Criminal Defense Attorney Personal Injury Claims And How They Handle Them

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I must say that overall I am very taken with this forum. It is apparent that you know you subject matter and you are passionate about it. I wish I had got your ability to write. I have bookmarked this forum and look forward to more updates a comment I made a while back when we discussed the criminal law section over at nolo press. One hole in their game was the crossover with civil PI law, so here goes, criminal defense attorneys aren’t problematic to uncover. Turn on a regional channel in the daytime and you will be assured to view a television ad. Should you might have ever been in an automobile accident, in that case you realize how promptly they find you. Nonetheless what pushes these lawyers to wish to work for your personal injury claim? It really is not that they privately know you and sense empathy. Absolutely no, it is the very fact that your claim might be really worth a lot of cash.

You have had any sort of accident that wasn’t your problem. You could possibly have had to go to the medical center to get care and the accidental injuries might be extreme enough to curtail you from performing for fairly some time. You’re going to require compensation so that they can pay out those hospital payments and time you might skip from the job. Your car accident claim will detail each one of the fiscal failures you might have encountered because of the incident.

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Plenty of men and women will automatically have their car or truck and professional medical bills covered around a selected quantity. That fixed dollar quantity is dependent upon just how much insurance policies the person at-fault has with their insurance policy organization. If your medical costs are over that volume, then you often have to seek out a criminal defense legal professional to receive money from the insurance company. In case you might have soreness and struggling that have not been resolved, then your car accident lawyer will come up with a dollar quantity to enhance the injuries claim. Every single expense is added up, totaled and given to the insurance plan company.

Once your injury lawyer has talked or conveyed with the insurance firm’s attorney, they are going to often achieve a pay out. In the event the available amount is way too minimal, it may wind up going to court. This is the business in which your legal professional excels. This kind of attorney is very knowledgeable about the accident regulations of your condition and will legally represent you in court. If the ruling is in your benefit, then you’ll be honored the amount without any legal representative fees.

When you can find an insurance firm that may be sued, then a compensation for injuries claim is really what a criminal defense attorney wants. That injury claim might be worth millions of money according to how severe the accident was, just how much insurance the individual transported and how many resources the particular person has. The greatest part is that you don’t have to pay a penny at the start. Most won’t charge except if you win your case. Possibly those television adverts and mailers will be well worth not only junk.

Make Your Car Accident Claim Strong

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There are some things that should be done to make your car accident claim strong, which will mean getting the amount of compensation you deserve after you have been injured. It doesn’t matter where you drive car accidents are a risk you take every time you get behind the wheel and this includes Fresno, California.Make Your Car Accident Claim Strong Hire a local Fresno car accident injury attorney that has experience, this experience will show the attorney understands all of the laws that protect the car accident injury victim. Being local will allow them to know the area and how accidents like yours can occur. Hiring the right car accident injury attorney is important, they will be the difference between getting fair compensation and getting a lower amount. This is because car accidents involve insurance companies, and insurance companies do not want to pay accident claims. The insurance company will have attorneys with unlimited resources to fight for them. Make certain the police are called after the accident and make a police report, this can help in building your claim and it also means that it is on record the other driver was negligent. Collect witness’s names, phone numbers, addresses and what they saw, this can be given to the auto accident attorney to investigate and use in building the case. Witnesses have a different view of the car accident and they have nothing to lose or gain. Make sure to get medical treatment after an accident, not all injuries are apparent at the time of the crash. There can be serious head, brain, neck and back injuries that might not be apparent when your body is running on adrenalin after an accident. Take pictures of the accident if you are able to and if not have any passengers in the vehicle take them. Pictures can speak a thousand words to a judge, jury or even the insurance company. It is documentation that cannot be disputed by the insurance company attorneys. Protect yourself after a Fresno car accident, collect as much information as possible at the time the accident occurs, pictures of the vehicles and surrounding area can be enormous when building a legal case for injury compensation. This is also true with the police report, the police officer has the obligation to document the facts and the court and defendants attorneys cannot fight what this report states.

Bicycle Accident Causes Can End in Serious Injuries

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Bicycle accident causes can end in serious injuries and can occur for a variety of reasons even on the roads of Fresno, California. The bicycle can be something that is used for enjoyment, exercise, a way to save fuel and the planet, but it can also be a vehicle the rider can be seriously injured on. One of the bad things is that not only adults ride bicycles; children also ride them and can be injured.

This is why when riding a bicycle the cyclist needs to wear a helmet and other protective gear, along with riding defensively and sometimes that is not enough. There are times when a rider can be involved in an accident with another vehicle, or because of other factors, like uneven pavement, road debris like gravel and this can cause serious injuries. The injuries from a bicycle accident can range from brush burns and scrapes to broken bones and head or neck injuries.

One of the major problems that often results in bicycling accidents is that the cyclist has to share the road with motorized vehicles and while the cyclist has the same rights on the road, drivers do not always adhere to the rules of the road. When a driver doesn’t afford the cyclist the same respect on the road as another motorized vehicle it can result in a serious accident with injuries like traumatic brain injuries and spinal injuries. This is because there is little protection for the cyclist against the steal and metal of a vehicle.

Traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries can be devastating and change the cyclists life and their family, because they could need care for the rest of their lives. Even the bicycle accident that results in broken bones and abrasions means loss of work for a period of time and medical bills. These accidents can occur in a second’s time on the roadways of Fresno.

The bicycle accident causes can end in serious injuries, even when it is from uneven pavement or road debris. The road debris like gravel can cause a bicycle rider to lose control and this can result in head injuries, abrasions and even broken bones.

These types of accidents can happen in a moment and the after affects can be filled with loss of income and with mounting medical bills. This is why it is important to have an experience Fresno bicycle accident attorney to protect both the injured cyclists rights and to assure they recover the maximum amount of compensation.

When you are seriously injured in a California bike crash, you need to know how your going to recover money for the negligence of the person or persons who caused you these serious bodily injuries on your bicycle, such as spinal cord, brain injury, or even a wrongful death. Ehline is the California bicycle attorney for you.

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Trash Trucks Bring Danger to the Neighborhood

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Trash trucks are a normal part of everyday life in the Newport, Redondo, Hermosa and Huntington Beach neighborhoods, and unlike other types of trucks in the residential area people don’t even notice them. This creates a dangerous situation, because trash trucks bring danger to the neighborhood. There are accidents involving residents and the trash truck and in many cases it is children that are struck by this type of truck.

These accidents occur for several reasons, they have blind spots, they are large and because they are in the neighborhood so often children and adults don’t pay as close of attention as they should.

The trash truck is only as safe as its maintenance including things like breaks, which might not be as good as they should be. The driver with a limited view is also the person in control of this multi ton vehicle and they should be properly trained to drive this truck safely. These are trucks and employees of the local government or a private contractor and after a trash truck accident the agency or company needs to be held responsible.

The fact is these vehicles are not always well maintained or the driver trained as good as they should be. There is also the fact that the limited view from the trash truck that starts and stops often in the neighborhood poses a risk for pedestrians, bicycle riders and children.

When there is a trash truck and pedestrian accident it can be deadly or the injuries can be severe and this means the trash trucks bring danger into the neighborhood. Even when the neighborhood is in Huntington Beach the residents are in danger of being injured on the days the garbage truck is in the neighborhood.

Trash truck and pedestrian or bicycle accidents occur more often than any other type of truck and human injuries. In places like New York City there are statistic that show as many as six people killed each year by trash trucks.

After being injured in a trash truck accident it is important to have an experienced trash truck attorney. This is a lawyer that knows all the laws that protect the victim of a trash truck accident and they can aggressively hold the local government agency or private trash company responsible for the crash and for an inexperienced driver or lack of proper maintenance of the trash truck.

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Don’t Want to Take a Soft Tissue Case to a Lawyer?

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California attorney, Michael Ehline
Mike Ehline

By attorney Michael P. Ehline, Esq. Why more and more personal injury attorneys don’t want soft tissue cases anymore is a much less complicated question than you might think. First of all, these are more and more common due to safer cars, laws regarding seat belts, and yes, due to the freeway congestion. The slow speed makes it increasingly more difficult to meet the g-forces involved normally in a high speed, extreme impact, car accident. High speed, high impact accidents have traditionally been the main source of injury in cases taken by personal injury lawyers on behalf of their clients. In the old days, a personal injury lawyer could call the insurance adjuster and get a size-able check, say $20,000.00 for a low impact, soft tissue rear ender. Not anymore!!

What is a Soft Tissue Case?

There are a lot of things: to soft-tissue damage to joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Many common results include aggravation, swelling, abrasions, discomfort and blemishes. There are about 4 categories:


A strain is from an injured muscle or tendon. It can come from many things like overuse, striking force, or hyper extending or stretching. If there is a tear in the muscle it could need surgery.


Sprains are injuries to ligaments.


Occurs often in car accidents since your head and neck are core stabilizers in your body and usually the last to move or snap. The body moves forward quickly, the neck is stationary, and body is returns with conflicting energy.


A contusion, is a “bruise,” is a soft tissue injury from a punch, kick, fall, or drop. Can cause pain, swelling, or discoloration.

But increasingly, insurance companies have launched media campaigns to make it seem like people don’t get hurt anymore in car accidents unless they have broken bones, or it is simply fraud. Nowadays, insurance companies treat virtually every insurance claim as if it was fraud and say that the victim over treated with the chiropractor, or physical therapist, wasn’t hurt that bad, or under treated for his or her particular injuries. “It’s all soft tissue”, etc. You simply can never win when arguing with an insurance adjuster. Your attorney ends up getting a ridiculous offer like $3,000.00 when you really have like $5,000.00 in medical bills.

This forces your attorney to pay a $320.00 filing fee, go to court, and spend tons of money that you will have to pay him back later if you recover. In the meantime the insurance company spends like twice as much paying their lawyers to try and get out of it, than they could have paid. This leads why more and more personal injury attorneys don’t want soft tissue cases anymore. In all events, it has created a vacuum for Los Angeles personal injury lawyers and lawyers in Orange County and other major cities in California. It has created a need for a new breed of injury attorneys. But so far, the risks, are seemingly outweighing the benefits to your injury attorneys.

The big insurance companies are achieving their apparent goal of lawyering Plaintiffs attorneys to death, rather than offering fair settlements for California car accident victims.

Why more and more personal injury attorneys don’t want soft tissue cases anymore is obvious. There simply is no way to make money when your client complains that’s “All I got? . . . Do I still have to pay you your fee?” Yup you guessed it, more and more clients are trying not to pay their lawyers, because they think their cases are worth a lot of money and they simply aren’t unless you are a very good lawyer.

Assuming you have good Los Angeles injury lawyers for example, they will hire a doctor who will focus on you as an individual and your uniqueness and unique injury. You need a doctor who gives a thorough medical report that covers future damages like costs of pain killers. Even then, these cases just aren’t paying like they did in the glory days of the 1980′s.

We are Southern California’s premier Los Angeles injury attorneys and are recognized as excellent Los Angeles car accident lawyers. We litigate and teach about cruise ship accident law, car accidents, dog bites cases, boating accidents, DUI law, how to recover for pain and suffering and medical bills resulting from negligent acts of a tortfeasor. Learn more by visiting us. Car Accident Attorneys Michael Ehline – Father of two, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Francisco personal injury attorney at Ehline Law Firm PC. Contact us: 50 Francisco Street, #460 San Francisco, CA 94133 USA +1.415.684.7688.

Bikers on congested roads

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We strive hard to write good stuff and recently received a great compliment as follows: I must say that overall I am very taken with this forum. It is apparent that you know you subject matter and you are passionate about it. I wish I had got your ability to write. I have bookmarked this forum and look forward to more updates. So we went ahead and wrote another masterpiece as follows: With our roads and highways more congested and busier each year on roads and highways in Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Marina del Rey and areas of Los Angeles. Unfortunately, this also means a rise in the number of victims suffering personal injury from automobile accidents and motorcycle.

Be sure you get professionals that specialize in motorcycle accidents and personal injury in the area of Los Angeles, when you or a family member are forced to have to hire a lawyer because of an accident or injury.

You want to have assured that they will review and study your case with the utmost care and compassion to make sure you get the highest possible amount of your claim.

There are many different types of injury that can result from a motorcycle accident. Just to name some of these are broken or fractured bones, spinal injuries cord, road rash, brain damage or wrongful death. There are several different causes of having a motorcycle accident. Weather conditions play an important role in causing accidents and injury, other drivers are unaware or neglect, as well as punctures or breakdowns.

That only experienced motorcycle personal injury attorneys help determine the specific cause of the accident and determine if there was any negligence. motorcycle riders congested roads need the skill of an experienced attorney who understands the road from rider point of view and there are many lawyers with experience in Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Marina del Rey and areas of Los Angeles.

When a motorcycle there are times when it may be the driver who makes a misjudgment, however, More often than not on congested roads motorcyclists are not the driver at fault, the drivers of the cars have little understanding when it comes to operating a motorcycle traffic and how vulnerable the rider. Seat belts, air bags and the metal roof of the vehicle not protect them, are keeping a 600 lbs 2 motor vehicle wheels balanced while traveling at highway speeds. The faucet simply another vehicle at low speeds or may not cause serious injury death to a motorcycle rider.

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When involved in a motorcycle accident a skilled Los Angeles motor cycle accident attorney can build a case to compensate their client who will have numerous medical bills to satisfy and may have a lifetime of pain from these injuries. Los Angeles personal injury attorneys always want to help.

When A Bicycle Crash Interferes With Your Life

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There are numerous types of tragic accidents that can occur every single day that result in tragic outcomes. This is especially true when a bicycle crash interferes with your life, because they generally involve children. However, there are other innocent victims that become involved in bicycle accidents, such as bicyclists delivering packages, individuals using bicycles as their major mode of transportation to and from work, and those that ride bicycles because of the health benefits that they receive.

The lives of not only the victim of this type of accident, but their family members as well can ultimately be changed forever when an individual suffers from severe bodily injuries. To list just a few of the injuries that can occur would include concussion, fractured or broken bones, facial lacerations, spinal cord injuries, loss of a limb, and numerous other injuries that would even include the loss of life.

When you or a family member has become an innocent victim in a bicycle accident in the bay area, it is very important to seek the professional advice of bicycle accident attorneys in San Francisco. They have many years of experience in handling all types of bicycle accidents, and they will aggressively get to work on your case, ensuring that you and your family receive the adequate compensation for the damages and injuries that you have suffered. Ehline Law is statewide and also offers bicycle attorneys in Los Angeles and Orange County for injuries like skull fractures and auto accident wrecks.

Often times the repair costs or the replacement of your bicycle, specialized medical treatment, different types of prescription medications that are generally needed, physical rehabilitation, physical therapy, and lengthy hospital stays, can quickly become very expensive in a very short amount of time. These San Francisco, Orange County and Los Angeles bicycle attorneys not only advise you on physicians that have extensive knowledge in treating these types of injuries, but they will do everything in their power to ensure you do not suffer any out of pocket expenses.

When a bicycle crash interferes with your life and is a result of the negligence of another rparty, these attorneys will do their utmost to see that the guilty party pays for the damages and injuries that their act of negligence has caused. They use knowledge and aggression to review and study all of the factors that surround the accident. They also have the utmost of compassion that is needed to relate to victims of these accidents and they know just how trying and painful a situation like a tragic bicycle accident can be on the entire family.

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Michael Ehline is a Los Angeles personal injury attorney who assists bicycle accident victims in California cities. Call 888-400-9721 to learn more.

Car Accident Property Damage Claims

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Mike from Marina del Rey who was in a scrape up asks: Q: I have a 3 year old car which has a typical modern paintwork finish. Unlike my previous (older) cars that I could simply remove superficial scratches and blemishes using cutting compound or even just polish, this does not work now. As I understand it, most modern paintwork has multiple layers of a clear ‘varnish’ product. Any suggestions of what I can do short of taking my car to a professional auto paint shop?

A: Your insurance, if you have it for UM, UIM, should cover a visit to a professional shop. The person that caused the accident should also have insurance. Either way, you may be entitled to additional funds to restore the classic paint job.

The Steps That Should Be Taken If Charged With A DUI Drunk Driving Arrest in California Cities

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Every year thousands of drivers are charged with driving under the influence and when they are there are some things that they should do and some things they should avoid doing. With the warm weather of summer on the way the amount of DUI charges will rise in Newport Beach because summer fun and alcohol often go together. The steps that should be taken if charged with a DUI drunk driving arrest in California cities are many and will cost time and money to say the least.

If you are out having fun and consuming alcohol and then get behind the wheel of your car you are risking being stopped for driving under the influence. The steps that should be taken if charged with a DUI in Newport Beach are helpful if you follow them. When this happens there are some things that while they will not stop you from being charged with a DUI if you are over the legal limit they can help when you go to your court hearings.

First if you are stopped, be courteous to the police, it is a tense situation and you might well be asked to take a field sobriety test and whether you comply or not you can be arrested.

Second if you are asked to take a chemical test try to choose a breathalyzer test, the reason for this is this test is not always reliable and a skilled DUI/DWI attorney will know this and be able to build a defense using that fact.

The next thing that should be done is to use the phone after your arrest as soon as possible and call someone who knows you well; this can help later in court for them to testify about the sound of your voice and the condition you sounded to be in at the time of the phone call.

The steps that should be taken if charged with a DUI also include finding an experienced attorney. What you will need to do is to find an experienced DUI/DWI attorney that knows all of the laws concerning driving under the influence and also has a proven record with DMV. This is because there will not only be a hearing for the driving under the influence charge in criminal court but there will also be one at DMV, so the attorney needs to be aggressive in your driving privileges.

While none of these things will change the fact that you have gotten a DUI, they can help when it is time to go to court and when it is time for sentencing. The steps that should be taken if charged with a DUI drunk driving arrest in California cities require an experienced drunk driving attorney in Marina del Rey if arrested there, or Los Angeles DUI lawyers if the DWI arrest happened in LA. The same goes for Malibu Beach, Malibu or Santa Monica DUI attorneys are always seeking to provide the best legal assistance for your criminal case.

When Is My Personal Injury Case Worth Nothing?

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A personal injury case can be worth nothing if you follow these steps, when your involved in an accident and injuries do not hamper you from exiting the vehicle, do not bother to ask for the other drivers information such as their insurance or their drivers license number, phone number or address. Insurance is not a worry when no one involved has severe injuries.

Calling police to the scene is not necessary if none of the drivers or passengers involved have more than minor injuries. Why bother the police they have more important things to do than come to the scene of an accident.

Besides, the driver who struck your car offered to give you cash to fix the damages to your car, so who needs to involve the police or the insurance companies. It was just a car accident; people have them every day and spend a lot of time when they get wrapped up in claims to insurance companies.

When is my personal injury case worth nothing? When there are no serious injuries of course, why would it be worth any money if I just need a few stitches and my neck hurts? No one files with the insurance company or hires an attorney in Los Angeles or Marina del Rey or really anyplace else in California.

Certainly after a few days off work that pain in my neck will go away and by then it will be almost time to have those pesky stitches out, what’s a little scar anyway? There is always plastic surgery that will take care of the scar certainly.

If I hired an attorney what could they tell me anyway, that the accident was not bad enough to worry about and I would lose a day of work to go find out that the attorney could not do anything to help me with my car accident and the accident was not my fault so, I don’t need an attorney.

When is my personal injury case worth nothing? It is worth no compensation when a person thinks this way, when they do not take the proper steps at the scene of the accident. When they do not exchange information and when they do not enlist the assistance of the police to record information about the accident that can later be used by the insurance company, by a Los Angeles injury attorney who will bring an accident case to court with evidence about the accident and how it occurred.

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