CBS Poll | How Does CBS Polling Data Grade Obama?

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So far Obama gets a big fail in almost every category of the liberal CBS poll. Check out these screenshots. He gets a miserable fail on health care.

Obama is at over 60 percent Disapproval in Liberal CBS Poll

Obama is at over 60& Disapproval in Liberal CBS Poll

It’s hard to believe that CBS is actually doing this. CBS, recognized as a cheerleader for liberal causes, is showing that they’re brave, and honest enough to actually show the ongoing polling results.

Take the poll yourself and when you submit your grading of how he is handling the top issues, a second page will come up showing you the current results of how America is voting. Please note, this isn’t Fox doing this. This is mostly people who watch CBS. That’s telling.

This is a CBS poll on Obama’s first year performance….

Here’s your chance to grade the President!

Please forward this to your Friends !!!!

How Do You Grade Obama?

Obama Poll One

Obama CBS Poll Two

Obama CBS Poll Three

How Tweets Are Ranked In Google Real-Time

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Twitter has tweets that are irrelevant to the internet. In order for Google to filter those tweets out they have a new tool that is called the real-time search tool. This tool will right away provide blog posts and tweets from the web. While this is going on the tweets that are not relevant become filtered.

This video from Google goes into more detail:

Algorithm is the main way the search engine that Google uses ranks pages, and PageRank is vital with this search engine. A tweet can be marked of importance depending on the followers of the tweet. The rank can increase or decrease by how many followers a tweet has. The Twitter members decide what tweet is liked the most and important when they follow them.

With this new tool that Google with the ‘latest results” it very well could change information on the web that is real-time.

Ali Babba Photo Studios

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Ali Babba Photo Studios

Ali Babba Photo Studios

Could someone tell me – what exactly is the point of taking this picture? I got this e mail today and was curious. Is this a Halloween pic, or is someone gonna explain to their grankids who the heck is in these photos?
Family Pictures

Family Pictures

Ali Baba must have charged good money for these pics.

Official Obama November 2010 Mid Term Elections Van

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Hey there. Isn’t it great that elected officials just spent over a trillion dollars of your children’s money to insure thirty million people? Let’s do the math. yep a trillion dollars to insure thirty million. Sounds like someone went to a public school to learn math?

Thanks for excluding your self from this great coverage you just forced upon me.

Thanks for excluding your self from this great coverage you just forced upon me.

Then again, they DID create 17,000 more jobs for the IRS. You know, the tax collection agency with nothing to collect, because all the small businesses are going under due to out of control taxes and regulations. Great job. Nothing better than the most hated organization in America getting more POWER. Wait, don’t government employees vote democrat in overwhelming numbers? Nah! Why would people who make more than average private sector employees feel beholden to their masters? But what I really wanna know is the answer to this one asked by a guy who has a pretty cool van!

Looks like we will have to wait till November 2010 mid term elections to get the answer?

Warnings Issued for Baby Slings After Infant Deaths

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March 22, 2010 (by Attorney Michael Ehline) According to reports by baby sling injury attorney, Michael Ehline, the government has issued warnings about the popular baby slings after deaths. There have been approximately 13 deaths investigated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission of the infant carriers known as baby slings during the last 20 years.



This includes three deaths that were investigated during the past year and one case still under investigation. They also stated some of the infants that died were of low birth weight, a twin, had a cold or were born prematurely. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission twelve of the deaths involved infants that were under four months of age. They are advising parents and caregivers to use caution when using these carriers for infants under four months.

The agency has said that baby slings can cause suffocation into separate ways. The fabric of the sling can cover the baby’s nose and mouth suffocating the infant within one or two minutes. The second way that infants can have their breathing restricted is insulin use that form a C, in which the baby is near mother’s belly or other person and due to weak to control can flop ahead forward to the chest causing restricted breathing that can result in suffocation. In this position the infant will be unable to cry alerting the person carrying them in the baby sling.

The slings are made of a soft material and designed to make carrying an infant easy and allow bonding. These types of carriers have become popular and are known as baby wearing and are used by many nursing mothers. They are promoted by some baby experts as a way to calm a fussy infant. Consumer Reports became concerned, alerting in 2008 about baby slings after there were about two dozen injures including skull fractures after an infant fell from the carrier.
According to court records Safety Advocates warned last year after the death of one week old Derrik Fowlerz from Oregon who died in a baby sling due to positional suffocation.

The bag styled slings concern safety advocates the most due to the fabric that wraps around the parents neck cradling the child in a perfect position. According to the director of the breast-feeding Center for greater Washington not all baby slings are dangerous. Director Pat Shelley says that carrying the newborn infant allows the baby to rest solidly against mother’s body in a preposition. Shelley also stated in an interview that parents should be instructed about positioning the child correctly to keep their chin off of their chest, which can obstruct the Airways and proper breathing. Shelley being a nurse conducts class at the breast-feeding Center on how to properly wear a sling with an infant.

One of the slings that have been singled out by safety advocates is the SlingRider by Infantino, due to the curved position the infant can fall into inside of this baby sling. This is also the type that one week old Derrik Folwer suffocated in according to court documents and his parents claim against the company. A statement by Infantino said while they appreciate the actions that have been taken by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and will work with them, the parents and caregivers to address concerns about the baby slings. The company also stated they maintain their SlingRider infant carrier is safe.

Industry trade group chairman Inez Tenenbaum stated at a meeting of Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association that certifies 20 children’s products warned they were going issue a warning to parents three days ago. The organization that voluntarily sets safety standards have no current rules about the baby slings or the potential dangers associated with them.

Did My Site Lose Google Page Rank Due To Slow Site Speed?

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Did my site lose PR because Google is now including site speed as a ranking factor? This is a question many, at least me, were asking who had lost PR in the last January 2010 update.

The Buzz in 2009

Matt Cutts announced: “Historically, we haven’t had to use it in our search rankings, but a lot of people within Google think that the web should be fast,” and “It should be a good experience, and so it’s sort of fair to say that if you’re a fast site, maybe you should get a little bit of a bonus. If you really have an awfully slow site, then maybe users don’t want that as much.”

Matt Cutts Later Clarifies Speed as a Ranking Factor Issue, Noting that Relevance is Still the “Primary Component”

Matt Cutts set the record straight in 2010 to some degree from my perspective. It does appear that there will be some preference, all things being equal as far as number of votes pointing back to a site, to give better ranking to a site that is faster. Cutts is reported to have said “…If you have two sites that are equally relevant (same backlinks…everything else is the same), you’d probably prefer the one that’s a little bit faster, so page speed can be an interesting theory to try out for a factor in scoring different websites…”

So it is clear then, that you should be concerned about site speed, as it could be one of the many Google ranking factors for both Local Search and Organic search ranking factors that Google could utilize in a super competitive industry. And lately, everything is super competitive when it comes to ranking in Google.

The Yellow Pages seem to be tanking as a form of advertising. I never use them. Do you? I mean other than as a doorstop? So as you can see, you need to keep an eye on what is coming and be ready. Site speed is important to some people at Google, as it should be. Slow sites are a bummer. Slow connection speeds add to the problem. So find a way to speed up your site.

Littlefield Panther Panzer Totally Restored | Video Sd Kfz 171 Panther Aus. A

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Many of you may be aware that I was able to get a private viewing of the Littlefield Tank Museum just before Jacques passed away.

Turret ring

Turret ring

I was able to climb on top of the panzer and also go up inside the disassembled turret of this jewel of an Sd Kfz 171 Panther Aus. A. You better believe it was one of the highlights of my life.

Panther Turret Rebuild

Panther Turret Rebuild

In all events, below is the video of the Littlefield Panzer Totally Restored and running. Beautiful site indeed.

Google Maps With The Latest Technology Google-Buzz Integration

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The latest thing that Google has released is called Buzz but it has caused a lot of negative attention from the public. A lot of people have had enough with the social networks and then Google decided to do one with Buzz rather than the much touted Google purchase of DIGG.

The fans of Google Buzz might enjoy one of the latest things that comes with the new version. A new tool with this is called Google Maps api. It allows people to do things such as synchronizing with other friends to see the latest recommendation. With the new navigation tool there is a night mode in it but there is not a European version listed at this time. Other features of the newest 4.1.0 version with Buzz include finding locations, directions, street views, layers and people can search by voice. The navigation is still in the beta version. There is a really great post an Venturebeat that goes into more detail about the Google Maps/Twitter Api.

Most Swiss Animals are Without Free Attorneys

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First, in response to my past poster, contact the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM), the Royal Academy of Music, the Guildhall School of Music, The Royal College of Music and Trinity College of Music. They will all have recommendations to make of qualified and respected clarinet teachers, Now, on to our next topic, according to reports most Swiss animals are now without free legal representation after a recent vote.

In a landslide vote on Sunday Swiss voters rejected a proposal to appoint attorneys to represent abused animals in every regional court in the country. Published in The Lede last week it was explained that Zurich currently employs an attorney to speak for animals.

Swiss Goat With No Lawyer

Swiss Goat With No Lawyer

Antoine Goetschel the Zurich attorney stated on Swiss television the publicity immediate prior to the ballot initiative could have led to the 70.5 percent of the electorate votes against employing 25 more attorneys to represent abused animals in the prosecution of humans. Goetschel, whose clients are mostly dogs, believes that many of the voters could have been tired of the topic by the time of the vote.

Another opinion on the outcome of the vote could have been due to one of attorney Goetschel’s recent cases where he represented a dead fish. The case involved a Zurich fisherman that was accused of torturing a land pike that took ten minutes to reel in. This is believed it could have convinced the Swiss voters their food does not need to be represented.

Understanding No-Hassle auto insurance Products

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Claim frequency simply means the average amount of times a particular group will file a claim. to strengthen your peace of mind every time you take to the road. Now that you’re armed with information, you will not only save money on your auto insurance policy but also your collision auto insurance repairs. These ratings give important information about the company that assists a customer to evaluate the operating performance of a company and its ability to meet the obligations of policyholders. Some insurance companies tack on administrative and policy processing fees that are subtracted from the policy refund check.

For instance, if you set a deductible at $1,200 and your car damages are $2,600, you will pay $1,200 and your insurer will pay $1,400. Best insurance companies consider this when calculating premiums of their policyholders. insurance quote online This is a great way to save money and you may actually end up with better coverage. The less a person drives, the smaller is the risk of car accidents and safer driving is definitely an advantage when it comes to insurance quotes. This is known as ‘state minimum coverage’, and, frankly, it’s not enough.

A good auto insurance policy can protect a driver from losing everything that he or she owns, as well as protect his or her family from being overwhelmed by medical bills and other financial consequences of a car accident. Higher deductibles mean you will be responsible for paying more out-of-pocket expenses in the event of an accident. The world is an intriguing place and more individuals are making an attempt to see the world previous to their goals following retirement. If you have more than one car, ask your service provider if he provides multiple car discounts. Here in this article, you will find some of the most important information that you have been looking for.

The very first thing that you should look forward is to check your insurance requirements. – Tow truck insurance – for on-hook towing vehicles and tow trucks. Marysville, WA car insurance policies follow the fault system. get quotes for car insurance It should be noted that these minimum limits only apply to the other people injured in an accident. Most auto insurance companies these days run their own websites as they have low cost compared to running an office.

Knowing about the best choices out there is a good way to remove confusion when shopping for car insurance. Q: I recently had some legal troubles and was told by the judge I needed to purchase SR22 auto insurance. It is not unusual for an insured driver to be seriously injured in an accident with an uninsured driver. There are ups and downs in all markets and the car insurance business isn’t immune to any of these swings. The same thing could be stated about the car insurance companies.

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