Baron Hilton’s Los Angeles DUI and The Unanswered Questions

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February 28, 2008 (by Otto Smyth)

There are still many unanswered questions and some that have been answered in the Baron Hilton DUI case.

It has been established according to reports that his blood alcohol level was .14 and the legal over the limit is .08 making him close to double over the limit and this is for drivers that are 21 which is the legal drinking age in California.

What has not been answered is who else was in the vehicle and who was driving at the time of the alleged accident that the Mercedes was involved. There is some proof according to police statement, that there was an accident earlier and at some point and the police have hinted at the fact that a woman in the vehicle may have been driving at the time the Mercedes was involved in this accident.

There has been little information released about the woman or her name, the accident that the car was involved occurred on the PCH at approximately 6:30 am and as the Mercedes was traveling west when the mirror of the Mercedes scraped along the side of the door of a Ford Pickup.

There is also another claim that is being investigated in which a gas station attendant is claiming they struck him with the Mercedes. If you were injured in a DUI accident, call Los Angeles DUI attorneys at 888-400-9721.

Work Is A Dangerous Place in Los Angeles

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There are many careers and most are safe environments to work in daily and earn a living, then there are places of employment that can be hazardous to the employees and one of these is the construction field.

This has many different types of trades included in this field with each the element of danger of being injured is a real possibility. This can happen working in dangerous conditions, the use of power tools and large equipment that may not have been properly maintained and working with other employees that have not been properly trained to use the equipment that is in use. Scaffolding that has not been poperly maintain or erected causing it to be unstable.

Construction and the men and women that work in this field are important to the economy; they build homes, remodel homes, build roads and highways, along with many other facets of this field. They are the people you call when the roof leaks, when you want a new home, they are the people that construct the new mall you shop in and the people that fix pipes that run under ground.

This is not a career choice for everyone, it is a field where a person must have skills to operate machinery and power tools and it can be a field where injury and death is a possibility any day of the week, work is a dangerous place.

In the Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Marina del Rey, Santa Ana or Burbank there are construction projects and with them accident, injuries and deaths. Injuries that range from cuts needing stitches, loss of fingers, broken bones, head trauma and eye injuries.

When this occurs these employees may not know what should be done after they have had medical treatment, many are offered settlements by their employers. The wisest step to take is to hire an Orange County accident attorney, one who has the experience that it will take to stand up to this company, who will know the laws that govern this field of employment and one who understands the time you will be out of work. These injuries are often ones that can keep a construction worker home without being paid for many weeks or even end their career when a work place is dangerous.

The pain associated with these types of injuries will be taken into account when building a case for this kind of injury and the experienced attorney will have the knowledge that it may not only be the employer who is at fault, their maybe others responsible such as the manufacturer of a poorly designed tool.

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