2010 Google PageRank Update Happening Now | April 3, 2010

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Yes that’s right, the April 3, 2010 Google PageRank update is happening right now. Install the Google Toolbar to learn how much trust and authority your web site has with G. I was happy, since my main personal injury lawyer site went back to its rightful place as a PR5. (Page Rank 5) You will recall that an SEO company had threatened to report my sites to Google and have them de indexed, unless I used the SEO company. (“we work with Yahoo! and Google to guarantee you first page result, … blah blah blah!”)

Sure enough, several of my sites went to PR 0 and my main site went to PR 4. But luckily, I did a site reconsideration request and was able to get my blog back to a PR3 and now, finally, my main domain is back up!! YES!!!

Many people say Google PageRank doesn’t matter, but I disagree. It is a direct reflection on how good of a webmaster you are and how good you are at following the Google webmaster guidelines. So tell me, did your site gain or lose PR today?

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