael Ehline

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According to attorney Michael Ehline, The CHP and the LA County Sheriff, and other multi enforcement agencies, the holiday weekend in California DUI total was higher than last year. Ehline says that these and the other multi-agency law enforcement personnel that were involved in “Avoid the 38,” this year’s name for the holiday DUI task force, is reporting that there were 262 people arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence between Friday and Monday during the Labor Day Weekend.

According to wrongful death attorney Los Angeles, Michael Ehline, Esq., this number is up significantly from 2010 Labor Day weekend, when there were 187 DUI arrests. According to Sheriff’s Deputy Wayne Howard of the Sheriff’s Department Traffic Unit said the increase in arrests of drivers under the influence is partly due to a more aggressive law enforcement patrols, checkpoints and other programs.

Attorney Ehline believes these programs help to keep other drivers on the roadway safer during holiday weekends and hold drivers that are on the road driving under the influence accountable for their actions. He believes this is important for cities and counties like Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties to have these programs that keep drivers safer.

Even with these programs in force over Labor Day there were five deaths in Southern and not all of the deaths were drivers that were driving under the influence, some were innocent victims. This includes a 44 year old man that was killed when an 18 year old driver struck the back of a disabled vehicle on the shoulder of the road he was standing near. The impact caused the man to become trapped underneath of the disable vehicle that caught fire, killing the man. The 18 year old driver was arrested at the scene of the crash for suspicion of driving under the influence.

Attorney Michael Ehline, Esq., of 1999 S. Bascom Ave. #769 Campbell, CA 95008, +408.940.3996, is a DUI accident attorney los angeles and in the Bay Area is an investigative journalist, who writes articles, news and press releases exposing consumer dangers. There is no valid excuse for drinking and driving, which only a few days ago claimed the lives of people allegedly killed due to a drivers acting irresponsible, being on the freeway while under the influence (“DUI”).

This is one reason why he believes the DUI check points, and other programs that the law enforcement agencies conduct on holiday weekends are important and can save lives, prevent wrongful death claims, like the five potential cases regarding lives that were lost over the Labor Day holiday weekend. If it turns out these defendants were DUI, these are car accident deaths that morel likely than not, could have been avoided. If drivers know being on the freeways and roads while under the influence they will be stopped and arrested.

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