Importance of personal injury lawyers in Fullerton, California

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Everything in life is uncertain! There is simply no way for the residents of Fullerton to know when a car accident occur, ending can, allowing them to suffer from a variety of personal injuries which are extremely serious. This residence of Orange County, California has a population of 126,003 as of the Census of 2000. Fullerton is also a college town with Cal State-Fullerton and Fullerton College. This means that many of the young people and a lot of drinking and driving.

Just to name a few of the serious personal injuries that would usually occur when a tragic car accident include injuries such as torn or Herniated discs, traumatic brain injury (TBI), loss of a limb, eye lesions, facial cuts and injuries, broken or broken bones and a long list of other very traumatic injuries.

The importance of consultation with experienced personal injury lawyers of Fullerton residents is to ensure that the responsible party is held responsible for their wrong-doing or negligence. It is true that adequate compensation in accordance with the best possible standards of the law will not be able to completely remove the frustrating and try days after the destruction of a car accident. It may, however, a great deal to help meet the high cost of medical costs, prescription drugs, specialized medical equipment and other necessary care that require serious injuries.

These lawyers are well versed in each of the laws that govern all types of motor vehicle accidents surround and they fight for your rights with the aggression needed, while still adhering to all of the limits of a lawsuit to the highest level of compensation for the victims that they represent and their family members.

While some people choose to issues in disputes for their cause in their own hands, for most individuals, this is close to impossible. This is because the technical issues of most accidents, compensation and other factors can be very complicated. one cannot expect to get the rights easily. This is the reason why there is such a high importance of personal injury lawyers in Fullerton to protect the rights of yourself and your family members, when the tragedy of a car wreck your life is invaded. These lawyers help victims fight against hostile insurance companies, large companies, and other law firms, the deserved compensation for your damages and injuries

Will be directed to specialist doctors who can take care of your medical needs and delay of the care of up-front costs that have to be paid in cash is also an advantage that you can expect if you use one of the areas leads Fullerton injury lawyers for Orange County accidents and injuries of motorcycle accidents, trucking and bicycle injury collisions and even the occasional dog bite, the benefit of expert representation documents as tragedy occurs.

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Severe Wearing of Motorcycle Tires May Lead to Accidents

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Are you a person who owns one or more motorcycle? If yes, then you will surely know about the tire treads wearing out as one of the problems, which is known as cupping or scalloping. Most of the people don’t know what causes this cupping problem, and also how to work out it. But, if your bike holds excessive wear out, then you have to fix it immediately because if you ride the bike in this condition you may face many problems like slipping on road surfaces. So it is not safe to ride a bike which holds excessive wear out. If you injured because of this reason then contact a motorcycle accident attorney immediately.

The fact is, severe wearing of motorcycle tires may lead to accidents. Actually normal cupping that is a tread wear on a tire is different from cupping, which you have to worry about. You can prevent this problem by following certain things, but if this problem is caused due to a manufacturer’s defect or due to the tire quality then it is better to change the tire. The first important thing which you have to consider preventing you from dangerous happenings is that observe whether you have excessive scalloping, you can find this by checking the air pressure in the tire.

Okay then, let us have a look about the factors that can influence your bike tires, getting more tread wear. The condition of the road is the main factor that cause excessive tread wear. But this is a factor which you cannot be controlled. Another important factor is that you should check whether your bike is in your control. Your shocks on the front and your position on the bike also can cause cupping in your bike. Most motorcycle lawyers understand all the factors.

Some of the other factors which can cause this problem include if you carry any weight or load with irregular weight distribution.

If you frequently load your bike with more weight that too in one side of your bike then it surely cause tire wearing. Sometimes the sudden speeding of your bike can cause this problem and using your front brake frequently is also another reason for tire wear. So it is always better for you to use your front brake only when it is necessary and rest of the time try to use your rear brake. By following these simple things you can save your bike from wear and tear tires.

If this problem is caused due to manufacturer defect or because of low quality tires, which are not suitable for bike then try to fix as soon s possible or follow the above things to prevent it. If you face an accident due to a tire that has manufacture defect then it is better idea to consult a motorcycle tire recall attorney to find whether there is any possibility to file a case against the motorcycle company or the tire manufacturer.

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Incidents of Drunken Driving in San Diego

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Author: Michael Ehline

The recent time has seen quite an increase in the number of arrests for drunken driving in San Diego. This has led not just residents, but car accident lawyers to be concerned as well. In December 2009, around 500 people who were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol within a period of just 10 days. This is a huge increase when compared with just 323 arrests for the same reason, in the same 10 day period of time, in 2008.

Reckless driving seems to be the trend during the holiday season. As a result fatal accidents also increase during this period. Many of the people involved in the accidents were not following basic safety precautions like wearing seatbelts or crossing roads carefully. It has also become a trend in San Diego for teens to drink and drive. This has resulted in 8 teen deaths since September, with those who have died being just between the ages of 16 and 20. Most of these deaths could have been avoided by either wearing seatbelts, or abstaining from driving under the influence of alcohol.

One recent death was that of a 17 year old cheerleader who insisted on driving despite being in a drunken state. She lost control of her SUV, which flipped over several times, killing her in the accident. Just 6 hours, there was another accident in which an 18 year old boy died after the car that he was riding in as a passenger hit a tree. The driver of the car was under the influence of alcohol.

There is an urgent need for those who are designated drivers’ to sober up in order to reduce the number of car accidents in San Diego. Recently, a man who was supposedly sober after an office party drove his car into another car, and both cars burst into flames. While he and his passenger survived, the driver of the other vehicle did not.

Irrespective of age, it is vital to drive safely and responsibly in San Diego. Ensuring that this happens is presently of concern to law enforcement authorities and car accident lawyers. In an attempt to reduce reckless and irresponsible driving, the sheriff’s department has set up some new rules confiscation of license in case of reckless or drunken driving, more curfew checks, ban on the use of cell phones while driving and restrictions on supply of alcohol to minors. These laws may help reduce the number of accidents that claim so many lives each year.

If you are in need of a San Diego accident attorney for things like a DUI hit and run, or drunk driving wrongful death, you may need a Los Angeles accident lawyer depending on thee defendant’s residence, where the accident occurred, etc. When you are injured and suffer a wrongful death, spinal cord injury, brain or burn injury, contact the law firm of of Ehline Law. We are experienced and known by other bus accident attorneys and brain injury attorneys as aggressive and trustworthy.

Personal Injury Lawyers

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Hello, I am Michael P. Ehline, Esq. I enjoy motorcycle riding, Jiu Jitsu, and sports in general. I also assist the elderly and infirm as a nursing abuse lawyer. I am a car accident lawyer at Ehline Law Firm PC. We are located at 633 West Fifth Street, 28th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90071. 213.596.9642. If you were in a bicycle accident, motorcycle crash, in Santa Monica, or other vehicular incident in San Francisco, like a big rig trucking collision crash, or Torrance bus stop pedestrian collision, contact us to learn about your legal rights, or just to say hello to us on G+1.

Conduct of Insurance Company after an Auto Accident

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People who have insurance generally try to directly deal with the insurance company after a car accident. But, they have to take help of a car accident attorney when they are not fairly treated by the insurance company. A legal concept called insurance bad faith is cropping up, which shows and claims the poor faith a person has in the insurance company. The reason for this poor faith is the bad acts shown by the company to its clients.

The judiciary imposes strict rules for the insurance companies, directing them to deal fairly all the people who get insured by them. If the insurance company does not show good faith and fair dealing towards the client, the client can sue the company for breach of faith. Not only this, the insured client can also recover the financial and non-financial damages he had suffered due to the company’s bad conduct.

First party vs. Third party

The first party and third party claim is very much important to determine the duty of the insurance company. In the first party claim, the bad faith depends upon the insurance carrier. The problem can arise if the carrier has not done proper investigation of the damaged property or has deliberately refused to take into consideration the client’s claim.
In the third party claim, the insurance company is imposed with two duties and which should be performed in good faith and in proper manner.

The first duty is that the insurer or the insurance carrier has to defend the insured client, even beyond the claim in the policy. The defense costs must also be covered by the insurer.

The second duty is different from the first one. In this, the insurer has to protect and cover the policyholder against judgment. An insurer who cannot, or refuses to do both of the above mentioned duties, properly is believed to be acting in bad faith.

Apart from these duties, California insurance law imposes another duty of settling the disputes within the policy limits, by the insurer. If the insurer breaches any of the duties mentioned then he has to pay the entire amount of any judgment even if it is beyond the policy limit.

Things to know before claiming

It is very important to be aware of two main things before filing a claim against the insurance company. First and foremost is that, the bad faith court case can give a very high penalty damages award (punitive damages). Secondly, these types of bad faith court cases are very time taking. The proceedings are held in a very slow pace. In a case in the year 2003, the judge returned the verdict of 5 million in penalty damage and the case was completed after 22 years of its filing.

Besides these, there are certain other ways where you can claim that the insurance company is acting in bad faith. If your insurer is causing unnecessary delay, if he is terminating or denying any valid claim, concealing right claims by the clients, using illegal means to settle the claims, then you can say that the company is acting in bad faith.

If you were injured and suffered a brain, burn, or spinal cord injury from a motor vehicle acccident, such as a car, motorcycle, or truck collision in LA County, and your having trouble dealing with insurance companies, it is often best to turn these things over to a highly experienced Los Angeles injury attorney. He know how to get money for serious injuries and how to file an insurance bad faith claim. This is the reason for the law. To help you get justice.

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Cruise Ship Accidents Spoil Many Vacations Every Single Year

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Being the unfortunate victim who was involved in a cruise ship accident and suffered personal injury, can be an enormous tragedy for anyone to experience. Generally individuals take a great deal of time in planning the fun and excitement they expect to be having when they take their family aboard a beautiful and exciting Princess Cruise Liner or other ship. Most families expect that they will be having the time of their life as they are planning for that cruise liner vacation.

Many ‘get aways’ and tour boat vacations are spoiled every single year by the unfortunate occurrence of some type of cruise liner accident. If this has happened to you, one of the most important things you can do for yourself and for your family is to contact the specialized services that only a high-qualified professional cruise ship accident attorneys can give.

If you or one of your family members have been involved in a cruise ship accident, or have become the victim of an infectious disease, that happened out to sea in international waters, and the result is a cruise liner injury claim, then you are probably not aware that there are special maritime or admiralty laws and rules that can apply to your injury claim. If the particular cruise liner accident that you or your family members were involved in occurred in California territorial waters or United States coastal waters, then there are other rules that may apply to your injury at sea case.

There are other traumatic accidents that can occur on a cruise ship tour where individuals can become unfortunate victims, besides the obvious physical injuries and infectious disease they can become victim too. Unfortunately there have also been several cases, which involved an individual becoming a rape victim while out at sea. Wrongful death and even murder are also tragic incidents that many individuals have become victim to while out at sea on a cruise ship.

Cruise ship accidents spoil many vacations every single year for residents who reside in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County, and many other cities in California.

Many of the personal injuries that victims suffer from when they are involved in a cruise ship or cruise liner accident can result in extremely expensive specialized medical care as well as the need for psychological care for any emotional injury that they can suffer from when they have endured a traumatic injury.

Los Angeles injury lawyers who specialize in cruise ship accident claims are usually known as Princess cruise line injury lawyers If injured from cruise line negligence, they are the ones to contact for serious cases requiring a cruise line claim such as rape. Getting a cruise ship negligence attorney in Los Angeles or Miami will go a long way in recovering money damages in Los Angeles and other courts.

Bus Accidents and Your Rights

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logoMost people might not think that a bus accident would be any more complicated than a regular automobile accident. However, if there has been an accident on a public bus line, they are more than likely shielded by negligence standards that can be very complicated, bus accidents and your rights will be different than other auto accidents. You will need to learn more about bus accidents and your rights.

This is because of the government’s interest in being protected against private suits from bus accidents, which could happen frequently. It will be in your best interest to have the expertise of an experienced bus accident attorney and personal injury attorney that specializes in all types of bus accidents to sift through the legal requirements that are required from such a case.

If you have suffered a personal injury due to a bus accident, or there has been a serious injury or death of a family member due to a bus accident, you will want of course to retain the most experienced and compassionate personal injury attorneys that can be had, to aggressively litigate your case and ensure that maximum recovery amounts are received. Having the peace of mind in knowing you will be well represented and cared for in a time such as this is very important.

Many types of personal injuries can be the result of being involved in a tragedy such as a bus accident. Many of these injuries can include: spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, broken or fractured bones, eye injuries, paralysis, amputation, even death, as well as a number of other serious personal injuries. You could have been a victim of bus dragging coupled with amputation injuries as well. Having knowledgeable and professional bus accident and personal injury attorneys that are on your side, that are compassionate to your needs, will ensure that you get the maximum amount to be recovered for your injuries.

Being involved in a bus accident does not necessarily mean that you had to have been a passenger on a bus or even the bus operator and bus accidents and your rights are different when you are a passenger. In many situations, bus accidents can involve an innocent pedestrian or the operator or passenger from a separate automobile that was struck in a bus accident. Regardless of which one of these that describes your situation, it is of extreme importance that you receive the most thorough and knowledgeable council regarding bus accidents and personal injuries.

None of us ever expect having to face a terrible tragedy, but it is comforting to know that if you ever find yourself or a family member in a situation where you are facing a tragedy, there are attorneys available to you in the Los Angeles area that special in these types of accidents.

When you want to learn about bus accidents and your rights, you need to contact an experienced Los Angeles bus accident attorney if you were in injured in a California city like LA, or an Orange County injury lawyer if you were harmed in Orange County cities like Newport Beach or Anaheim. Whether it was an amputation injury or minor incident, speak with a accident lawyer Los Angeles and discuss your rights.

Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Ramifications of New Study Ranking Los Angeles California Freeways Worst in the U.S.

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Motor vehicle accident attorney Michael P. Ehline, found that the study shows that the area in Los Angeles that is the most congested and most dangerous for drivers on the Harbor Freeway, is in the area near the Dodger Stadium.
LOS ANGELES, CA, November 20, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ — With the Thanksgiving weekend fast approaching, it is important that people traveling to and from Los Angeles County understand the ramifications of the new traffic study from the perspective of a personal injury attorney. The Texas Transportation Institute study has ranked Los Angeles Harbor Freeway the number one congested highway in the country, according to tort attorney Michael Ehline. Coming in at a close second is Interstate 10 connection with the 110 Harbor Freeway.

Motor vehicle accident attorney Michael P. Ehline, found that the study shows that the area in Los Angeles that is the most congested and most dangerous for drivers on the Harbor Freeway, is in the area near the Dodger Stadium. On Interstate 10 there is a 6 1/2 mile area in the vicinity of the highway that is the most dangerous in the vicinity of the Staples Center. There is a 13.1 mile stretch of the 405 Freeway that was rated third on the list in the vicinity of the 105 Freeway and Getty Center Drive. The northbound lanes of the 110 Freeway from 111th Place and the 10 Freeway is on the list, of the study conducted by the Texas Transportation Institute.

The ramifications are many and some are obvious. Ehline says the fact the speeds are slower, is deceiving. “This can make the freeways even more dangerous”. Ehline says “people take ebs and flows in traffic as a chance to put on lipstick, play with their phones, or take sip. This means some are driving, and some are stopped.” So although the impacts can be lower, they occur more frequently. And an eggshell skull plaintiff only requires a small impact to get a serious injury.

But it is not just slow speeds at issue says Ehline. There are times when the Los Angeles freeways are not that congested. But, Ehline says, the engineering of the freeways, the potholes from improper maintenance can mean a serious risk of a single vehicle collision. This can cause an SUV rollover according to Ehline, and lead to a wrongful death. The ramifications include the need to file a government claim within 6 months, or waive your right to sue.

“So the ramifications of driving on Los Angeles freeways from a personal injury perspective, are many.” You, the driver have less control and less of a “cushion of space”, less reaction times, etc.. Said Ehline. And San Francisco is another city in Southern California that is included in the list of the top 40 spots in the study and targets Interstate 80 at the Bay Bridge as being the most congested roadway.

This study, places 17 of the most congested roadways out of 40 in Los Angeles, California and attorney Michael P. Ehline, of Ehline Law Firm PC knows that the congested roadways that have been rated the worst in the United States lead to serious collisions. These collisions lead to injuries and while there is no way to avoid these freeways and highways in Los Angeles and Southern California, after being involved in a collision it is advisable to have the representation of experienced car accident lawyers to protect your legal rights.
If you were seriously inured in a car accident in San Francisco or Los Angeles, give the car accident lawyers at Ehline Law Firm PC a call at:
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Michael Ehline, lead counsel, is an honorably discharged U.S. Marine, a former California Court of Appeal judicial extern, and runs a Northern and Southern California personal injury law firm statewide. He hopes you enjoyed this Discussion on the ramifications of the new study ranking Los Angeles California freeways worst in the U.S.

Injury Lawyer Q & A Discussion

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Michael Ehline asks:

Q: Why do conservatives hate trial lawyers?

A: Joe says: That like the rest of the libs they NEVER did an honest days work??? and despite the rantings of the previous poster your FACTS are correct.

Discussion: Are you aware that the attorneys who represent the NRA, the Heritage Foundation, and the Republican party are also trial lawyers? And you’re saying that they are all Democrats?

Susan says:

Q: I had an accident in LA few months ago, my car got totaled, and I ended up in the hospital for 3 weeks. Now my insurance is not paying me what they should for settlement. Should I hire a personal injury lawyer? Any suggestion for an attorney in LA?

A: I would suggest that you contact they are a no win no fee company that specialies in personal injury I’m sure they will be able to help you. I highly recommend you check them out.

James asks:

A: Is there a scam where a PI attorney would try to lose a case and get paid by the other side for doing so? Why would an attorney not try to contact witnesses who saw an accident where her client was injured? Why would an attorney not request the film of the accident also when this was available?

Q: I am not saying it is impossible. But this sounds like lazy, cheap lawyering. The ethical, criminal and other implications would make it not make sense. Probably would make more money on a contingency fee anyways.

Andy Asks: In less than 1000 words, discuss your views on personal injury lawyers and explain how these views may have been affected by the media.From personal experience, personal injury lawyers claim they are out to collect the largest settlement they can and take 30 to 40% of the prize. However in our family case, the insurance policy had a maximum payout and the personal injury lawyer took $30,000 for doing basically nothing.. So I am not real keen on them.

A: I don’t know enough to answer you based upon the skewed question. But I can say that PI lawyers DO have a bad reputation in general. Till someone needs one that is.

Ensure Your Rights in a Motorcycle Accident

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Have you been in a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles? Regardless of whether it was a minor accident or a serious crash, a motorcycle accident lawyer is your best resource to ensure your rights. A good attorney can help sort out all the details in a motorcycle accident claim.

There are various causes for motorcycle accidents. When a car or truck pulls out in front of you at the last minute, your bike and the car can collide. Many times the driver just does not see you coming. That is no excuse though, He or she can still be held liable. You may have had to swerve to miss the car and then crashed into an oncoming car or hit a tree or stop sign or even a telephone pole. The driver of the car is still liable even if their car was not damaged.

There are rear end collisions also where the driver stops for some unknown reason and you crash into the back of their vehicle. Who is responsible for that one? Is it you because you were not paying attention? The experienced motorcycle accident lawyers in Los Angeles will know the answers to these questions. They are experts in California motorcycle riding laws.

U-Turn accidents happen frequently. Usually the car will do a u-turn in front of you and will not have even seen you. Again, who is responsible? The motorcyclist or the automobile driver? Debris on the road, trash thrown out the window or lose pavement can cause your bike to skid out from under you. Are you at fault for that? Is the city or the county? What if you are splitting lanes and a car door opens and knocks you off your bike.

The causes of motorcycle accidents are endless. The injuries caused by them can be endless too. The injuries can be a simple but painful road rash up to the end result, being death. If there is a passenger involved there are many questions that need to be answered for them too. Los Angeles and the Orange County in general suffer many motorcycle accidents.

Personal injury Lawyers and Motorcycle Accident lawyers are ready and able to help you receive just compensation for any accident you may have been involved in. Don’t hesitate to call if you need help understanding the law regarding motorcycle accidents.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident in California, and require an accident lawyer, or accident attorneys

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