Common Questions Moms and Clients Ask … And Some Answers

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As a lawyer, and motorhead, I get some crazy questions. In this post, I wanted to go over some of the crazy answers. James, my attorney buddy, asks:

Q: “I’m looking for suggestions as to what kind of keywords people would likely enter into Google or another search engine if the were looking for a lawyer to represent them in a car accident in Las Vegas. What key words do you suggest?

A: I would stick with naked anchors, branded and mixed brandeds. Don’t waste time trying to use exact match anchors anymore. Try and build your brand. But if a webmsater asks, it wouldn’t hurt to tell him you need to rank for: Accident Attorney|Car Accident Attorney, for example.

Me Mum Asks, Does the car battery completely drain if the car is not used?

Q: I will be out of town for about three months. I was wondering what to do with my car. Someone told me that the car battery will completely drain and I need to get a replacement when I come back. Any comments? BTW my car is 2000 toyota camry v6.

A: First of all, DUH, I know what kind of car you have mom. Next, it depends. If you have a crummy battery, it could die. It depends on the age of the car, battery, and if you have clocks running, etc. I would just unplug it and go on vacation. If you can’t do it, have a gut do it for you, like me. 🙂

California – is it legal for attorney to contact you and not

Oliver says: I was involved in a minor car accident – I scraped a parked car as I was pulling out. I called the cops, and provided my insurance information, and reported it to my carrier the day of the accident.

Q: I have gotten letters from an attorney representing the guy whose car I damaged, and I think this is illegal. Why would he contact me directly when he has my insurance information? \

A: In California, unless and until you designate an attorney of record, and/or, tell the attorney your represented by a lawyer, the attorney for the claimant has a right to contact you in order to avoid court, and resolve the insurance claim.

Changing attorney in a car accident claim?

Paul DOE asks:

Q: How easy is it? Will the old attorney ask me to pay him? We signed the “pay only if we win” contract. He is not doing his work and I am tired of him. I want to switch lawyer. We are at the middle of this car accident claim. I was rear-ended. I live in Massachusetts, USA. Thanks.

A: First, caveat, I can only tell you about California law. You can fire your lawyer whenever you want. But if you fire him, he will have a lien on the case for the reasonable value of his services. The best way is to have him or her fire you.This is called “abandonment” in many cases, and gives you the right to avoid the lien, except for his or her expenses, such as investigator, or court fees.

Excitement Can Quickly Turn Into a Very Traumatic Situation on a Motorcycle

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Riding on the back of a motorcycle with the wind blowing in your face can possibly be one of the most exciting and the most exhilarating activities that a person can choose to do. This is true whether you are someone that is simply riding for the sheer enjoyment that is to be had, or if you are a person that is riding a bike as your main means of transportation. However, when things go wrong and a tragic accident occurs that ends up causing a wrongful death tragedy, then what was once a large amount of excitement can quickly turn into a very traumatic situation on a motorcycle.

Every single day there are individuals who will unknowingly pull right out in front of a person who is riding on a motorcycle without realizing what they are doing, and in the end they will generally claim that they simply did not see the rider. Unfortunately when an individual does not pay as good enough attention as they should while they are driving in their vehicle it then becomes a situation that can end up being a very tragic accident. This is the exact type of accident that occurs numerous times every single year, all around the world and a large number of individuals end up losing their lives because of it.

If you are an individual that lives in the Los Angeles area and you have recently lost one of your family members due to the negligence of another person that was driving a vehicle, then it is very important that you contact an attorney who has the utmost in professional knowledge and experience that can handle a case such as a wrongful death situation. These trusted attorneys understand just how traumatic losing a family member can be and they have the necessary compassion and understanding that is so desperately needed at a time such as this. These attorneys have the skill and the dedication to promptly review and study your case as well as all of the important details that are involved to see that justice is done.

Excitement can quickly turn into a very traumatic situation on a motorcycle. In the event that you find yourself facing this type of traumatic situation you will want to be assured that you receive the high level of skill, the dedication, the professionalism, the determination, and the experience that only these well-known wrongful death attorneys can provide.

Experienced and Aggressive Accidents Lawyers. Welcome to Ehline Law, the best California Los Angeles personal injury attorneys. We litigate serious injuries resulting from accidents in California. Our accident lawyers are recognized by local courts and insurance defense firms as experienced, compassionate local Los Angeles personal injury lawyers who recover money for people who suffered harm in Riverside, LA and Orange County cities like Newport Beach, Marina del Rey, Malibu Beach, Redondo Beach, Rancho Mirage and Huntington Beach, with professional excellence. Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys. Our addresses are as follows: work 633 W. Fifth St., 28th Fl. Los Angeles, CA, 90071 USA; work wo14007 Palawan Way Marina del Rey, CA, 90292 USA; work 201 Wilshire Blvd, Second Floor, Santa Monica, CA, 90401; 620 Newport Center Drive Newport Beach, CA, 92660 USA. Phone: 888-400-9721

Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyers :: Car Crash Attorneys LA

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Every year, there are tens upon thousands of motor vehicle accidents on California freeways and a large percentage of those accidents result in severe personal injuries requiring Los Angeles car accident lawyers. Car crash attorneys in CA, California are vital to settling your case. In this informative video we discuss why it is so important not to speak to the insurance company and instead to immediately contact a Los Angeles car accident attorney in California cities like Los Angeles, Orange, Santa Ana, Newport Beach, Ventura and Venice Beach when you suffer a serious personal injury claim.

You may be entitled to recover for a hit and run even if the guy who hit you cannot be found. Sometimes you may be covered under workman’s compensation laws, or your own homeowners insurance. Q: How soon after my accident should I call?

A: Call an Accident Lawyer Like me immediately. Do not talk to the other person’s insurance company until after you have consulted a lawyer. I make a point of returning all calls and e-mails promptly. If you have been injured in a accident you need to know right away what insurance coverage is in place to cover your medical expenses and lost wages. So if you suffered a crash crash accident in California, Los Angeles personal injury attorneys based in Orange County and Los Angeles at Ehline Law are the Los Angeles car accident lawyers and Orange County Car Crash attorneys you need to call. Please read our disclaimer:

The Truth About Airplane Accidents

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logoThe truth about airplane accidents is that statistically speaking, you are always safer when flying as a passenger on a commercial airplane than when operating your motor vehicle. But it is a looming fact that aircraft accidents, when they do occur result in mass fatalities. Often there are no survivors.

If you or someone you love was injured or suffered a wrongful death while aboard an airplane. you and them could be entitled to financial recovery for negligence damages for the injuries suffered.

It could be a 747 injury, Air Bus crash like a jumbo jet, or a Lear jet, such as private plane. These injuries also happen while flying aboard helicopters. A defective ultralight aircraft could easily cause a death.

Aircraft accidents can be caused by:

* Defective Runways;
* Mechanical defects such as engine failure from a defective aircraft component;
* Negligent maintenance;
* Pilot and co-pilot error
* Violations of U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations and rules
* Aircraft structural defects from resultant design defects
* FAA Air Traffic Controllers who are asleep at the wheel

FAA regulations govern U.S. aircraft, U.S. pilots, and even U.S. aircraft manufacturers. In fact, if it is a foreign concern, the FAA may not let the aircraft company fly to our country unless they submit to the FAA governance. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) actively investigates all commercial and private aircraft accidents. Once the NTSB investigation begins, excellent Los Angeles aircraft accident attorneys will take effective precautions to protect vital damages evidence and keep tortfeasors from evidence tampering.

In 2006, there were 16,033 civil aviation wrecks reported in the United States. Of those, there were a reported 316 deaths to aircraft passengers.

After your aviation accident, Los Angeles personal injury attorneys should look at the FAA investigative report. A quality aviation accident attorney will typically retain aircraft accident expert witnesses to evaluate and opine as to how the plane crash took place and fault determination. Experienced attorneys will typically locate the causes of liability, which includes the aircraft owners, manufacturers as well as suppliers, mechanics, as well as the pilots themselves.

Aircraft accident lawsuits are very difficult even for an attorney or other type of lawyers. The passenger airlines, as well as airplane manufacturers, as well as their high paid insurance companies will always have crafty and highly paid lawyer working for them to try and screw you out of money they know they owe you. The truth about airplane accidents indicates that you need aggressive airplane accident attorneys on your side such as those at Ehline Law.

Gas Bicycles – Bicycles Are Not Always The Safest Means Of Transportation

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Bicycles have been an enjoyable part of both recreation and exercise for numerous years and it will continue to be an ever-increasing popular activity for an endless amount of years to come. There are even a large number of individuals who use a bike as their main means of transportation simply because in some areas of the world it is much easier to travel around by bike than it would be in using an automobile. Another benefit is you can often save a tremendous amount of money that would otherwise have to be spent on gas for your vehicle.

However, bicycles are not always the safest means of transportation. Within a split second everything can be changed drastically by a vehicle that is unaware that ends up pulling right out in front of bicycle riders. This is a common problem that happens every single year and it is especially a problem in many of the larger cities. Numerous injuries can be suffered when a person ends up in this type of dangerous position and many times a wrongful death situation can even occur.

If you live in the Los Angeles area and one of your family members ended up becoming a victim of a wrongful death accident while they were riding their bicycle, you need the professional advice of a professional wrongful death attorney. It is hoped that you never face this type of tragic situation but when you do it is nice to know there is someone that you can turn to who cares.

They have the experience to make sure that there are no important details left out of the investigation to ensure that your loved one will receive the justice that they deserve. When this type of tragedy does occur it is very important that you contact knowledgeable wrongful death attorneys who are familiar and have the utmost in experience with all types of bicycle accidents of this nature. They know what a traumatic time this can be for the entire family and they have the compassion that is so necessary when you have to face such a hard experience.

Bicycles are not always the safest means of transportation and unfortunately there are accidents that do happen that means the loss of a life. These attorneys Los Angeles personal injury attorneys who know that it is very hard for families to think of everything needed during such a crisis and they have the expertise in making sure all of the important details and information are not overlooked.
Michael Ehline –
About the Author:

Michael Ehline is a law firm recognized by Los Angeles personal injury attorneys. Call 888-400-9721 to learn more. Ehline Law | Los Angeles Injury Lawyer PC; 633 West Fifth Street, 28th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90071.

Suv’s, the Hidden Dangers in Los Angeles

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Today there are many vehicles on the highways and freeways daily and with this amount of traffic there are many accidents and some of these include vehicles that roll over. Some models more that others are prone to have this happen according to crash statistics, the SUV, the hidden dangers are one of these vehicles.

It is difficult to choose an automobile today with the rising cost of fuel, and it is even more difficult if you have certain needs such as transporting a family or for work where a larger amount of room is needed rather than the smaller more efficient models.

SUV’s in recent years have gotten a reputation for being a model of vehicle that when impacted can and will roll over in an accident. One of the reasons that an SUV is more likely to rollover is because their center of gravity is higher than in other vehicles and for some years the amount of deaths in highway accidents reached as high as 33%. As well as some models had design defects that aided in the amount of deaths related to SUV rollovers.

Some of these models were also found to have defective door mechanics to hold the latch shut during a rollover accident, which left the people in this accident vulnerable to being thrown out of the vehicle. The roof strength in some models was also found to be inadequate and in a rollover accident would crush, leaving the driver and passengers at a true disadvantage from severe injuries due to the SUV, the hidden dangers.

These defects involved such a number of people injured or family members of those who died that there has been a large lawsuits and settlements. This does not mean that the SUV’s with defects are off the roads nor does it mean the owners of these vehicles know the dangers associated with them. This also does not mean that SUV designs have changed so much that they will not rollover or crush in an accident.

The owner of an SUV or their family who is involved in an accident where their vehicle has rolled over in the Riverside, Torrance, Santa Ana or Los Angeles area as well as Marina del Rey should seek the advice and experience of an Orange County personal injury attorney in Orange County who has the skills who has experts and can provide all the elements that put a case together for an SUV rollover or rollover and Crush case.

The owner of an SUV or their family who is involved in an accident where their vehicle has rolled over in the Riverside, Torrance, Santa Ana or Los Angeles area as well as Marina del Rey should seek the advice and experience of an Orange County personal injury attorney in Orange County who has the skills who has experts and can provide all the elements that put a case together for an SUV rollover or rollover and Crush case. We hope you have enjoyed this article by experienced wrongful death attorneys in Los Angeles.

Need of Spanish Speaking Car Accident Case Managers

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It’s an unfortunate fact that we are used to see many road accidents, while driving. However, these accidents will not stop us from driving. Driving is something we need to do to accomplish all our daily activities and we not even think about the accidents when we get into our cars. But, it is very important to remember that even if you respect the traffic rules, there are some people who won’t obey the rules and annoy other people in the road. So, you must always stay alert as an accident can occur within a fraction of a second. There is a study that reveals that Hispanics are at a higher percentage of dying in a road accident; but what’s the reason behind this?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) points that the main reason of deaths of Hispanics, especially in individuals between ages of1year and 44years are road accidents. If we follow the data for 2001, alcohol intake is linked with death of four out of ten people who lost their lives due to car accidents. Everybody should consider this survey as a wakeup call and here after we should drive more cautiously than ever before; this warring alert is especially for teenagers. The study also reveals that Hispanics have a statistically higher probability of driving without seatbelts, or on and under the influence of alcohol. The combination of these habits is enough to cause a fatal Los Angeles auto accident that results in a brain injury, burn injury, or wrongful death, or leave the person totally disabled.

If you have consumed alcohol you should stay away from driving. A person who has consumed too much alcohol cannot even walk properly and fails to think in the right way.So, it is better for a person to avoid driving if he or she is drunk. We all love to enjoy a party or a get together, but if you know that you are going to drink you should think about how you will reach your place after the party is over. To avoid any kind of damage, you must decide whether you should arrange a person to drop you at your home or call a cab.

However, if you have been injured because of a road accident and if you don’t know English then kindly contact a member of our Law Offices who knows Spanish.� We will help you to translate all the basic details of your case to an attorney and the legal advice to you.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a big threat to Hispanics, while traveling on road and proper steps should be taken to minimize it. If you want to know more about the dangerous effects of drunken driving you can approach Hispanic Organizations, which educate the Hispanic community about the fatal effects drunk driving. You must know that driving after drinking not only may take you behind the bars, but can also turn you into the killer of parents of a little child making him or her orphan.

If you were injured in a Los Angeles motor vehicle accident, contact:

Ehline Law | accident lawyer Los Angeles
633 West Fifth Street, 28th Fl.
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Pedestrian Statistics Are Frightening for the Walker

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Pedestrian statistics are frightening for the walker; many people today try to walk as often as possible for health reasons. The bad thing about this is it can be extremely unhealthy walking if crossing any streets or highways, even in a designated crosswalk. The statistics show there were 4,092 pedestrians killed in crashes involving motor vehicles in 2009. Pedestrian injuries during the year of 2009 totaled 59,000 that were reported. While these numbers of injuries and deaths have fallen over the past decade it is still dangerous for the person walking.

These accidents involving the person walking and motor vehicles occur even when the person is crossing in a designated crosswalk at the appropriate time. This is due to the driver being negligent on the road and this can be for a variety of reasons. It can be a driver on a cell phone, talking to another passenger or driving at to high of a rate of speed for the area they are driving through.

The pedestrian that is struck by a motor vehicle is normally severely injured and these injuries can include broken bones, head and brain trauma, spinal cord injuries and other types of major injuries. The pedestrian accident is unlike other types of accidents, because the person walking has no protection and in most cases cannot even get out of the vehicles path in time to avoid being hit. This means injuries that can be fatal, be a lifelong disability and in the best case scenario, take time to heal completely.

The worst part about this type of accident is when the driver was negligent; they did not pay attention to the road or were traveling to fast for the area. This is when it is important for the injured victim or the family of the wrongful death victim to hold the driver responsible with the help of a pedestrian injury attorney.

About the Author

Pedestrian accident statistics are frightening for the walker, whether they live in Long Beach, Glendale, Modesto or Venice Beach.  Long Beach pedestrian injury attorney can hold the driver responsible and this means the insurance company will be held responsible for compensation for the injured victim. It is also important to have a Glendale, Modesto or Long Beach personal injury attorney that specializes in this area of the law. This is because they will have a complete understanding of the laws that protect the rights of the injured victim. 6700 East Pacific Coast Highway; Suite 275, Long Beach, CA 90803 (562) 342-9092. Or call our local attorneys for free at 888.400.9721. Get justice today.

Hire Professional Services of Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer

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Appreciate your formulating an exceptionally decent article, I happened to see your website page as well as several written pieces. Is exceedingly good type publishing and I wanted to thank you, is a compliment I have received on more than one occasion. So here is article I just banged out about car accidents. Auto collisions are one of the fundamental explanations caused due to illegal actions like traffic rule breaking and consequently the primary wellspring damage guarantees in the U.S. There are around 6 million accidents every year that take place in the US where Los Angeles happens to be one of the famous towns for this notoriety. Because of a vehicle accident you or your relative may have endured damage or have gone under budgetary challenges or even lost close and dear ones. With a master and proficient Los Angeles legal advisor you can comprehend your lawful rights completely and file a case against the offenders.


Need of Lost Angeles Car Accident Lawyer


No measure of cash can take back the damage and loss of an adored one! At the same time, you can without a doubt get the fancied payment for the misfortune that you have endured. An expert Los Angeles car accident lawyer will help to recoup the greatest remuneration that will be needed by you on the off chance that you have endured misfortune of salary and property misfortune. Other potential harms that may have been brought on are lasting handicap and long lasting medical enduring.


In the event that you have endured an inability because of the mischance then it will influence your personal satisfaction. With the assistance of a Los Angeles car accident lawyer you can smooth out things all the more rapidly. After a mishap happens there is a specific time allotment in which you can document a claim. This is reputed to be a statute of confinements which changes from between 1-6 years dependent upon the state. It is likewise important to realize that you are not permitted to record a claim against a legislative figure.


In terms of managing the legitimate framework, you require just the best in your corner! If you are continuously faulted or looking for equity, you will require an attorney. In upsetting circumstances like auto crashes, hiring Los Angeles car accident lawyer becomes paramount. Shield your rights by recognizing what to search for in a legal advisor right away.


Procuring an authorized legal advisor will help you in accelerate the troublesome process. Pick one who often handles comparable cases. Casual auditing of an attorney’s validity may be more dependable than surveys you find at law office sites. In the event that your companion or relative has experienced the same circumstance as you, they may give important counsel and understanding past lawyer referrals.


Law is a productive profession in light of the fact that legal advisors might require high rates. This does not mean you might as well pick the most minimal rate and compromise the quality. Think about the legal counselor’s accreditations at first and ensure your Los Angeles car accident lawyer has brilliant administration and a faultless record. Los Angeles car accident lawyer ought to be effortlessly receptive in the event that you require them. Uncover a legal advisor eager to answer your inquiries. This shows that you can confide in the customer – lawyer relationship and get educated with laws as well as with correspondence also.


Determining What to Do When a Dog Bites You is a Critical Question

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Determining what to do when a dog bites you is a critical question. Dogs, while domesticated are still irrational animals. Animals are driven by their instincts and will bite you. First, you must identify the dog that bit you, this aspect is crucial for medical and legal reasons. You must find the animal and make sure that it does not have rabies. Rabies treatment has the possibility of being extensive and painful. Additionally, if you can find the owner you are likely entitled to compensation since the dog is their property. You may recover medical bills, lost wages, reparative surgery and pain and suffering.

After you are bitten by a dog, you should seek medical help from a doctor or a hospital. Depending on where the wound is will determine the type of doctor that you want. Tens of hundreds of people are attacked by dogs each year so do not be embarrassed. If the area is a sensitive one such as the face or the genitals you will likely want a plastic surgeon to treat the wound because they often use more care for aesthetics than an ER doctor would.

You will be probably be asking yourself, “What should I do next if I am bitten by a dog?” Be sure to listen to EVERYTHING that the doctor tells you and make sure you follow his or her instructions to a T. If you have contracted rabies DO NOT PANIC. You need not always suffer through the painful treatment, so don’t immediately assume that you will need that treatment.

If bitten by a dog with an owner, investigate to see if he or she is insured. Try and gather all of the information possible such as the residency of the owner, his insurance provider, telephone number, previous instances of bites, knowledge of violent dog etc. Hire Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys to help you in this task.

What are some things that you should NEVER do when bitten by a dog? You should NEVER discuss anything involving value or money. Do not memorialize anything in writing or allow someone to get you to sign something. Make sure never to accept money or things of value and do not attempt to decide who is responsible, just get treatment. One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to retain a qualified dog bite attorney.

If you are having trouble what to do when bitten by a dog in Los Angeles: listen up. If involved in a dog attack, you will need a skilled professional attorney with knowledge of not only medical diagnosis, but also the complicated framework of the legal system. If you or someone you love has been injured as a result of a dog bite in Los Angeles, you should call the Law Offices of Michael P. Ehline immediately for a free consultation. Contact experienced Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys We hope that you have enjoyed this article on what to do when bitten by a dog in Los Angeles.

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