When Weather Turns With 18 Wheelers On The Road

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In the mild pleasant climate of California including Orange County, there are times when the weather can turn quickly. Heavy rains are difficult enough to drive in and when weather turns with18 wheelers on road, the highways and freeways become a dangerous place. The oils that are left on the roads daily mixed with rain make highway driving almost the same as driving in ice or snow, in other words drivers may not have complete control of their vehicles at all times. Mix this situation with all the tractor-trailers that are on the roads and the danger rating raises rapidly. A large truck such as a tractor-trailer is not capable of stopping as quickly and as an auto, this is partially because of the amount of weight they are carrying that helps to push the rig down the road after the breaks have been applied.

Statistics show that the percentages of accidents rise during bad weather, and in many cases it is not only two vehicles on the road that are involved in the accident. When an accident happens in bad weather after the proper medical treatment and police reports an attorney who specializes in this type of law should be consulted. There are many factors that need to be investigated to gain a full understanding of the accident, to protect the person involved in the accident and more over when weather turns with 18 wheelers on the road and involved in an accident there are other factors that must be investigated. There of course are insurance companies that will need to be dealt with, there are injuries from minor ones to whiplash, broken bones, brain injuries and in some cases death.

Only an experienced personal injury attorney who specializes in this type of accident will be able to put the proper pieces together to present a case for their client that will cover medical bills, other monies that are incurred along with pain and suffering. Motorists and passengers involved in these type of accidents often suffer major injuries and these while they will heal may leave scars and the patient may need therapy, there are also injuries that can result in the need for long term care such as brain injuries or amputations. Injuries as devastating as this type changes a person’s life and their ability to be employed in some cases, this is where the expertise of a personal injury attorney who specializes in cases when weather turns with 18 wheelers on the road.

In Orange County, Los Angeles and Long Beach areas the officials have estimated that the highways and freeways will see an increase in tractor-trailers joining the already populated roads. With this increase there will be an increase in accidents when there are heavy rains and it is a comforting feeling that there are truck accident attorneys in Orange County and Los Angeles accident lawyer who specialize in accidents involving tractor trailers. Make sure to locate experienced injury lawyers in California if you were injured at the port of Long Beach such as a skull fracture, brain injury or a wrongful death due to loss of a loved one in LA or OC.

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