Elder Abuse Occurs More Often Than Families Want To Know

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Elder abuse is one of the things that no one wants to believe occurs, but it does more often than people realize. The elderly person is fragile, injuries can occur easily and when he happens at the hand of another person that is not taking into account they must be gentle it can be a horrible accident or it can be a form of abuse.

Elder abuse occurs not only at the hands of the family, it can be a in home aid, it can be the nursing home employee or it can be at the hands of medical personnel. This is something no one should suffer and it is also something that is against the law and should be prosecuted.

The medical professional that cares for an elderly person in the home or in a nursing home setting is fully aware how easily injuries can occur, even to firm of a grip on an older persons arms to steady them can leave bruises. This occurs because as people age their skin becomes thinner and damages easily.

When elder abuse has occurred this is when the family needs the assistance of an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney. It should not be just any attorney, but one that has the experience to hold the home care nursing agency or nursing home responsible, along with the employee. This is a company that the family has trusted to care for their aging mother or father, aunt or uncle and it was done with this older persons best interest in mind.

This type of abuse is a criminal offense and one that the aging person should not have to have been subjected to and when it is because of an employee for a company that promotes them selves as professionals in elder care they need to be held responsible for the decision to employ this caliber of employee.

The family cannot fight the nursing home or home nursing agency alone, they have attorneys to protect them and this is why it takes and experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney. The experience will allow them to build the proper case to hold the nursing agency and the employee responsible in court and they understand the care that is needed in caring for an elderly person. This includes protecting the elderly family member from abuse.

Ehline Law is a lawyer with more experience that most Los Angeles personal injury attorneys. Call 213-596-9642 to speak to an experienced California elder abuse lawyer.
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Finding Experienced Injury Lawyers By Michael Ehline

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There are many ways to get references to finding experienced injury lawyers in California and other major metropolitans with bustling cities like Los Angeles, Newport Beach, and Redondo Beach to name a few. When you finally get an attorney referral, be sure you do some comparison shopping. Get the names of several different law firms. If you are too busy to meet with them, make sure they are internet savvy and that they return e-mails promptly. That way, not only can you deal with them over the phone, you can get hold of them via Blackberry, even if they are in court or at a deposition. That way you don’t have to meet with all of them to discuss your claims before you decide to hire an injury lawyer. Be prepared for some lawyers not to accept your case. Many lawyers do not take cases if they aren’t worth a significant amount of money, or if there is disputed liability.

Where Can I Find a Personal Injury Attorney Referral:

Friends, Friendlies and Family

The first thing to do is to speak to friends, family and coworkers who were once injured and had already had an experience with an injury lawyer who had represented them in their personal injury lawsuit claims. If your friend, family or coworkers had good experiences with their accident lawyers, put that particular lawyer on your list of legal counselors to speak with. In all events, never make a decision about retaining a particular lawyer just because someone said he or she was good. Everyone has a different responses to an injury lawyer’s particular style or lack thereof, as well as personality or lack thereof. Don’t make a decision until you have researched the lawyer’s bar record and check their online verdicts and settlements information, as well as having discussed your case, its pitfalls and strong points and then having decided that you are at ease working with him or her.

Legal Groove’s Lawyer Directory

Legal Groove offers a totally different worldwide and human edited lawyer directory that contains free legal forms, legal articles, bios and legal profiles for each attorney. This is the type of free information that will guide you through the accident attorney selection process. The lawyer profiles can tell you about your lawyer’s experiences, his or her legal education, percentage contingency fees, and their vision of the practice of law. Legal Groove has made a determination that as of the listing date, each lawyer listed in the groove directory has a valid law license/bar card and is in good standing with their prospective licensing agency, bar association. Every lawyer in most countries takes an oath to communicate regularly with their clients.

Legal Groove assures that its listed attorneys will provide you a free estimate of the time and cost, if any, involved in your contingency fee case. Groove also takes care to ask its attorneys to provide you with a written retainer agreement that spells out how each attorney will litigate your legal claims in Court. Legal Groove’s lawyer directory covers California, Nevada, Arizona and other countries like the United Kingdom and even Germany.

Other Law Firms

Another great way in finding experienced injury lawyers is to get referral from other experienced personal injury lawyers in other states or cities not in the jurisdiction where your lawsuit will be filed. Lawyers regularly refer cases to each other. Many injury lawyers will know someone who litigates plaintiffs’ injury claims. As with all referrals, do your own independent research too!

We hope you have enjoyed this free article on finding experienced injury lawyers that was provided by excellent counsel. If you were seriously injured, our legal articles can go a long way to finding legal blog resources like us as well as bicycle accident and commercial truck accident resources. Whether you are injured in cities like Marina del Rey, Redondo Beach, Huntington Beach or Hermosa Beach, reading these legal articles will assist you in securing competent legal counsel and protecting important legal rights, privileges and immunities. Our firm want to help.

More Attorney Q and A

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Below are my whitelisted questions and answers. Enjoy.

Mike says: I really wanted after a quick note to be able to thank you for some advice that you place on this beautiful site. My research expanded Internet has finally been honored with SENSEE know-how to talk to my close friends.

Well thanks Mike. I am not really a sensee though.  I did take Judo, but I do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu now. Follow along on our main site for more info.

Jill Asks: Usually what percentage of money will a car accident attorney take if they win the case for you?

A: If you’re the defendant they will take whatever you agreed to pay them per hour. If you’re the plaintiff, you may negotiate an hourly rate or a contingency fee (typically around a third). If it only took a few phone calls, the scrupulous attorney may even waive the contingency and just charge you the straight hourly cost, if it’s much much less than a third. But that is highly doubtful and depends upon the state.  Our answers are limited to California applications.

Anthony Asks: I just moved from New York state to Illinois two months ago. However, my company plans me to move me to the office in California. I’m trying to sell my car in Illinois before I move to California and planning to buy a new or used car over there. I don’t plan on changing my title, insurance, registration from NY to Illinois since I’m changing my car and live in California. How can I sell an out-of-state registered car?

A: That is a really good question. I would seek the advice of a car dealer, or the local DMV.  This really is beyond our expertise.

Ron Asks: Does the attorney collect money to pay his fee, yours, and medical bills then pay medical bills and base his commission on the lump sum of it all?

A: In California, most lawyers take their fee based upon the gross amount. The plaintiff pays the bills, etc, out of their portion after paying the attorney.

 Jimmy Asks: I am a 19 year old boy. My parents are buying me my first car. It is a nice pre-owned car. How does the insurance for the car generally work? Is it required? I will be in college next year. Can they take care of my car insurance? How does it work? I heard that they can put my car under their insurance. Is this true? Please explain.

A: Jimmy, if you are in California, it is required by law that you carry insurance, or an insurance bond.  Go to the DMV website to learn more. I am pretty sure the insco can put you under your parents policy at an extra fee.

William Asks: Should I buy a car which is categorized as a finance repossession? I checked this preowned car, and AA said there is an existing finance agreement against the car, which is a hire purchase.

A: This really isn’t a legal question.  But I will do my best to answer. If your buying a repo, make sure to have a mechanic go through the car and to do a Car-Fax check.

Q: I recently got into a car accident a few months ago and i currently have a “lawyer” that isnt doing anything for me. I would Love to fire him but i dont want to do it till i find a new one that can represent me… any references please, even if its a friend of a friend who knows somebody… Any information would be helpful.. thanks!

A: You can fire your lawyer, but he will have a lien on your case and will have his name on the settlement check unless you negotiate something. The State Bar website has excellent resources on this as well.

Chase asks: Where can I find a good lawyer in Cincinnati for a personal issue?

A: Stanley M. Chesley, in Cincinnati, has a long record of successfully representing clients who have suffered loss from aviation accidents, as well as other corporate liability cases. So does Anthony Castelli.

Susan W says: I don’t want to sound personal but I am wondering what everyone pays in car insurance. I happen to live in Michigan which has the highest car insurances rates in the country. I am planning to move soon and was wondering how much people are paying across the country. Please don’t feel a need to give me the exact number, a range is fine. Also, please tell me the car type because I know that matters. Again with car type you don’t have to tell the car. Example if you drive a 911 Porsche you could say, 2 door, luxury sports car. Any other information would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

A: I have no idea about other states, but California is very expensive. There are websites that have this info.  We primarily deal with the law here.

Kathy asks: I have to produce a report on this for my science coursework and am a little stuck.. :S some of the questions i need to look into are:

1) give reasons why there have been changes to speed limits for cars in Great Britain during the last hundred years

A: I would guess for safety? Have you tried contacting the UK equivalent of the DMV?

Janice says: I told the dealer, and he said this is a finance repossession. He said the finance company has cleared the car. If a vehicle is involved in an accident, and the insurance company has not settled the claim yet, and the person claiming injuries files a lawsuit against the vehicle owner, can the plaintiff place a lis pendens on the home of the vehicle owner?

A: All I can say is that is a very complex question.  Does the defendant have insurance?  Why would you want to slaner the title of a home, over a car accident?


Jack Says: I want to help educate consumers and expand my participation in community service and service-learning by supporting innovative community service programs  and help with public safety needs. Besides being an injury lawyer, are there any other ways to do this?

A:  Try to get a grant from Learn and Serve. However, the ability for educators to secure funding for these type of activities is in jeopardy. The House Appropriations Committee recently agreed to a budget that cut $40 million from Learn and Serve America.

 Paul writes: Just got into a car accident, I’m completely fine except for a few scratches and bruises, but my car is totaled (go seat belts!). I have another car I can use so I won’t be missing work or anything. After the accident, they took me to the hospital, they checked me up and gave me x-rays where it hurt but found nothing. The driver a fault was totally drunk, ran a red light and hit me. Everything is his fault. There was a witness that reported that to the police. And by the way, it is apparent that you know you subject matter and you are passionate about it. I wish I had got your ability to write. I have bookmarked this forum and look forward to more updates. Resources like the one you mentioned here will be very useful to me! I will post a link to this page on my blog. I am sure my visitors will find that very useful.

A: Thanks for the nice comments. And Yes, getting a lawyer after an accident would be ideal. The other party will most likely get an attorney so should you. Having legal advice on your side is the best thing you can do. If you were hurt in California, Ehline Law Firm PC is a nationally recognized bicycle and motorcycle accident attorney for serious car and bus accidents available at 213.596.9642 for free phone consultations in California cities.


Welcome to Ehline Law

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Welcome to Ehline Law, the best California Los Angeles personal injury attorneys. We litigate serious injuries resulting from accidents in California. Our accident lawyers are recognized by local courts and insurance defense firms as experienced, compassionate local Los Angeles injury lawyers who recover money for people who suffered harm in Riverside, LA and Orange County

Nursing Home Abuse Doesn’t Take a Holiday

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Occasionally, when we want to learn things about the law, we see an attorney. Well we wanted to share some general question about nursing home abuse in California, so we contacted fellow Google Pluser, Michael Ehline, Esq., over at Ehline Law Firm PC. Nursing home abuse doesn’t take a holiday, every day for the elderly adult that is suffering nursing home abuse it is a bad day. Nursing home abuse stories never have a good ending and nursing home abuse statistics prove that every family with an older adult living in a long term care facility needs to keep their eyes open.


The signs of nursing home abuse are not going to be heard from the older adult’s mouth in most cases, because they are frightened and ashamed, not to mention that they have no idea why this is happening to them. The nursing home statistics 2008 and nursing home abuse articles show, just how prevalent elder abuse is in these care facilities.


Elder abuse can involve physical or mental abuse, which if not stopped can be detrimental to the older adult and in some cases deadly. The nursing home is responsible for the proper care of the nursing home residents and they can be held accountable, when the nursing home staff or an employee does not care for the patients properly.


The signs of nursing home abuse can be the older adult that acts differently, such as being afraid of being touched even by friends or family members. It can be in the way the look, if they have bruises, if they are unclean, constant excuses for injuries like saying the older adult falls often or any other outward signs. This is when the family needs to take action and one of the actions is to consult with a Los Angeles elder abuse attorney, this is a lawyer that is committed to protecting the rights of the older adult and stopping physical and mental abuse or neglect.


This is done by holding the nursing home accountable for the actions of the employees they hired. Which in some cases were not screened and have histories that should have kept them from being employed to care for older adults in long term facilities. The Los Angeles elder abuse attorney such as a personal injury lawyer, will investigate the suspicions of the family and in holding the nursing home accountable, they will recover compensation for the older adult that has suffered elder abuse at the hands of the nursing home staff.


During this legal process the experience of the elder abuse attorney will enable them to gently guide the older adult and family through the case and will be skilled in litigation against the nursing home lawyers. This was a public service message from the nursing home abuse attorneys at Ehline Law Firm PC at 633 West 5th Street, #2890, Los Angeles, CA 90071. 213.596.9642. When you or a loved one suffers elderly abuse like bedsores, assault, battery or worse, this is firm has experience, and skill in Northern and Southern California cities like Laguna Beach, Laguna Woods, Anaheim, Orange, San Bernardino and San Francisco cities and neighborhoods.


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Los Angeles Deglove Injury Attorneys Are Available When You’ve Suffered Deglove Injury

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In the event that you have suffered a deglove injury in Los Angeles due to being the victim of some type of accident, you realize what a horrific injury of this nature can be for anyone to have to suffer. Not only are the physical affects of this type of injury unbearable to suffer, but the mental injury that you suffer can be very debilitating.

If you or one of your family members have been in an LA accident that caused suffering from a tragic injury like a deglove injury, you will want to contact professional Los Angeles deglove injury attorneys who will aggressively review and study your deglove case, to ensure that you and your family receive the highest amount possible for your case. In the event that the deglove injury you suffer is due to another persons negligence, it is very possible that you could be entitled to monetary compensation.

This type of injury can cause many difficulties for the victim, including nerve damage. Accepting the looks and disfigurement of an injury such as this, as well as the pain that is suffered, can be very traumatic for any adult or child to experience. A deglove injury consists of the victims skin being peeled back away from an area of the body, which is very common in happening to a limb or appendage.

There are many different causes which can result in an individual suffering from a deglove injury.


  • Automobile Accidents – car accidents can cause degloving injuries from being thrown from vehicles, or sheet metal causing a deglove injury.
  • Amusement Park Accidents – this can happen when individuals hands get stuck between rails and wheels found on numerous rides.
  • Aviation Accidents- airplane and helicopter crashes cause some of the worst degloving accidents.
  • Bicycle Accidents – bicycle wrecks can cause the tearing of skin from your feet, hands, knees, and shoulders.
  • Construction Accident – skill saw and other equipment can cause degloving injuries.
  • Cruise Ship Accidents – ropes and cables common for being aboard cruise ships can cause a deglove injury in an accident.
  • Dog Bite Attacks – Degloving can occur when a dog bites into the skin of a victim, ripping away the skin.
  • Motorcycle Accidents – motorcycle accidents can easily cause a deglove injury, pulling away skin from your feet, hands, knees, and shoulders.

Pedestrian Accidents – degloving can occur when a pedestrian is struck by an automobile.


Professional counsel is available when you’ve suffered a deglove injury in the Los Angeles or Orange County area. Los Angeles injury attorneys often deal with these serious injury cases, but not all of them have experience with deglove cases in general. This is an important reason to make sure your legal counsel is an experienced Los Angeles deglove injury attorney, whether it was caused by a Los Angeles car accident, or other type of accident.

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