California Big Rig Accidents | Determining Fault as a Personal Injury Lawyer

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logoLos Angeles Big Rig Crash Attorney Michael P. Ehline, of Ehline Law Firm, has been representing clients and determining fault as a personal injury lawyer for folks who have been involved in California big rig crashes, for many years. Representing the injured victim of a big rig crash in a city like San Francisco, Marina del Rey, or Long Beach, is not always a clear cut case, as in any accident, such as the recent wind jack knife rollovers on the California freeways, there are usually a number of variables.

These fault variables can include things like weather conditions, such as a rain accident, high winds, or sleet and snow, but finding the truck driver is at fault is not always possible, or optimal. While they could be deemed partially responsible, often the trucking company is also at fault. The trucking company is normally responsible for maintenance on the truck, including brakes and tires to make it a safe vehicle on the road. A wage and hour dispute may even arise out of a trucking accident!

This makes the California big rig accident complex, in part, because there is often more than one negligent party that can be held accountable for the accident. The liability in the big rig crash is often unclear, because questions whether the truck driver was at fault for the collision or was it the trucking company who is at fault, the company that loaded the trailer or the driver policies. Big rig drivers are only supposed to drive a certain amount of hours, but if the trucking company schedules loads to be picked up and dropped off on a tight schedule it could require the driver to be on the road more hours a day than is actually legal. Then there is maintenance of brakes and tires, which might not be done as it should be and if the driver is not qualified the big rig can be a risk on the road.

Los Angeles personal injury attorney, Michael P. Ehline has experience in representing clients that have been injured in big rig accidents and knows there are some common causes of semi truck accidents. These are driver fatigue, lack of proper training, improper cargo loading, along with truck malfunctions and defects. These are a part of a big rig accident claim that should be investigated after an accident to help determine what parties can be held responsible. The injured victim has the right to be compensated after an accident involving one of these large trucks and should have legal representation that has the resources to properly investigate the collision.

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If you were injured and need a truck accident lawyer, injury attorney Michael P. Ehline, has a passion for the law and is committed to defending his client’s rights in Los Angeles and Southern California. Ehline a former active duty United States Marine, has successfully represented thousands of injured victims during his career, and has the esteem of his peers. He has been featured in “California Lawyer Magazine,” the “LA Daily Journal” and “Hollywood Weekly Magazine.”

He was also voted by California Law Magazine as a Super Lawyer Rising Star in 2009 and 2010, and is involved in community activities to help consumers become more aware of their rights, duties and obligations. Last, Ehline is an advocate of non invasive, holistic healing and other alternative treatments, such as Prolotherapy and Plasma Rich Platelet Therapy.

We hope you have enjoyed this press release and that you have learned about California Big Rig Accidents, and Determining Fault As a Personal Injury Lawyer.

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