School Bus Crashes Could Seatbelts Make The Difference?

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Author: Michael Ehline

School bus crashes could seatbelts make the difference? All across the country there are laws for drivers of motor vehicles and commercial vehicles to wear seatbelts and if the driver and occupants do not they can be fined. Buses on the other hand are not equipped with seatbelts, not even school buses in most cases.

There are advocates that are in favor of having seatbelts installed in buses, especially school buses and then there are others that believe the design of the seats is protection for the passengers. The advocates for seatbelts on school buses point out the fact that children no matter what age they are when riding in another motor vehicle are required to wear seatbelts.

There are some states that have passed legislation that new school buses will need to have lap belts or shoulder belts on new school buses. The problem with this is that school buses last much longer than the average personal motor vehicle and although the new bus might have the lap or shoulder belts it would be up to the bus driver to enforce their use.

School bus crashes could seatbelts make the difference? There have been studies done into the safety of school bus safety belts and one that was done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that lap belts could increase the risk of being injured. The injuries wearing these two point safety belts could be to the neck and abdomen. Shoulder belts in their study only fared slightly better when worn correctly and it is believed that children might not wear them correctly. When the shoulder belts are not worn correctly they provide no protection to the child wearing them.

School bus crashes can happen on any roadways in any state, including Topanga California and this means that children are at risk for being injured. The injuries they can have from a bus crash can range from scrapes and bruises to gashes and broken bones. This is a heavy vehicle that when involved in an accident will throw the children around, there are windows that can break and metal inside the bus that can injure children. In rare instances the bus can even roll over and there are in very rare instances children that are killed in school bus crashes. Can seatbelts help protect children in Topanga, California or other cities and towns is still up for debate.

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Your Minor Head Injury Can Get Worse Rapidly – What Do the Experts Say?

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If you or anyone you know has been injured in an accident, be it a car accident or a slip in the driveway, it is essential to get yourself checked for any injuries to the brain. Experts say that even seemingly minor injuries can be serious.

Take the case of actress Natasha Richardson who was injured when she fell during a skiing lesson in a resort in Canada. She seemed perfectly fine after the incident and was enjoying her time with acquaintances. However, after returning to the room, she suffered from severe headache and was admitted to a hospital in close proximity. Her condition deteriorated and she had to be airlifted to a larger hospital in Montreal. Later the actress was flown to another hospital in New York but succumbed to her injuries.

Neurosurgeons and physicians call this the “talk and die” syndrome. The patient appears deceptively normal in the initial stages, but there is bleeding in the brain and the classic symptoms associated with brain bleeding appear only later. It may take anywhere from a few hours to a few days for the symptoms to appear, depending on the type and extent of injury.

Dura mater is a hard skin layer between our skull and the brain. If an artery associated with the brain gets ruptured, it can release blood into the dura mater. This blood exerts pressure on our brain, causing it to swell up. This in turn results in a reduction in blood supply to the brain. This is called epidural hemorrhage. Graffagnino, the director of Duke University Medical Center’s Neurosciences Critical Care Unit says that most cases of epidural hemorrhage are associated with fracture of the temporal bone, located just above the ears. An artery runs in this region. Fracture of the temporal bone can result in bleeding from this artery. Even a small accident can cause such injuries. This is particularly true in case of people taking blood thinners since it increased risk of hemorrhages.

Graffagnino describes another kind of bleed in the brain, called subdural bleed. In this case, the bleed develops between the brain and the drug. This kind of bleeding can exert immense pressure on our brain and practically squeeze the brain. It can take several days for the symptoms of brain injury to appear.
Sometimes, accidents can result in bruising of the brain. This does not any of the classic symptoms of brain injury, nor does any damage appear on CAT scans. As time progresses, the nerves surrounding the bruise begin to stretch resulting in axonal injury.

These facts stress the importance of getting oneself evaluated after car accidents or sports injuries. It is also essential to be aware of the classic symptoms of brain trauma including nausea, headache, sudden sleepiness, and glossy eyes. Dr Philip Stieg, chair of neurosurgery at NYP/Weil Cornell, says that it is essential to get the patient checked for brain injury even if there is no external injury. Getting to the hospital within a few hours of the incident can help prevent permanent brain damage.

Once at the hospital, surgeons may check for signs of brain trauma by examining the pupils, which is often followed by a question answer session. Questions include asking the patient his or her name and other general information to determine response and cognitive skills. If any sign of brain trauma is observed, it is essential to undergo a CAT scan. In case there is bleeding and swelling of the brain an emergency craniotomy needs to be done. The skull is opened to relieve pressure on the brain and stop bleeding. Brain activity is monitored and the extent of damage analyzed. The patient may have to spend years in cognitive and physical rehabilitation to regain normal brain function.

Experts suggest two things: one is to wear a helmet so as to protect your brain and another is to rush to the hospital and get yourself or your friends evaluated after an accident even if you feel fine. These simple steps may actually help in saving a precious life.

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When A Motorcycle Accident in Los Angeles Stops You In Your Tracks

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By Attorney Michael P. Ehline, Esq. – There are many different types of accidents waiting to happen every day, and they are waiting everywhere that we go. One quick mistake by someone being negligent, can result in a tragic accident.

Motorcyclists perhaps live with this reality, even a little more than automobile drivers. When they are on their motorcycle, and riding in the middle of traffic, just one tiny mistake that either they make themselves, or a mistake made by another negligent driver, can ultimately cost them their very life.

A motorcycle rider does not have the added protection that an individual has when they are operating an automobile. A tiny fender bender that someone could experience in an automobile or truck, could be a tragic life-changing event for a motorcycle rider.

Leading Attorneys Are the One’s to Call

When a motorcycle accident stops you in your tracks in San Bernardino, Orange County, Palm Springs, Studio City, or any other community or city in California, it is of utmost importance for you to contact leading motorcycle accident attorneys who specialize in personal injury and wrongful death that are common in occurring in these types of accidents. In having the assurance that you will receive the highest amount possible by law for your claims, you will need the expertise and vast knowledge that comes with retaining the expertise of motorcycle accident attorneys to litigate your case.

Some of the personal injuries that are most common in happening to victims involved in a motorcycle accident are broken or fractured bones, concussion, coma, deglove injury, road rash or road burn, loss of a limb, paraplegia, quadriplegia, traumatic brain injury (TBI), eye injury, dislocated shoulder, and even wrongful death.

Before you even realize it, the totals for specialized medical care and attention can climb very high, very fast.

If you or one of your friends or family members have become the unfortunate victim of a tragic motorcycle accident, you will want to make that important call today, in retaining a specialized personal injury attorney. When a motorcycle accident stops you in your tracks in LA, let only experienced and Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers who are recognized as injury lawyers Los Angeles. Getting local catastrophic injury lawyers in your local cities is always easier when confronted with a case at the local courthouse.

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