Ehline Law Reports that Budget Cuts to Close Los Angeles Courts

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Ehline Law, a catastrophic injury lawyer in LA, reported today that the LA Superior Courts face serious shut downs due to the out of control tax and spend policies of democratic politicians. According to reports, one judge that presides in Los Angeles is predicting pandemonium with the budget cuts that are affecting Los Angeles courtrooms.

Los Angeles personal injury attorney, Michael Ehline, stated that In Los Angeles there have been 17 courtrooms closed and another 50 are scheduled to be shut down in September unless money is found to keep them open. One judge that presides in the Los Angeles courtrooms has predicted problems that will arise and a backlog of civil and family law cases will occur.

The closing of the courtrooms is attributed to California’s financial trouble and the decision to cut $393 million from state trial courts in this year’s budget. This has resulted in the Los Angeles court system struggling to serve the public.

Important Steps In The California Fire Insurance Claims Process For Restoration of Fire Damaged Home

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Important Steps In The California Fire Insurance Claims Process For Restoration of Fire Damaged Home
Although many people have made insurance claims for motor vehicle accidents like truck accidents, as well as HMO, Blue Cross, and health insurance claims, there are important steps in the California fire insurance claim process for restoration of your fire damaged homes. If you live in California, you may have made an earthquake damages claim, but all in all, fire damage and earthquake damage claims are not a common occurrence.

In fact, you probably don’t know how to open a fire insurance claim at all. What’s worse, you may have suffered a wrongful death due to arson, lost all your personal items and family heirlooms and you probably don’t even want to think about calling a contractor or disaster relief expert due to all your stress. Many fire insurance policyholders are emotional and depressed during the time they need to react quickly.

In Lake Arrowhead, at least 1,000 homes were burned down. In San Diego, around 2000 homes burned. In Orange County and Malibu Canyon million dollar homes belonging to celebrities burned. Almost all the homes suffered water damage due to fire hoses and broken plumbing lines. What all these homeowners have in common is that they need fire insurance experts to deal with these catastrophic damages.

Fire insurance experts, such as those dealing with the Lake Arrowhead fires, San Diego and Orange County fires, fall into to two categories, California fire damage restoration contractors and California insurance bad faith attorneys. If you are smart enough to have both of these experts work for you from the start, they will give notice of your fire insurance claim to the insurance company on your behalf. After you give notice of the insurance claim(s), the insurance company typically will have 15 days to begin their fire clam investigation. Your insurance company will typically have to deny or accept your fire insurance claim within 40 days. Your insurance company will also need to explain to you all the available fire insurance coverages available to you as an insured. As an insured, you need all the available information about your polic5B4y to know what your rights are under California statute, as well as contract for the claims handling process.

Personal Property Insurance Claims From Water, Fire, or Smoke Damage

Another major issue to accept and deal with are the personal property issues. Insurance companies require you to show proof of what was lost. This means they unreasonably want you to apparently perform a miracle like recreating the receipts that were burned and the photos that you kept of your goods, such as your Rolex watch, or Gucci bags. May insurers are very unreasonable. If you hire the right attorney, they are usually more reasonable.

If you have suffered a major fire damage loss, your insurance company can help you hire a salvage company and disaster clean service to clean and remove your cracked slab and ashes. Your disaster clean up company needs to create a list of things they can make out that were melted, burned and otherwise ruined from smoke, fire and water hoses. So you can use that list to give your insurance company. Then you can try and recreate when you bought the item, where you bought it, etc., as the ins. co. will want that information as well so they can devalue each item as they love to do! This is when most insured’s finally realize they are not in “good hands” with their insurance company.

Never Surrender

Assuming your insurance company refuses to send you a copy 82Dof your policy, or refuses to tell you what your benefits really are, never surrender and demand the requested information and get your lawyer in on the conversation. Since the insurance policy probably burned with your home, you need to act quickly to get a duplicate. Your fire insurance company has a duty to disclose your policy. If they refuse or unreasonably delay, your attorney should send a bad faith letter asking for details as to why they won’t tell you your insurance coverage. Then you can sue if they still play games, as they are so famous for doing. These are just some of the important steps in the California fire insurance claims process for restoration of your fire damaged homes. You can learn more by looking at the below author’s box.

California fire insurance claims lawyers are typically highly skilled Los Angeles personal injury attorneys who work with statewide fire damage reconstruction contractors in dealing with your insurance bad faith claims when you are unreasonably treated by your fire insurance companies in California for damage in cities like Lake Arrowhead and smaller areas like Malibu Colony. About the author: I work as an accident Attorney. I am Michael Ehline. I like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, weight lifting, cardio, and core strength training. I am an inactive U.S. Marine. I am a dad. I work at Ehline Law Firm PC. I litigate and settle serious injury claims as a motorcycle injury lawyer , elder abuse attorney, wrongful death lawyer in San Diego, San Francisco, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Orange County. In LA I can be contacted at 633 West Fifth Street, 28th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90071. 213.596.9642.

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