Santa Maria Accident Sends Three To Hospital

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January 31, 2008 (by Otto Smyth)

A Santa Maria afternoon accident sent three people to the hospital on Wednesday; two with major injuries and one with minor injuries were transported from the scene of the accident.

The accident occurred on Betteravia Road on Wednesday, east of Sinton Road and according to police reports the accident involved a Honda Civic and a Ford Aerostar minivan traveling in opposite directions on Betteravia Road.

The Honda Civic according to reports wandered into the lane of the Aerostar when they collided head on, there was no information readily available as to why the Honda Civic left its lane.

The driver and passengers in the Honda Civic were extracted from the car and transported to the hospital, Odelia Vega Elisario and Diana Marie Ramos were said to have had major injuries and the other passenger was transported to the hospital with minor injuries according to reports.

There has been no report of passengers injured in the Ford Aerostar minivan; there have also been no reports on why the Honda Civic drifted into the path of the other vehicle. There is also no further information on the condition of the accident victims that were transported to the hospital. If you were injured in Southern California, check out the Los Angeles injury lawyers to discuss your case at 888-400-9721.

New Legal Woes For Martha Stewart

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January 18, 2008 (by Otto Smyth) There may be new legal woes for Martha Stewart, this will not result in a jail sentence or community service in this legal proceeding if it goes to trial. However, it may cost her some of the fortune she has made from her marketed products that are sold in K-Mart stores. It may also bring other lawsuits as word gets out about Stewarts dinnerware and what they may contain.

A lawsuit is being brought against Stewart by Sandra and Raymond Dombroski a Pennsylvania couple that purchased Martha Stewart dinnerware from a local K-Mart and as plaintiffs are charging the dinnerware contains dangerous lead. The attorney representing this couple is Robert B. Woomer, Esquire and has brought the suit after their children Michael and Matthew became ill.

The suit that was filed by Attorney Woomer, includes injuries from lead ingestion that has caused mental problems, speech problems, cognitive impairment, physical impairment, learning disabilities and emotional problems. This is a serious products liability claim.

There has been no comment from the Martha Stewart people about the case or if the dinner ware named “Everyday” dinnerware, which are from the line “Flowers and Buds Border.” These flowers and buds are where the supposed lead is contained in the dinnerware. If you have a similar legal claim against a celebrity or other wrongdoer in Los Angeles and Orange County city such as Huntington Beach, Newport Beach or Santa Monica, call Los Angeles accident and injury attorneys and learn more about your civil case at 888-400-9721.

Legal News from California

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In news out of Sacramento, California sued the United States Environmental Protection Agency today for denying its first-in-the-country greenhouse gas limitations on various types of motor vehicles, challenging the Federal Government’s decision that individuals states should not be setting their own setting emission standards. Additional states such as Vermont and possibly New York are believed to be joining this suit, which was anticipated after the EPA on December 19 denied the Golden State’s request for a waiver, which is currently mandated.

The suit in question was filed in the 9th United States Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson denied California a waiver which would be required under the federal Clean Air Act to move forward with regulating greenhouse gas emissions from new cars and trucks.In announcing this decision, Johnson stated that the federal government was moving onward with a wider solution and dismissed California’s arguments that it faced unusual threats from the impending climate changes.Johnson said energy legislation will help to raise fuel economy standards around the country to an average of thirty-five mpg within about twelve years or so.

He thinks it is a better idea than a lot of state regulations. Meanwhile, EPA spokesman Jonathan Shradar said the federal Energy Independence and Security Act “is a more beneficial national approach…..” Meanwhile Golden State officials claim that the 2004 law is more strict than the new national standard. It would have required the auto industry to cut emissions by one-third in new vehicles by 2016 or reach an average of 36.8 mpg.

15 states plan to intervene on California’s behalf, including 13 of those that have either adopted or are in the process of adopting the rules. Delaware and Illinois, which have not passed the standards, also are part of the lawsuit. The EPA’s decision was a big victory for auto manufacturers in general, which had hoped that they would not be forced to limit their selection of automobiles and raise prices in the states which adopted California’s standards.

It was the first time the EPA had fully denied California a waiver under the Clean Air Act since Congress gave the state the right to obtain such waivers in 1967. The auto regulations are an integral part of California’s global warming law, which has the goal of reducing emissions by a full quarter within the next twelve years. Auto emissions account for about almost twenty percent of the state’s proposed reductions.

North Carolina Crash

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HENDERSON, North Carolina (H. Jardon) January 2, 2008 — A Greyhound bus rammed into a big rig truck’s tractor-trailer today. The bus then fell into an embankment, causing various injuries to at least 50 individuals. It is known so far that two people have suffered catastrophic injuries in the big rig truck accident. They were both airlifted to UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill, North Carolina according to the hospital officials.

The Greyhound was coming from Richmond, Virginia, on the way to Raleigh on U.S. highway 1. Suddenly, the tractor-trailer in front of the bus attempted to make a turn, The driver of the Greyhound did not slow down according to the North Carolina Highway Patrol spokesman.

After striking the truck in question, the speeding Greyhound bus drove off the road and tumbled and flipped onto its side. These types of accidents also happen in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. If you were hurt in an accident such as this, you should speak with a serious bus or truck accident attorney. By the way, if you are in the southern California area and you need a great Personal Injury Attorney then by all means call Ehline Law. This is the plcae to go foroutstanding los angeles criminal defense attorneys, whether you need a dui lawyer torrance, dui lawyer newport beach, a cruise ship attorney, or a lawyer for Trains accidents, metrolinks, vehicle rollovers or other accidents involving automobiles.

The Steps that Should be Taken, if Charged with DUI Drunk driving arrest in California City

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Each year thousands of drivers are responsible for driving under the influence, and when they are a couple of things to do and some things one should avoid doing so. With the heat of summer weather through charges increase in Newport Beach DUI because summer fun and alcohol often go together. The steps that should be taken, if entrusted with DUI drunk driving arrest in California cities are many and will cost time and money at least.

If fun and the consumption of alcohol and then get behind the wheel car are risk driving under the influence of stopped. The steps that should be taken, if accused of DUI in Newport Beach are useful, if you follow them. When this happens, there are a few things, which, although it will not stop you from DEPRESSION if you are over the legal limit, they can help you when you go to the hearings the Court.

First, if they are retained, be courteous police, is the tense situation and you may be asked to also take a field sobriety and whether they are compatible or not, you can be arrested.

Secondly, If you will be asked to take the test chemical, select breathalyzer test, the reason for this is not always reliable and skilled Attorney DUI/DWI will certainly and be able to build a defense using the fact.

The next thing to do is to use the phone after Your arrest as soon as possible and call someone who knows you well; This can help you later in Court for them to testify about the sound of the voice and sounds during a call.

The steps that should be taken, if charged with DUI also include finding a lawyer experienced. What you need to do is find an experienced lawyer DUI/DWI knows all the rules relating to driving under the influence and has a proven record with DMV. This is because not only will there be a hearing for driving under the influence charges in criminal court, but is also one at the DMV, so the Prosecutor must be aggressive in Your driving privileges.

Although none of these things will change the fact that you have become Depression may help when the time to go to Court and when the time has come to a conviction. The steps that should be taken, if entrusted with DUI drunk driving arrest in California cities require experienced drunk driving Attorney Marina del Rey arrested, or if there Los Angeles DUI lawyers If DWI arrest happened in LA. The same applies To the Malibu Beach, Malibu or Santa Monica DUI attorneys always try to provide the best legal aid for a given case.

Motorcycle Dangers Lead to Crashes on California Highways

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There are statistics that show motorcycle dangers lead to crashes on California highways. The statistic data done in 2007 by the University of Southern California shows that across the country there were 4900 fatal motorcycle crashes. Further investigation of this data shows that ¾ of these motorcycle crashes were collisions with other vehicles, most being cars. Less than 3 percent of these motorcycle accidents were due to the motorcyclist. There were approximately 25 percent of the fatal motorcycle crashes that were single vehicle accidents with the rider crashing on the roadway or a fixed object.

In this the main cause was over breaking by the rider on the roadway. Weather was only a 2 percent factor in this study data and intersections are the most common cause for motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle riders between the ages of 16 and 24 were involved in the most motorcycle crashes, ages 30 to 50 were involved in less crashes and 96 percent of the accidents were male motorcyclists. Approximately 50 percent of the riders involved in fatal motorcycle accidents were wearing helmets.

The Data

This data does not include motorcycle accidents that the rider was injured, this is only fatal injuries that were sustained. These are some shocking statistics for the motorcycle rider and their family, it virtually means that each time the bike leaves the driveway the rider could be involved in an accident. Motorcycle dangers lead to crashes on California highways, even when this on the highways and roadways of La Habra. The motorcycle crash is not like other types of vehicle accidents, there are not the afforded protections like airbags, the metal enclosure of the vehicle and seat-belts.

Types of Injuries

The injuries that can occur are traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, cuts, scraps, gashes and these injures can happen even when the motorcycle crash occurs at a slow speed. The proof of this is that a large percentage of motorcycle accidents occur at intersections. Motorcycle dangers lead to crashes on California highways and in La Habra, OC, and even Santa Monica, CA, and when they do the injured rider needs the protection of a skilled motorcycle crash lawyer to protect their rights to compensation.

Not just any attorney can ensure this, unless they are an experienced motorcycle accident attorney that knows the laws that protect motorcycle riders and can be go up against insurance companies and other negligent parties on behalf of the injured motorcycle rider.


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