Press Releases, Spam Attacks and The Chatsworth Metrolink Accident

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I realize a title like “spam attacks and the Chatsworth Metrolink accident” is a weird title, but it is fitting as you will read. I have been been writing a lot of new releases about the Chatsworth Metrolink accident of September 12, 2008, which was the deadliest light rail accident in California State history.

Within hours of the crash, it seemed every law firm in California started issuing press releases on PR web, and their paid webmasters launched spam attacks against me and my website, likely due to the high Google page one rankings I had regarding the “Chatsworth Metro-link accident”.

I had high Google rankings for “train accident”, because of all the educational materials I had published months previously. Prior to that, I had litigated train accident cases, first as a paralegal doing all the grunt work for other law firms, and then, as a full fledged lawyer.

During this whole period, I had been warning against the dangers of Metrolink accidents, and been an advocate for safety. I even posted a video on Youtube about Metrolink accidents, almost a year previously, which discussed the dangers of Metrolink, Metrorail, trains in general, as well as the statute of limitations in lawsuits against government entities involved in public transportation.

Almost immediately, my Youtube video shot to number one in Google search results for “Chatsworth Metrolink accident”. This is when the troubles started. My video started to be “spam attacked”, by what was clear to me, were other lawyers, and their webmasters, calling me an “ambulance chaser”, telling me I was “capitalizing” on the train crash in Chatsworth, and oh yeah, that I don’t have enough experience and to hire another attorney with more experience.

Then I started seeing other law firms blatantly posting their law firm’s links on my blogs, and DIGGs. I personally found this behavior tasteless, and insulting. But I don’t put it past most scumbag personal injury lawyers to pay people to try and destroy other honest lawyers.

This fits right in the liberal elitist mentality many trial lawyers have. The “you send your kids to public school, while I send mine to private, and you drive an electric ‘green’ death trap, while I drive an SUV” mentality so prevalent with public figures like Al Gore for example.

Before the Metrolink wreck, there was little if any concern by these elitists about Metrolink safety, but now every law firm seems to “care” with their spam attacks against me, and their press releases about how much they care about your money.

In all events, I hope you enjoyed my little blurb about Press Releases, Spam Attacks and The Chatsworth Metrolink Accident. If you were hurt in a train crash, feel free to contact me at 888-400-9721.

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