When Man’s Best Friend Attacks

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There is often items in the news where someone has been bitten by a dog, and while they are touted as mans best friend, when mans best friend attacks there are several things that should be done.

Dog bites not only are painful at the time of the bite, they continue to be painful while healing and when a person is bit they may not be certain what should be done. When a dog bites a person they should be given medical treatment immediately even if the bite is not severe as infection is a real possibility, the bite will also swell, be bruised and many times need stitches.

The dog in most states needs to be quarantined and authorities notified the dog will be held for ten days in most cases to be certain it shows no signs of rabies or other diseases that can be transferred by the bite its human victim. Even when the dog belongs to a friend or neighbor it is often wise to contact an attorney, who specializes in dog bites not only to know your rights, but also they will handle the case in a way that will keep communications in a civilized manner. There are times when approaching an owner of a dog who has bitten is either difficult because of the injury or because it may be a personal friend, a skilled attorney can relieve the stress of this situation.

Dog bites can do more harm than just the open marks of teeth wounds; teeth wounds puncture the skin leaving not only bleeding but also the risk of infection and pain while healing. With large or small dogs there is a potential when bitten to have torn muscles or cut tendons also. When mans best friend attacks and he is large there is also the risk of broken bones.

After a dog bites a person many times even after the wound is healed there are surgeries that are required to improve the scar or physical therapy when the bite has been on an arm or leg. Physical therapy may not be the only type of therapy needed, often dog bite victims feel the need to seek therapy to relieve the fear they feel when in the presence of a dog. Any of these is a large expense and is also necessary in some cases and this is when it is a wise idea to seek an attorney that is well versed in dog bites who will know the dog laws.

When man’s best friend attacks in cities like LA is best learned Los Angeles area or Orange County dog bite attorneys. Dog Bite attorneys in Los Angeles may seem to be a dime a dozen, but injuries like deglove, amputation injury and brain damages from dog bites will likely need the aid of trustworthy lawyers in California.

How do i get a car auction license in Nevada?

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Where and how do I get my car auction license in Nevada? I don’t have a car lot. I’d like to buy and sell cars part time. I don’t know where and how to get my car auction license. I would love to go to the auctions to buy maybe two or three cars and sell for a profit. I would appreciate someone out there with some experience at this or someone looking to do the same thing to point me in the right direction. Please include tips and concerns as well in this profession. Thank you.

This is a question my buddy asked me last week. I am throwing it out there, because I need to know if anyone has the answer. Just PM me over at DIGG.

Ehline Law Downtown LA

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