Pass Cal Baby Bar& Bar & no College or Law School

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I passed the California State Baby Bar and Bar Exam With No College and Before finishing Law School

Hey everyone, don’t get bummed out. You too can pass this thing. Check me out on my website. If I could do it, then so can you. Sure, Marine Corps. values helped, but I know anyone who is motivated and clear headed, they too can achieve this Herculean task.
Follow me as I grow my practice and see what happens. Till then, keep your head up and stay motivated.

Car Accident Questions and Answers 101

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As I write this blog, I get calls from people about car accidents, which seems to be where most of my cases come from. Unfortunately, I cannot field calls anymore for general knowledge Q & A. Things are just getting too busy. As you know, I have encouraged anonymous questions, which I convert into hypotheticals for the regular guy.

Here is my first stab at being creative. Please give me some feedback.

My Daughter and I were in Car Accident. Question About Lawyer and Settlement Issues

Question 1:

I was in a car accident. My car was totaled and I was NOT at fault. My daughter and I were both transported to hospital via ambulance to be checked but no major injuries other than slight concussion and contusions. I got a lawyer, but now I have no idea what is going on. The lawyer is looking for a settlement but how does that work? Someone told me they triple the amount of the bills.


You have a lot of questions that require a lot general knowledge answers. First, since it is not your fault in your mind doesn’t necessarily mean the law will find it the same way. So your conclusion as to fault. Assuming the defendant has accepted liability, it is usually better to try and settle, in order to avoid wasting lots of money and time.

The way a settlement works, is that the insurance company for the adverse party will offer to settle within the insurance limits. So if you are more injured than the offer, you should ask the person that hit you to contribute money from their own assets. Give me a call to learn more.

In CA,when you have a car accident, your lawyer ask 1/3 for him,1/3 dr, 1/3 for you . . .how do you settle w/o lawyer?

Question 2:

Should I add all dr/medical bills and physical therapy to figure out my settlement, or is it all paid after I get paid?
1)dr bills $8,000+
2) EMG- ultrasound $2,000+
3) MRI $5,000+
4) physical therapy $8,000
5) surgery $18,000


A common misconception among injury victims is that the lawyer and bills are all paid apart from the settlement. The way it works, is that a general sum is offered, and out of that sum, the lawyer, bills, are paid, and whatever is left, is what you get to keep for you.

Question Three:

Lady said her foot slipped off brake. I was diagnosed with severe cervical sprain, vision and hearing loss. I already had a herniated disc in back and neck so I was in lots of pain. I was going to settle out of court, and keep calling insurance company but the person handling my claim has not responded to my messages I left on her phone. Can I still get a lawyer to handle this?


Yes, you generally have two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit, subject to a few exceptions, such as when the defendant is a government agent, or agency.

Should i retain a lawyer for a car accident that was not my fault?

Question Four:

The driver that hit me admitted that she “spaced out” when she saw the red light and just kept going “were you injured, what are your medical expenses, are you going to sue?”


If you’re going to sue then yes, get a lawyer. If not, typically the defendant’s insurance carrier will try and resolve the dispute in claim.

Can I drop my lawyer if I hired one to help me with my car accident lawsuit?

Question Five:

The lawyer I have is not moving fast enough for me. Can I call the at-fault-party’s insurance company myself and see if they will settle for 15,000 dollars? At first they offered me 5,000 dollars and that’s when I hired an attorney.


Yes, you may hire and fire your lawyer, but he or she will have a lien on your case for the services they provided up until termination. No, if you have a lawyer, you cannot try and settle out from under your lawyer. The insurance company will not speak to a represented party.

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