How can you Prevent Your Car from Being Stolen When Someone Takes Your Keys?

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So here is a funny comment from Jeri. She figured she would let her battery die to prevent her car from being stolen. Now he says:

Only asking because my b/f has something wrong with his car battery, it often won’t start. He is working away and coming back at the weekends, and every Sunday he has to use jump leads to start his car on the drive, and again at the petrol station after turning the engine off to get petrol. He has a new beetle turbo, and I have a renault clio 1.2. He says it doesn’t do damage to my battery but I disagree, can any one clarify? Thanks.

The history is: Someone unknown walked past and lifted their car (and house) keys which we left absentmindedly lying around for a couple of minutes while our backs were turned. We have a spare set of keys and both sets include one of those automatic central-locking remote buttons. This happened at church so they will be on the look out for our car next time we attend (we’re regulars). They know what our car looks like and they might find out what our names’ are or follow us home. We have a spare car as well. Any ideas?

The above question was posed to us just the other day by a law abiding couple.  Unfortunately, the only thing you can do is call the police when you find out. Some cars have fingerprint recognition, so absent more facts, calling the cops, contacting your insurance carrier and getting a rental is about it. Anyone else?

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